Best Alternatives To Watch Cartoon Online

Anime or Cartoon, whatever you prefer to call it, is something that a lot of people find appealing and interesting. Well, most watchers favor Anime and Cartoon shows mainly because of the unique storylines, attractive Animation quality, and unforgettable art style. However, it has been quite a difficult task nowadays to find a reliable site where you can watch your favorite Anime TV shows and movies without any hassle.

The Cartoon Online website used to be a decent place to watch Anime stuff up until now. But, as the days are passing, the site is slowly losing its grip and people have started looking for Alternatives To Watch Cartoon online site.

Kiss Anime

Kiss Anime is one of my personal favorites when it comes to streaming Anime TV shows and movies over the Internet. The user interface and simple to understand the navigation of the site makes it easier for the users to move around and find what they’re looking for.

Kiss Anime is not only for watching  Anime Movies or TV shows, but it allows the user to download them and save it on their local drives. There are sign-ups or surveys anywhere on the site, so you can get started pretty easily over there.

Anime Heaven

I guess I don’t need to give much introduction for this one since the name itself is giving away pretty much everything. Anime Heaven is a great place where you can find native Japanese Anime TV shows and Movies in both English and Japanese language.

The site regularly adds new episodes and movies to this content library to make sure you never run out of options to watch. Overall, it’s reliable and doesn’t flood the user with annoying adverts every 5 seconds, unlike others.

9 Anime

9 Anime has become one of the most popular free Anime streaming destinations after the site owners have decided to come up with a Discord server for users. There’s a large community around 9 Anime where you can share your favorite Anime titles and interact with other Anime fans.

Coming to the site, there are plenty of options to choose and you can actually download them on any device to watch later without internet connectivity. Go ahead and give it a try, you’ll love it!

Anime Ultima

Anime Ultima is probably the fastest site when it comes to uploading newly released Anime TV shows in Japan. As soon as the episode is aired in Japan, within a few minutes, you’ll find it on Anime Ultima site. Most of the Anime content over there is available in subversion.

However, they do have a reasonable amount of Dubbed collection as well. Users who do not care about the Dubs can rely on Anime Ultima without any hesitation. The site has been updated several times to improve the viewing and streaming experience for the user.

Cartoon 8

Cartoon 8 boasts quite a substantial amount of Anime and Cartoon TV shows in its content library. The catalog is updated frequently to keep the content fresh so that you will always have something to watch. Cartoon 8 site can be with a simple internet connection and it works flawlessly on both smartphones and PC.

There are multiple servers available for every Anime TV show and Movie to choose and for downloading as well. Make sure to check it out yourself and see it fits the box for you!


The above mentioned alternative sites are super user friendly, so you will have no problems getting used to them. Also, you can engage with other users on the site itself through comments which are available on every Anime TV show episode.

If you need any more help or have anything to ask about the alternatives we’ve shared, let us know in the comments.

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