Best electric bikes under $1000 : Best cheap Electric Bike in 2020

One data estimates that the use of electric bicycles has increased 40% from the last decade and in some cities in the USA, this figure goes as high as 77 % which is a massive boost.

You might think that an electric bike is a modern invention but it is actually a very old invention. To be precise, electric bikes were invented in the 1890s but they were not popular back then.

Nowadays, these bikes have gained some much-needed momentum and adoption.

Why Best budget electric Bikes?

It is mainly because of the increase in global warming and greenhouse gases. This has led to a new wave of environmentalists who want to do good by the mother earth.

Electric bikes are perfect for people who don’t want to get all sweaty while they are riding the bike. The pedal assist makes sure of it. Also, there is a power boost that is great for a speedy getaway when the traffic increases.  With all of these things, you will be able to traverse the surroundings pretty effortlessly.

How much Investment?

One thing is for sure though, E-bikes are a very steep investment. But we think that the price is justified because of other means of transport that require extra maintenance and a lot of fuel. All of these are expenditures and they can amount to a large sum over a period of time.

Also,best electric bikes are pretty expensive at first. A lot of them are over 1000 dollars and it’s pretty difficult to find the bikes for below that price range. But you don’t need to worry about that, we have done all the research in the world and taken your headache as our own!

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Best Electric Bikes Under $1000 In 2020

So, without any further ado, let us get into this review and see some of the best electric bikes that you can buy for less than a thousand dollars.

Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1
removable 36 V of Lithium-ion battery
250 watt brushless motor
Merax Aluminum
36 volts supporting 8.8 amp hour
brushless 350 watt of rear motor
Swagtron SwagCycle EB-5
36 volt of a lithium-ion battery
150 watt rear hub motor
Ecotric Fat Tire
36 volts and 12 Amp Hour
powerful 500 watt rear hub motor
Nakto City
36 volt, 10 amp-hour lithium battery
brushless motor of 250 watts

Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1

electric bikes for sale

The Cyclamatic power is a rather new best electric bike under 1000 that has a very high-quality build. Cyclamatic is actually synonymous to quality. The reason why this brand is trusted by so many people. It remains to be a really good player in this market.

The original power by Cyclamatic was a groundbreaking electric bike. This one is top quality too. The Power Plus model includes a lot of good things such as a solid build with nineteen-inch frames and 26-inch wheels.

The solid frame is durable enough to take a very good beating and it also introduces the joy and practicality to a lot of people in the world. The CX1 is built sturdy but there are a few caveats. One of them is the weight. Although the company has spared no expense in making sure that the weight stays down. It does rock an elegant design with glossy finish and sleek lines that kind of oozes the “premiumness” of the product, for the lack of a better word.


Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 has greater efficiency and comfort. It is very easy to ride and there is a manual mode if you want to put in the effort.  There is also a 250 watt brushless motor that makes it easier to travel fast with more fun.

There is a removable 36 V of Lithium-ion battery so you don’t really need to charge it regularly. The battery is also compatible all around the year, no matter what the weather is. This is because the battery is sealed.

The performance side of the things is pretty nice as well. It will provide you will a charge of 4-5 hours and will give you a range of 28 miles. It does, however, depends upon the mode of usage.

There are three modes; Low, Medium and High. Also, the top speed of this thing is 15 miles per hour.  There is also a  paddled saddle, a front fork suspension, a 26-inch Kendra tire and also Shimano gear shift system. All of these make it an instant sell.


One of the issues that this bike has is the lack of a throttle mode. The only working mode present in this thing is the pedal-assist mode which means you have to paddle. If the lack of modes doesn’t bother you then, definitely go for this. Aside from this, the bike is pretty perfect for what it is.

It will be a really cool upgrade from your existing bikes and it is also pretty suitable for people who want something agile and ridable.  It also doesn’t feel too heavy on your pockets.

Merax Aluminum

best electric bicycle

If you are searching for a cheap electric bike than can handle mountainous regions, then this bike is for you. The Merax Aluminum offers a really solid aluminum alloy frame that is doubled with a carbon steel front.

This makes sure that the bike can handle the rough terrains of the mountains. It is very durable and pretty lightweight, despite being sturdy.

It is a typical electric mountain bike that’s available in all black color pattern with sleek lines of the frame. It has a very minimal appearance too.

Features and Pros

One of the most affordable e-bikes that you can buy, Merax also comes with a lot of power and features. For instance, the bike is equipped with a brushless 350 watt of rear motor that provides it a lot of power.

Because of this power, the bike can go at the speed of 20 mph which is like 32 km per hour.  The speed is pretty amazing, it’s 25% faster than some of the other bikes on this list. The performance is even better than bikes that cost more than this. A total value for money.

The insanely powerful motor is powered by a battery which is removable, it is lithium-ion and is of 36 volts supporting 8.8 amp hour. The battery has a cool placement, it is placed so that charging it becomes hassle-free.

You can also lock the battery with a lock. Moving on to the range, a full charge on this bike will definitely last you around 6 hours and you can travel 22-28 miles on a single charge. It, however, does depend on the kind of terrain that you are riding on. There are two working modes here; a pedal-assist mode and a throttle only mode. With 5 levels,  the maximum power of the bike will get you through a steep hill with ease.

There are some extra features in this bike as well, you get a 7 gear shifter by Shimano which has a front and rear disc brakes. The seats are fully adjustable and the handle has a really solid grip. The tyres of the bike have an Anti-Slip wear resistance of 26 inches.

This tyre will help you with any traction on or off any road sections that you might attempt to ride on. LEDs on the front also work as headlight so you can ride this bike in the dark.


One of the major flaws of this bike is that it needs to be assembled. If you are not familiar with assembling bikes then it will be very difficult for you. There is an option to go for a free bike assembly which means that Amazon will ship it to a local store and you can get it assembled there.

