The A-Z list of Backpage Alternative Websites in 2020

Backpage was very popular at one time.

People used to use it for any purpose in their daily life and many more purpose. People use it to ads their stuff like mobiles, gaming consoles, autos, jobs to the event and much more. In this way, this site grew very popular and many use it in almost every way.

But, the site becomes very much famous adult ads like for sex workers and also a person who is looking for a partner to hang out. Soon, it was running away from its original place and starting to give a room for sex workers and online dating.

Eventually, on Friday, April 2018 Department of Justice seized, the website that was a very popular online marketplace for sex workers, human trafficking and child prostitution ads.

If you search “” or “back page the UK” and click on it than you see the legal notice from the Federal Bureau of Investigation that “” and it’s affiliate sites have been sized permanently online.

Since this site has dropped its users are looking for the best backpage alternatives for advertising their business, ads or stuff online.

So, we have researched and listed some of the best backpage replacement sites online.

Best Backpage Alternatives websites in 2020



Craigslist is a veteran site when it comes to classified advertising. They have been out there since 1995, completely dominating the classified ads market. It is an American company founded by Craig Newmark headquartered in San Francisco, California.

With over 55 million monthly visitors, there are thousands of sold posted and sold items and services. As it allows users to post ads for free, many users seem to prefer this site. There is also a fee-based service available for better results.

Craigslist has reached well over 100 countries providing enabling users to post ads. With its help, searching for jobs also gets pretty easy as job seekers can directly contact the company of interest without having any middleman. With all the features it has craigslist make it on top 1 in our best backpage alternatives website list.

Craigslist has also come up with a mobile app to making users easier to access it.

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2.Classified ads

Classified ads

Classified Ads are a free Like “Backpage website” ad-hosting platform in which hosted ads ranges from cars, housing, real estate, jobs, and every other service. It enables users to creates and post ads in a vast number of categories.

The interface of this site is neat, simple, and accessible. ClassifiedAds is a new startup based on Washington, having over 3 million visitors. Despite it being fresh, it is taken as one of the major competitors in the field of classified online advertising.

Users from around the globe post and sells product and services here. They are very dedicated to removing spams or scams content. It ensures the privacy and safety of the users utilizing it.

Classified has been a backpage competitor but now with an end of backpage, it has become the best alternatives or replacement of the backpage.


Well, this site’s best backpage alternative website for those who used the back page for finding partners and datings. After the seize of the back page, a place called ‘Craigslist personal’ was there for dating ads. But that site also got shut down after the U.S. Senate passed the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act. And then, Personals was introduced to do the same thing Craigslist Personal did but with minor changes.

You need to create your account with a nickname, email, and password. Then, it allows you to create a personal ad that will get posted on the website only after the approval.

You might think that this is similar to dating apps, but unlike those, it allows the user to maintain some privacy. Feel free to join this community to find a perfect match for you.



Kijiji is a Canada based classified advertisement hosting platform. This the most significant and backpage alternative for the people living in Canada. However, this is only limited to Canada.

If you’re looking for a best-classified ads site in Canada, then Kijiji is there for you. It has millions of live ads on its website. Finding local connections in Canada has been more accessible because of Kijiji.

With over millions of Canadians visiting the site monthly, this website has been providing its services in various categories of automobiles, jobs, personal services, buy/sell/trade, and many other parts.



Gum Tree is a Britain based classified ads company founded in March 2000. It is the site people in Britain would like to visit for classified advertisements. Ads are free and paid. It is totally upon users to choose if they want free ads or paid ones.

The developers have also made this site available on the android, ios, and other devices, which enables a user to post ads directly from the smartphones. This site is also pretty popular in Australia and South Africa.



Bedpage is yet another classified ad sites in our list. Bedpage always wanted to be the Backpage alternative, and the developers are continually trying to take it that way.

This site allows you to post ads in a variety of categories; however, dating and adult category is popular on this site. This website tries its best to ensure the user’s safety and privacy protection.

It doesn’t matter where you live, as this site is available throughout the world. The user base of this site is steadily growing. This is also one of the places you would consider checking if you are into classified ads.


The next on the list of best backpage alternative is Tryst. Even though we are considering it as an backpage replacement websites. It is a site that is better than the backpage in every manner. There is no limit on what you can sell and buy on this site.

