Top Angular Development Interview Questions For 2020

Welcome to the developer’s universe! Frankly speaking, hiring new employees can be a real nightmare. Sometimes it is a long and difficult journey to find the right candidate. If you are looking for an Angular web developer, the technical side of this profession makes the search process much more difficult.

The most important thing, to my mind, is to prepare in advance for the interview. There is a saying: whoever does not plan his victory, he plans someone else’s then. And it will be good if you are looking for a developer, especially remotely.

Here are the top tips before you start an interview with Angular developers who want to join your team or company.

Define the requirements

Experienced Angular web developers are always very busy. You need to decide what expectations you have and the amount of work of the candidate. Clearly explain the job description and the specifics of working in the company. The job seeker must clearly understand the job responsibilities and the working conditions that you offer to him or her.

Find the optimal budget

Remember, you will receive exactly what you paid. The responsibilities and dedication of the developer depending on the salary you offer. According to statistics, the top developer in the US makes an average of $85,000 per year. For remote employees, salaries range from $60 to $120 per hour and higher.

The amount depends on the location and the requirements for the specialist. Analyze salaries before determining the final one that you are ready to pay.

Set realistic deadlines

It may take some time for a developer to start working for your company. Consider this when selecting candidates.

For an urgent project, you can choose a freelancer. He will start his work, and you will have time to find a candidate for the state. Make sure the selected freelancer or a person you signed the contract with, has enough time for your project.

It must be said that the process of finding a developer depends on his role in the team and the characteristics of the company in general. Here are a few things to look out for when searching.

The first interview is by phone or video call.


Practical development questions and tasks that will help determine a candidate’s technical knowledge.

Face-to-face interview. If it is not possible to attend the interview in person, make a video call.

Here is a list of top Angular development interview questions for 2020. 

The answers to expect from the candidates are also here. Remember to take notes during the interview to help you evaluate candidates more precisely.


  • What is npm?


NPM is a package manager for Node JS. It is used to install dependencies for Javascript libraries.


  • What is Angular CLI? How do you install Angular CLI?


Angular CLI is the Angular command interface that runs Webpack. To install Angular CLI use the command:

npm install -g @ angular / cli


  • How do you create a new project using Angular CLI?


After installing Angular CLI, you need to run the following command to create a project called project-name in the project-name directory:

ng new project-name.


  • What are decorators?


Decorators are functions that add metadata to class members and functions. Decorators were proposed in ES2016 and implemented in Typescript.


  • What are the ways to bind data in Angular?


Angular 5 supports 4 ways of data-binding:

  • string interpolation
  • property binding
  • event binding
  • double-sided binding


  • How do you run an Angular app locally?


ng serve

With this command, you can run your Angular app locally. By default, the project will be available in the browser at localhost: 4200. Instead of 4200, you can specify any other free port as follows:

ng serve -p Port number


  • What are components in Angular? How do you generate a new component?


Components in Angular consist of the @Component decorator and the component class itself. To create a new component, you can use the following command:

ng generate a component name


  • How are modules imported in Angular?


In Angular, modules are imported using code like this:

import {ModuleName} from ‘someWhere’;


  • What is $ event in Angular?


In Angular, $ event is a reserved keyword that is used to pass event data. Usually, $ event is used as a parameter to methods that are called on any events.


  • What does Angular use double curly braces for?


Double curly braces are used to interpolate data in a template.


  • What is the * ngFor directive for?


* ngFor is used to traverse a list (array) of elements to generate DOM elements for each one or to display some data.


  • What is transpiling?


Transpiling is the process of converting code from one programming language to another. Angular converts TypeScript to JavaScript so that the browser engine can interpret what is written.


  • What is the lifecycle of a component in Angular?


In Angular, the lifecycle of a component looks like this:

  • creature
  • rendering
  • creating and rendering nested components
  • checking the bound data and redrawing the template
  • destruction


  • What is NgModule?


NgModule is an Angular decorator that adds data describing a module.

Well, we are done with the technical interview questions. They are undoubtedly important when you hire a developer, but really this is not enough. You can’t hire a robot that will just do all the things you assign to him. What is more important is that you should also ask several questions about communication and management skills. 


  • “Tell us what qualities help you in your work”


You may be looking for someone who solves problems quickly, is excellent at negotiating, or loves to learn. Ask the candidate for examples of how they are applying these skills.

Depending on the vacancy, some skills will take precedence over others. For example, time management and communication skills will be more important for a remote worker than for a full-time developer.


  • “Tell us about a project that you are truly proud of. What have you done to successfully implement it?”


Start your interview carefully to reduce candidate anxiety. The answer to this question will give an idea of the ambitions of the specialist, show his view of success and the work process. Notice if the developer has mentioned other team members or is focusing on their efforts.


  • “How do you keep up with the latest trends in web development?”


In other words, is the candidate making an effort to remain in demand?. For example, ask what technical publications he reads, what authors and personalities in the IT community he admires, and why.

The field of web development is constantly changing, so it is important for a specialist to be interested in the latest trends and to form their opinion about them.

Besides the knowledge of Angular framework, do not forget to ask something about general software engineer skills. There are a lot of situations when the worker will have to step out of the Angular environment and solve problems with the help of other tools. So, here is the list of some questions to test the developer’s general technical skills.


  • Please describe the process of creating a web page or application.


This is a great way to assess how well a candidate is performing on basic tasks. Do they use snippets to quickly create a basic HTML page, add jQuery and start coding, or use development aids like Bower or Yeoman?


  • What tools do you use to find bugs?


The answer to this question will depend on the development environment the candidate is using. Different programming languages ​​use different profilers, and some frameworks have built-in bug fixing tools. It is important to learn not just the tool, but the approach to solving the problem.


  • How do you take SEO, performance, security and UX into consideration when building your app?


This is a very important question. The ability to understand and combine these factors at work is a key skill for any web developer. It will also be clear from the answer what the candidate gives priority in programming. For example, if you are a large financial company, security will be more important to you than SEO. If you are an online publication, website performance and SEO come first.

A friendly reminder, that your interview is not limited to the listed questions above.

Learn more about the candidate’s technical background, the technology stack he will face in his new job. If you are not a developer yourself, it is best to ask an experienced technician to conduct the technical part of the interview.


There is no only the correct scheme for finding a developer – details are important. To find the ideal one, be clear about your own expectations and requirements for the developer.

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