A Guide to RASP Security Solutions

Every business nowadays makes use of extensive technology to run its operations. Without the use of technology, no business can survive in this competitive environment where everyone is fighting to provide the best services to its customer. Hence technology is the lifeline of the business. One such advancement of technology is development of mobile apps. Mobile apps have changed the face of business functionality. Now everyone is connected on this mobile app and thus results in better operation for business as they need for paperwork, red tapism has been completely eliminated. These mobile apps store sensitive information about the company and its customer. So it is very vital for the company to ensure the security of this information and for this we require technology that can further protect the mobile apps.

For this purpose, various technologies have been in existence which is used to detect any threat but this wasn’t enough. The businesses need more advanced technology solutions that can detect as well as take corrective measures in order to prevent any wrongdoing that can harm and disrupt the business operations. RASP security solutions have come to rescue for these reasons. It is the best way to stop hackers from compromising the sensitive information of company and its customer. It adds the extra layer of protection to your mobile apps so that nothing can be compromised. It is highly capable of detecting vulnerabilities, proper execution of app and preventing any real time attack. It is a better solution to other technologies as it also detects, block and mitigate the attacks and protects from real time attack by analyzing the behavior of mobile apps. All these functions are performed by the RASP solutions without any human intervention. This is why more and more business and people are shifting towards RASP solutions for better security and safety.

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RASP has led to overcome many challenges that were earlier faced in the protection of mobile apps and web applications. Nothing could be done when the hackers were trying to steal data, no preventive measure could be taken. But with the advent of RASP technology solutions, all those challenges have now been overcome. Some of these challenges include:

  • Real attacks are difficult to identify: Every app has its own sets of vulnerabilities. So it became difficult to identify which is real attack for a particular app. One that may be harmful for other might be completely harmless for the other. So this always created confusion about what is real and what is not. Hence it is one of the challenges faced by apps security.
  • Complexity: Nowadays, technologies have become very advanced and so does the apps. The apps come now in complex formats with multiple languages that have further created challenge for businesses in relation to its security.
  • Ineffectiveness of Traditional Technology: Traditional technologies are no more effective dealing in with apps security. With the advancement in technology, the attacks on the apps have also been more complex and are difficult for conventional technologies solution to stop them. They are highly ineffective in understanding the complexity of attacks. Because of which many businesses have suffered huge loss and disruptions in its operation.
  • Other Challenges: There exist a dynamic environment where every day new challenges and vulnerabilities are countered by the mobile app. Hence these pose a great challenge for the security app as they must be highly efficient with dealing these changes.

Due to above mentioned challenges, traditional technological solution cannot work efficiently in today era. There is a need for more comprehensive solution to these problems. And that possible solution is RASP technological solutions which help to overcome all the above mentioned challenges, thus providing complete security to the mobile apps.

RASP validates the data requests directly inside the app so that one can easily identify the legitimate threats and thus take preventive actions. It helps to differentiate between threats and actual request and thus is highly reliable and accurate. They basically perform two functions which includes application protection from unwanted threats and application intelligence which provides the visibility to users by giving information that is attacking particular mobile app.

RASP is therefore has number of benefits for its user that make it easier for them in conduction business operations. Some of the benefits offered by it include:

  • Identification of Vulnerabilities: They are highly efficient in identifying the vulnerabilities specific to particular mobile app and thus help to prevent them. They analyses who the application works and notices any sudden change in its behavior without requiring any manual interventions as in case of other technological solutions. Hence it completely takes all the responsibilities in protecting the mobile apps.
  • Accurate: RASP is a highly accurate solution that therefore means more protection to the apps. They can accurately identify the actual danger that can attack the vital information on these mobile apps. It provides application security within the application itself which was not provided earlier by any technological solutions.
  • Faster: RASP solution is much faster than other available technological solution. As it observes actual application behavior, it does not require any statically model. It streamlines the operation without disrupting the application work.
  • Monitoring: Monitoring also very easy in case of RASP solutions. As it keep on monitoring any suspicious behavior and take actions when a threat is being considered to enter into the system and that too by not involving any new model or human touch. Everything is done without any support from outside. Hence it is the best tool for monitoring
  • Visibility: It gives the visibility to its user as it tells who is attacking the system by disclosing all the information related to the threats or attack. It provides full transparency in its operations. Besides providing information it also convey to its user what kind of technique are being used by them in attacking the apps which was not done by any other security solutions earlier.

Hence, we can conclude that RASP security solution is the best possible way to protect all the sensitive information on the mobile app.


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