3 Of The Best Internet Providers In The US

A good internet connection is paramount to being present and in the know in this day and age. The Internet is a powerful conduit for people to be more connected than ever; that’s why an excellent Internet is a necessity. While it is true that at least half of the population has access to the Internet, there are still spots in the world where signal and network coverage is downright atrocious.

In the US, the best Internet providers are the ones who have the infrastructure as well as the coverage, both in broadband and fiber connections. In this time of a pandemic, it’s very telling how as a nation, the US doesn’t have the right infrastructure for rural areas. In this article, we are looking at the best Internet providers in the country:

For Heavy Use: Verizon

If you can get a fiber connection, get it. Fiber connection is the best connection for an Internet connection these days, but the network coverage is only limited to select areas, so if your location has it, go ahead and queue. For the most part, Verizon’s Fios Home Internet and Fiber service is only available on the East Coast, but a staggering amount of the people who got the plan reported back satisfaction.

The cheapest plan for Verizon Fios Home is steeper than its counterparts at $40, but you get double the $35 plan from Xfinity. At 200mbps, you’ll get instant downloads, virtually no loading time on videos, and no problems on resource-heavy sites. At this speed, you can outfit a business with 50 or more people, or you can use it for WiFi on a small coffee shop.

The Best For General Use: Xfinity

If you’re looking for the best value on your Internet, Xfinity is the best choice. It has one of the best network coverage among the choices listed here. The plans are also wide-spanning, which is great for varying budgets. They are inclusive as well – you can get multiple services bundled together, with some plans having home security options.

The performance starter starts at $25 per month, with a starting speed of 25mbps. It’s cable connection, so you are sure that it won’t be cut off with changes in weather and other external factors. If you can shell out $10 more, get the $35 instead. It starts at 100mbps, so that’s 75% more than the base plan. If you are an Xfinity user, you also have the benefit of connecting to wireless hotspots all over the United States.

Best for lock-in: Century Link

If you are looking for a DSL connection with a lock-in period, the best option to get plans from CenturyLink. One of the best features of being a Century Link user is that you’ll get no price increases on your monthly bill as long as you remain a customer of the company. There are promotional prices as well, so if you happen on one, apply immediately.

What’s great about Century Link plans is their $50 Price for Life plans. You get a steady choice of 15 to 100mbps speeds, depending on the lock-in period you are going to choose. But there’s a caveat though: if you want to get a Fiber plan, there’s no Price for Life option for it. As we’ve mentioned in the previous option, a fiber connection is the best choice for future-proof Internet access. Add another $25, though, and you get a whopping 940mbps of the fiber connection.


There you have it. These are the best fiber and DSL plans in the US right now. Choose wisely, and base your top choice on your location, what you specifically need, and what you think is the most future-proof. If you have other options on your locality, try to assess and compare before deciding. As a word of parting, getting a fiber connection is the best choice, but a DSL connection should also do the trick when it’s unavailable.


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