5 things to consider before choosing a sneaker bot

For sneakerheads, they day when limited edition sneakers are launched is a very serious day. They carefully plan with patience in order to get their favorite kicks. However, they may sometimes suffer from defeat in the form of ‘sold out’ banner. So how do you avoid it from happening? By getting a legit sneaker bot.

But first, what is a sneaker bot? it is an automated program designed to purchase and complete the process of buying sneakers online. People use these bots as the process of purchasing sneakers by themselves is too tiring and time consuming. Sneaker bots can also save you from the so called defeat mentioned above.

There is a whole list of footlocker bots with different kinds of sneaker bots but first, it is essential to understand how to choose the right sneaker bot. Therefore, here are 5 things you need to consider before choosing a sneaker bot:

  1. Lifetime updates

Before buying a sneaker bot, it is vital to remember that sneaker sites and bot are at war. Sneaker sites are trying their best to block and take sneaker bots down because they do not want them to exist. On the other hand, bot creators are trying their best to keep bots up and running so people can have the competitive advantage. Different bots offer updates for different prices. Some offer them for free and some do not offer them at all. It is essential to look into this matter before choosing a sneaker bot because it is essential to have a bot which is regularly updated.

  1. Dedicated support

Every second is precious in this industry. Imagine using a bot and something goes wrong on the launch day, you may miss the opportunity to buy your favorite Jordans. Therefore, it is quite essential to choose a sneaker bot with fast and great customer service and support team which can solve your problems effectively. It is advisable to do some research on the internet and read reviews of different sneakers bots. Sneakerheads are usually very honest, so you can trust these reviews. Reading reviews can also be helpful in providing other useful information such as features and ease of use.

  1. Compatibility with multiple sites

Different sneaker bots are compatible with different sneakers and sites. For instance, the best sneaker bot for Jordans may not be useful in copping Yeezys. Although, there are bots who only target brands such as Adidas or Nike. It is important to understand that the best sneaker bots will be compatible with a lot of brands and sites. It is advisable to check whether the bot you are choosing, supports a variety of brands and sites or not. If not, then whether they are adding new sites in the mix or not.

  1. Multiple account support

It is essential to make sure that the sneaker bot has multiple account support. It is quite important to shop from different sites at the same time, if you want to be successful in copping some sneakers. On the plus side, this also lets you cop more than one pair of sneakers by avoiding the purchasing restrictions.

  1. Multi-thread technology

Purchasing a pair of sneakers in a couple of seconds before they sell out is a matter of life and death. It is too much of a task even for a bot. Hence, it is important to choose a sneaker bot with multi-thread technology as it helps them complete their tasks faster. The faster your bot can complete these tasks; the higher success you have in copping those kicks.

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