15 Useful Discord Bots To make Your Server More Smarter (Updated)

At present, Discord is one of the service providers in the field of communication. It is overgrowing these days leaving other companies like Skype and TeamSpeak behind in terms of users.  It is exceptionally intuitive and has been adopted by gamers over the globe, on account of its flexible and robust nature. Most of the users of discord are gamers.

Mostly games like pubg players use for communication among the squad. I would say the main success of discord is games.

If you are already familiar with Discord and already set up a server, you should have already know how customizable is those servers. In this article, you will get to know about different types of discord Bots that you might want to add to your server.

But, If you don’t know what it means and how that works. You shouldn’t be worried about what we have written an article on Guide to add bots in discord. But now Here are the best discord bots You can find in 2020.

Discord Bots in 2020.

For your convenience, As discord users, I have tried to compress the vast number of options and provides you with the Bots from each field. So, without any delay, let’s jump into the content you were looking for.

Here are the bots that I have collected for you:

1. Dyno

discord bot dyno

This single online bot consists of a whole pack in which there are tons of commands. These commands are the ability to kick, ban, and set mute for users from the chat itself.

You can easily customize this bot with a simple and intuitive web dashboard. You can enable/disable just about any command, module, and settings for every module.

One feature that I particularly like is the soft-ban feature which bans someone, deletes all of their messages, and then unbans them again.

2. #MEE6 (What does mee6 bot do?)

what does it do


#MEE6 is an online bot that helps users to modify and analyze different parts of your Discord server. This Bot does many things other than just modification or moderation. The interface is also amicable and intuitive. With the feature of “Auto-Moderator,” this helps the server owner very much as you don’t have to worry about moderation anymore.

From the dashboard, you can also turn on or off things such as the emoji spam, external links, mass mentions, and annoying caps.

3. Serum


In this particular best discord Bots, you can use voice commands which can help you to gain access over different features available. This Bot has gained popularity because the functions provided by this Bot can’t be found in other Bots.

With the help of Serum, you don’t have to minimize the game screen again and again to enter a command. You can simply run commands with your voice. It provides you with a whole new level of user experience as it can carry out commands only with your voice.

4. Trivia Bot

Trivia Bot is a bot that can be used in Discord servers. It presents trivia games in the chats. It offers more than 3000 little questions over 24 categories. It provides endless superficial fun.

This Bot is also known as the IQ bot because of the unique game it offers. It can be an excellent Bot for your server as it adds a little bit of competition with fun. It can help you and other members in your server to sharpen your brain.

5. Zandercraft


Zandercraft, this best bot is a must for your online server if you are more into the fun part. This Bot does the perfect job of adding more fun and entertains to your Server.

It focuses more on Chats, GIFs, and other entertainment. The Zandercraft bot comes with the funky antics, which is undoubtedly an outstanding feature. It completely changes your server’s environment by making it more attractive and entertaining.

6. Dank Memer

If you are interested in memes, this is undoubtedly the best bot you might want to add in your server. This bot allows you to create and share memes with your community online while enjoying a great time using discord

Basically, everyone likes memes so that it would be an excellent choice for your server. Dank Memer helps you in creating memes and share memes, which will undoubtedly make your server more engaging and more productive.

7. Rythm

Rythm bot is a music bot that can provide good music with excellent quality. It is one of the discord bots for music that you can use on your server. It’s effortless to use and is continuously being updated with new features all the time. This is one of the bots you would want to give priority if you are a music freak.

Currently, Rythm serves 1,692,627 online servers. It has autoplay highlights and moreover gives verses for a superior affair. This bot can be a handy add-on to your server.

7. Discord Translator

Discord Translator is a translation bot which can be added to your Discord server, which is used to translates the different type of languages used by your server members. It supports more than 100 languages and can recognize them based on flags entered during writings. It also has language discovery features that can be customized later by you.

This Discord bot helps in increasing co-operation between the members in your server by breaking the language barrier. This will probably help you make your Discord server a better place to communicate with each other quickly and conveniently.

8. GAwesome

As it is a multi-purpose bot, you can kick or ban a user from your server, rank players, organize Giveaways, and make memes online for entertainment purposes. You can use it to enhance the user activity for the users available on your Server.

9. AKI

If you are already friendly with Akinator, the web genius an internet game. This is just a discord version of Akinator. If you don’t know, this is an internet game in which you can guess the real or fictional character, and it will try to guess by asking you a few questions.

This bot is actually very fun to use. If you want more fun, You can also challenge yourself by thinking of a pretty famous character and by not letting AKI guess the character. This bot might help you and your members when there is really nothing to do.

10. Pikacord

pikacordPikacord is a Discord bot known as “All-Rounder” as it provides multiple functions and it never fails to satisfy the server owner. This bot contains some features such as welcome messages, ban messages, and refresh logs, among others. It facilitates its clients to deal with their servers, as well as to make it look more delightful and captivating to watch.

This bot also sends a ban message to every user who is banned or unbanned. You can also chat with this bot by simply mentioning this bot and writing your text.

11. GameStats

As the name suggests, This bot is designed to collect, analyze, and process the data of gamers playing different games from different devices. The stats presented are accurate, and it only holds the stats of players that are currently online on the server.

The bot is explicitly programmed to work on discord servers and does not support any other VoIP applications. The bot is steadily updated to support the latest and trending games.

12. Pbot

This Discord Bot is a little bit different than other bots available there.  It is designed to provide you with a platform, to ask dumb & funny questions to get a not so obvious answer!

This is the best bot that can help your servers to be more engaged by different fun conversations done by members. You can also create several numbers of memes, gifs, jokes and other funny entitlements which will surely keep you and your friends entertained throughout the gaming session.

13. Chatty Cathy

Chatty Cathy is an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot for a Discord server. It can be easily reached with the help of new commands. The chatbot intelligence is powered by Artificial Intelligence Modelling Languages (AIML). It is available default with a bunch of sets of XML files. Another exciting thing about this bot is that even you can add your own customized AIML files to modify the chat behavior of this bot.


The use of Discord has been overgrowing as they provide different types of features, which makes our experience of gaming and chatting better. If you have at least one server, then you probably might need some best bots who can look after your server without having you to be online all the time.

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