Best JSON Viewer Tools Compared for Developers

You might have the idea that there are millions of websites over the internet, and the numbers are increasing day by day. You can find any information over the web only with a few clicks on your device, just name it, and it will be on your screen. Similarly, Search Engines like Google keep on changing their rules and regulation to upload content over the web. One of the most crucial things for a website owner or a developer is how he/she can transfer data over the internet without any hassle.

As we all know that XML is famous for transmitting data over the internet, but its popularity is going down after JSON. You would be surprised to know that almost 21% of websites are using JSON to upload data over the web. This can clearly denote the popularity of JSON.

However, some people face difficulty to view their JSON code to find any error, and they keep on looking for tools called JSON viewer that can assist them in this regard. View json online is a tool that enables you to view and debug JSON files without any hassle. In this article, we will discuss some of the best JSON Viewer tools available over the internet.


Best Free JSON Viewer online

As discussed above, JSON is considered as the best alternative of XML, and it is widely used by the developers to deliver data over the internet. The following tools will assist you to open JSON online

–          Code beautify

This online JSON viewer is famous for its user-friendly interface, and the clarity that is provided by this tool to view a JSON code. One of the significant aspects of its popularity is that it is an entirely free online JSON viewer. The process of using this fantastic online tool is quite simple and straight, as you only need to upload or paste the JSON code on it, and that’s all. This free JSON viewer will provide you with a tree view of your JSON code that you can expand or collapse within a blink of an eye.  This JSON tool also gives an image preview if the code is an image URL.

Additionally, this online tool allows you to convert and export your JSON to CSV format. You can also save your JSON file on your device or save it as a link and share it.

–          JSON Parser Online

This online JSON viewer offers you a three-pane view, including original data, string parse, and JS Eval. This online tool enables you to change the layout by switching to a top-bottom view, or you can also move to a side-by-side view. Moreover, it also has the option of minifying JSON.

If you think that this online JSON tool is paid, then you are wrong. This online tool is entirely free to use and has a great facility to view your JSON without any hesitation.

You can also get many additional features like formatting and validating JSON data in this fantastic online tool. This JSON viewer also displays the JSON Array Index and JS type.

–          JSON

This is considered as the most prestigious online platform that offers a plethora of JSON tools. The JSON viewer provided by this online platform is also second to none. This online tool provides you with a great user-interface that enables you to perform your tasks without any difficulty. You also don’t have to go through the hassle of downloading any software on your device or making an account to view your JSON by using this online tool. This is an incredible JSON viewer that offers you to open and see your JSON without paying a single penny.

Additionally, this online tool is entirely web-based, so you don’t have to sit at a specific place to use this fantastic online JSON tool. There is no trial period or any premium plan required to view your JSON through this online tool. The method of using this online tool is straightforward and clear. You don’t need to make any hard effort to view your JSON, as a few taps on your device will enable you to view your JSON using this efficient online tool.



JSON is used all over the globe as an alternative of XML to transfer information over the web. However, some people find it challenging to understand this code because they don’t have the appropriate tools to work on JSON. A JSON viewer is essential to view a JSON code, as this tool gives you a tree view of the code that makes it understandable for you quickly. The internet has many online JSON viewers, and you can use any of them according to your requirement. The above-discussed online tools can also be used to view your JSON without any hesitation as they are completely free.

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