3 Online Converter Tools to Convert your PPT to PDF Quickly and Efficiently

Businesses might utilize a PowerPoint presentation to deliver important information to their customers or clients. However, companies using Microsoft PowerPoint should consider the advantages of using a Portable Document Format or better known as a PDF. Portability and Mobility are advantages of PDF files that make them stand apart from PPT presentations. 

While it is true that PowerPoint will be the first thing that comes to mind when a presentation is needed, it is not the only way to present something. A lot of business owners and speakers choose a PDF file instead. In this article, we will be giving you three online converter tools to convert your PPT files to PDF files.

PDF Bear

If reliability and efficiency are what you are looking for an online converter tool, then PDF Bear is what you need. PDF Bear has everything for you. It offers a wide array of file formats that you can convert to and from, such as PPT to PDF, Excel to PDF, Word to PDF, HTML to PDF, and so much more. You just have to access their website and see for yourself.

You also don’t have to worry about PDF Bear’s security. Their top priority is to make sure that your files are safe and secure in their servers, so they installed a 256-BIT SSL encryption technology to safeguard your files that you have uploaded. After converting your file, each downloadable link is only accessible for a limited amount of time. 

With just a few clicks of your mouse, you will be able to make your Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation into a high-quality PDF file. PDF Bear guarantees that your files’ conversion time wouldn’t take much of your time and is one of the fastest and most efficient ways of converting your PPT files to PDF.

Small PDF

Upon entering their website into your web browser, you will immediately notice how colorful and alluring their user interface is. Each of these colored squares will redirect you to the type of conversion you want. In this case, you will be clicking on the PPT to PDF. This is a very efficient way of doing things since you don’t have to scroll and search for whatever file format you want to convert.

Even though they are called “small,” they are still very reliable and quite powerful. So, don’t let the name fool you. With the help of Small PDF, you choose whether you want to create, protect your PDF file with a password, or unlock your PDF files. Regardless of how big the file size is, Small PDF would still be able to convert your file quickly and would give you a file with high-quality.

Soda PDF Converter

Lastly, we have a Soda PDF converter. You can access Soda PDF converter with any device, whether you own a tablet, smartphone, iPad, laptop. It doesn’t matter. All you would be needing is a reliable internet connection and enough storage space to download the converted file afterward.

There are a lot of things that you can do with Soda PDF converter, such as editing or annotating your converted files with their editing tools. The conversion process with Soda PDF is very fast, and you are guaranteed that it would not take much of your time. This is very practical whenever you are catching up for a nearing deadline.


The online converter tools that we have listed above are a surefire way of converting your files easily and seamlessly. You are assured that you wouldn’t encounter any problems or compatibility issues while using them. Since all of them are browser-based converter tools, you don’t have to download or install anything on your device, which is a great way of saving up storage space for all your files.

They all guarantee that you will be given high-quality, converted files, and you don’t have to do any reformatting anymore. Everything on your original PPT file will retain everything even after being converted into a PDF.

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