6 Simple Hacks That Will Help You Manage Your Mail Fast

If you’re one of those people who tend to check their email every day, then you probably already know how much time it takes to manage your email. Emails are supposed to facilitate communication, but they can sometimes be counter-productive, especially when they eat up your time. In order to manage your mail effectively and prevent emails from piling up, you can follow these simple 6 hacks.

  1.   Process the Mail Once a Day

Everyone checks their email at least twice a day just to make sure that they haven’t missed anything. For example, if there’s an urgent request or if your business website is down, you’ll need to keep tabs on what’s going on and your email might be the only tool to do so. However, if there aren’t any special circumstances, you must allocate only a part of your day for processing your email to increase productivity. If you don’t finish processing your email within that allocated time, you can continue on the next day.

  1.   Sync Your Mail on Several Devices

Checking your email through your computer or laptop can be arduous, especially if you don’t like to spend a lot of time staring at a screen and straining your eyes with all that blue light. To avoid that, you can sync your mail on your other devices. Many individuals and business owners benefit from the email sync feature, as it allows them to access their email any time of the day from any device. With this feature, you can check your email first thing in the morning through your phone, respond to email through your tablet, and outline important emails on your laptop.

  1.    Use More Than One Email Address

Any businessperson with a sound mind will tell you that using one email for personal and business-related issues is going to cause problems. One day you might wake up looking at your email to find it bursting with emails from your family members, friends, business associates, and your bank reminding you to pay your credit card bills, which can effectively cause a morning headache. That’s why you’ll need at least 2 email addresses to manage your mail effectively. You can either have a business email and a personal email, or you can have multiple emails and categorize them based on their importance. One email address, for instance, can be dedicated only to important emails. Another can receive emails that are less important.

  1.    Acknowledge That you Don’t Have to Reply to All Emails

Some people might have the misconception that they need to reply to each and every email they receive, which is not true and will waste a lot of time. In fact, no reply can sometimes be a reply in and of itself. This is an important strategy, especially when you have a high volume of emails to get through. Don’t sweat it and categorize your email based on importance; reply to the most important emails, then use the time you have left to do the more pressing tasks.

  1.    Create Templates

If you take a look at your sent folder, you might find patterns or trends in emails. If that’s the case, it is high time you search for templates or create some of your own. You can, for example, create templates for feedback, thank you, requests for reviews, and speaking inquiries emails. After that, you can customize these templates in order to fit the context of the original email. Once you begin normalizing the usage of email templates, you won’t have to spend a huge amount of time replying to all your mail.

  1.   Use Email Filters

Filters are excellent tools for sorting and categorizing your mail. When you’re creating your own email filters, make sure that you have two things written down: the term to look out for, and the action to perform once the term is found. 

Gmail is an excellent email service with about 20 different filters you can set up for your email addresses, subject titles, etc. Depending on what filter you use, the mail will create a folder and sort your mail into their respective folders. However, there are multiple filters out there that you can utilize, so make sure that you watch tutorials first before using any of them.

Technological advances are made with each passing day, so it shouldn’t be surprising that some of them are geared towards improving your email management experience. You can make use of these improvements and tools with these 6 hacks to have the optimal email management experience and save some time in the process.

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