Seems pretty nice but will cost you a little more though! The user manual that you get in the box is very clear though. So, if you do not opt for free assembly, you can definitely opt for this and then get the assembling done pretty easily.

There are also many tutorials on youtube that you can refer to. Aside from this difficulty in assembly, the Merax mountain bike is a definite sell. It has a lot of features that you can use and get the best out of it.

Swagtron SwagCycle EB-5

Fastest electric bike

If you are searching for an electric bike that is super portable then, the Swagtron Swagcycle EB-5 is the best fit for you. This e-bike can be folded to your liking and stored in a compact place with ease.

You can keep it inside your trunks, subways, closets or any other compact space. It has a triple fold design that provides an extreme level of portability. The bike is also supremely lightweight so, it can be carried anywhere with ease.

It is only around 17 kgs heavy which is impressive. The selling point, however, is the price. This E-bike comes at an affordable market price which is just under five hundred dollars.

Features and Pros

The SwagCycle is very lightweight and ultra-durable as it is built from a high-quality aluminum alloy. The bike has a 150 watt rear hub motor which is powered by a 36 volt of a lithium-ion battery.

This battery is removable which is handy. A full charge on this battery will give you 15 miles of just raw power and for more distance, you can start pedaling.  There are two working modes in this bike; you can twist the throttle or you can use the motor with peddle assist to run your errands.

As far as the riding goes, the compactness doesn’t compromise on comfort. The bike may be compact but it has enough room for your behinds! The seat and the handle are adjustable.

The handlebar can be adjusted in different ways; from up and down to a 360-degree twist. For traveling as well as riding, the bike is pretty comfortable and enjoyable too sometimes. It also has a really cool design overall. Though the form factor might be a bit small, the bike is nonetheless great for a commute.


With the small compact size, there are a few limitations that come with it. For instance, anyone who is taller than 6 feet should not even consider this bike. Also, the bike can in no way handle a person whose weight is over 245 pounds. Aside from this, it is a very good investment if you really are in the market and considering buying an electronic bike. This one will definitely be a good choice.

Ecotric Fat Tire 

best ebike 2020

Ecotric fat tire e-bike might be the most expensive electric bicycle in this list. Having said that, it is definitely under 1000 dollars. The bike costs around nine hundred dollars to be exact. It is worth that as well. If you are planning on going to a trail, snow or even at the beach then, Ecotric is one of the best options for you. There are also a lot of features on this bike.

Features and Pros

This bike runs off a very powerful 500 watt rear hub motor. This motor is powered by a lithium cell battery of 36 volts and 12 Amp Hour. In addition, the battery is removable too. It becomes easier to just take ut the battery and charge it separately.

Also, What the 12 AH power means is that the bike can last a lot of miles on a single charge. Similar to other bikes this one also has multiple working modes; peddle assist and throttle only, which can help you reach a top speed of 37 km/h.

This speed is very impressive and is probably the highest speed in this list. A full charge can last you 6 hours and the bike can deliver around 22 miles on average. It depends on how you use it.

In addition to the power, the bike is pretty lightweight and is easy to ride.  An aluminum frame accounts for its stability while the ergonomic grip on the handle makes it fun to use.

Despite being lightweight, the bike does have the capability to support people that weigh up to 260 pounds. There are some additional features here like an S900 LED display that shows you five gears inside the display and you can also set the speed limit here.

The bike houses Shimano’s Seven Speed transmission too.  There are front and rear disc brakes too. The bikes are shipped 90% pre-assembled and it takes only 20 minutes to fully assemble it.


One of the major downside to the bike is the lack of LED headlight and taillight.  It can be a bit hard to see the road, especially at night.

From the safety perspective, it can be quite bad for you but you can always get one extra headlight added to the front and a taillight at the back. It will cost you a mere 20 dollar extra. This, to be honest, is the only flaw that is present in the Ecotric Fat Tire bike.  Apart from this, the bike meets all our expectation and it is good enough to be on this list.

Nakto City 

best electric mountain bike

Mountain bikes are pretty hard to handle. If you are the type of person who can’t get along with huge bikes then, the Nakto Cargo bike is perfect for you. It is designed for women and has a lightweight low profile that is very easy to control. The bike is manufactured from a high strength carbon steel frame which makes it pretty agile and maneuverable. The fame has fork suspension with impressive comfort with shock absorption.

Features and Pros

The Nakto bike is powered by a brushless motor of 250 watts which is very good for powering the bike through rough terrains. The bike has two modes; Pedal Assists and Throttle.

Depending on your weight you can adjust the modes. You could paddle when you are moving uphill but there is electric assistance so, it will be pretty easier. You can also use the motor only and get the speed of a scooter. This is probably the best thing about this bike.

The motor here is powered with a 36 volt, 10 amp-hour lithium battery which can be removed. You get the range of around 25 miles with this motor and it delivers a top speed of 16 miles per hour. The speed is decent for a relatively inexpensive bike like this. The bike also features a 6-speed SHIMANO Transmission system with a front V brake and a rear expansion brake.


There are a few cons to this bike. One of the more visible cons is the battery that might not be that appealing. But if you are looking for a really good commuting bike then, this one is perfect for you.

It is fast, comfortable and also convenient. The bike comes with many premium features for riding around town. These features are; bright LED lights, a cargo basket and even a rack which makes it very handy.


E-bikes are handy and of course, environment-friendly. They have zero carbon emission and they provide you with a comfortable ride no matter what the conditions are.

The best thing about it is that the e-bikes are available now in all shapes and sizes. There are also different price segments of it so, they won’t budge a hole in your pocket. You can definitely get a bike from this list as all of these bikes are priced under a thousand dollars.


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