Tryst is an excellent way to sell your second-hand car, desk, table, or chair of your home or office. It makes the user more comfortable selling and buy stuff by displaying the best deals on its homepage.

Tryst is dedicated to keeping genuine buyers and sellers by removing scammers. You can post ads on this site for free as well as you can use premium features of it by spending a few bucks.



Geebo is also another popular classified ads website. It was first launched in 1999. Geebo has a variety of categories to post ads on. This website is available all around the globe, but most of the ads on this site are based on the U.S.

As the internet services began in the ’90s, this company took the thing which was used to be done in newspapers to a whole new level. This is one of the companies that took advertisements from the paper to the Internet. Geebo has been continually working for the betterment of the site and to provide user safety and privacy.

The categories like workers, cars, housing, real estate, building and farm equipment, and so on are available on this site. With the simple design of this site, you can easily access your preferable section. Geebo has been continually working for the betterment of the site and to provide user safety and privacy. They have been working to remove spam and only include socially acceptable ads on their platform.



OLX is next on our list of backpage alternatives. You might have already heard the name of OLX. It is a platform where user can buy and sells product and product’s images can be posted for advertisements. Because of the easiness, OLX has made for the user to sell, advertise their products, many people prefer this site.

It was founded in 2006 and currently operating in about 45 countries. It offers the various categories in which you can sell your products, such as household, cars, bikes, etc. It has an elegant design which helps the user to access to the thing they want quickly.

With all the vast user base it has got, it connects buyers and sellers from different countries. It has been so helpful for the people with the excellent service it provides. So, it is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives to the backpage.



Oodle is gaining popularity for its personal category. There are different sub-categories like Women Seeking Men, Dating, Men Seeking Women, Women Seek Women, Men Seek Men, Casual Encounters, etc.

This website helps the user to target the most relevant individuals who help maintain the user’s privacy and also increases the chance of response. Because of the vast community, it has got, users don’t have to worry about not finding the match.

Its user interface is pretty and clean, which helps the user to access every feature of the site. The developers of these sites are continually working and ensuring the user’s safety and privacy. Oodle is one of the renowned sites similar to the back page.

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11.Yes Backpage

Yes Backpage

Yes, Backpage is another site that was designed to be a backpage alternatives. As its name already contains the back page, we can easily guess that it fulfills the same purpose as the backpage did. The idea behind this was to create a site to satisfy the requirements of the people for classified advertisements.

The design and layout of the Yesbackpage are equivalent to that of the back page, giving the same kind of vibe of the back page. The categories of Yesbackpage include real estate, gigs, jobs, community, local places, trading, and so on.

However, this site is only limited to a few countries like Canada, Australia, the USA, and the U.K. The ads and categories are available on the site based on the region. It fulfills adult services as well as online classified posting.

12.Wall Classifieds


Wall classified more like a well-classified as it got well-classified advertisements in this site. This is an excellent site for finding ads to buy and sell various services and things. It allows the user to post the ads without having a single penny to spend. With its minimalistic design, it is easy to use without any complexities involved.

The kind of categories Wall classified is famous for are real estate, pets, learning, fitness, jobs, items, services, and many more. Apart from the USA, it provides excellent services in countries like Australia, Canada, the U.K., New Zealand, and India. Whether it is about a job opening in your locality or you want to sell your items, there is Wall classified for you.

The community of this site seems to grow these days steadily because of the excellency it is showing. Users continually love it as, on the other hand, the developers are also continually trying to make it a better place for posting ads, buying, and selling stuff.



Location is yet another classified ad site providing lots of categories to post ads, buy and sell things through the help of the Internet. The site offers categories ranging from jobs, automobiles, real estate, and furniture, as well as personal ads. It is also recognized as matrimonial sites for some regions.

It is in about 60 countries providing services form its community to all those countries. With millions of active users, it is heading towards becoming one of the largest classified platforms on the Internet. They guarantee their user that all of their privacy is safe as the privacy law of Germany is protecting it.

It is also one of the best backpage alternatives website the UK classified advertising sites that people into online advertisements should look in. They even have the blog section with a variety of knowledge regarding classified ads.


After all, they all are here for us user’s easiness. They all are good at their own, as they have a different feature on them. We can use various sites for different purposes. From all the backpage alternatives we have listed, you can use whichever is more comfortable for you.

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