6 Best Free Music Apps For Android : Spotify Alternatives

Music app has now become one of the best ways to listen to music because you can literally search for a song and listen to it without downloading songs but the problem with those types of app is you need to pay for a monthly subscription.

An app like Spotify has become one of the game-changing things in music streaming. Although Spotify is top in the game there are a lot of Spotify free Alternatives which you can enjoy.

You will miss the pro version features in free apps but you are getting it for Free. So Here are the best Free music app for Android phones.

Best Free Music Apps for Android (Spotify Alternatives)

1. Deezer

deezer free music app

With a database of more than 53 million tracks, Deezer is one of the best and my recommendation music app for android.

Although the offline mode is only available for premium version But You can enjoy online each and every song in their database for Free. In the free version, you get occasional ads. One plus Point In this app is that You can enjoy shuffle play in free Version which lacks in many other music apps.

With a big song database containing only occasional ads in the free version, Deezer known as Deezer discovery is what you are looking for the best music app. The only problem with the free version is It supports only 128kbps.

What made a Deezer best is you can literally have features Like Unlimited skips, Creating a playlist in the Free version.

Features of Deezer(FREE)

  • You can Listen to songs Online In free Version Too.
  • One Of The Most Used Feature Shuffle Play is available In Free mode.
  • You can create a playlist of Your Favourite Songs.
  • The song Recommendation Algo is best.

Pros and Cons Of Deezer (free)

  • Big songs database
  • Few Ads
  • No complete Free
  • only 128kps in free version

2. Spotify Free

Spotify free Music app

Spotify is one of the most popular and trending music streaming platforms. First launched On October 7, 2008, Spotify is a Swedish audio streaming platform where you search songs You like By artist name, album or genre. Personally, I am using the Paid version but the Free works Like a charm without any issue.

Although Spotify is completely focused on the Paid version They have also made available Spotify Free version. Spotify free version can stream more than 4o million songs available for pc, ios and android platforms.

Talking about new songs it’s up to the artist of the song whether he wants to make His/her songs available In free Version or not. Spotify Free can be a great option if you love to listen to old songs rather then the newest release.

Yes, it’s obvious you can’t save songs offline if you are using an offline version.

Spotify Free Features

  • 96kbps as the standard rate for mobile
  • Recommendation service
  • Access Over 40 million songs

Pros and Cons Of Spotify premium

  • 40 million songs database
  • supports user interact-recommendation
  • Ads after Every song
  • 96kpps bitrate

3. Youtube

Youtube Music app

From an independent to big music level artist Everyone Uses Youtube to make their song Popular.

There are lot of songs that we can’t exactly figure out how much. One of the problems with Youtube is it does not support background play. To play in background You need to download Youtube vanced apk.

youtube Is like Completely free with an occasional ad But There is premium Version available Called Youtube Music. Except for a fact that You can’t play youtube songs in the background, Youtube is one of the biggest libraries of songs.

Youtube Features

  •  the playlist can be created
  • Lots of songs
  • No limitation on Bitrate

Pros and Cons Of Youtube music

  • 100% free to listen to new and Old songs
  • Offline Mode
  • Can’t be played In the background
  • No shuffle play

4. Lava music

Best music app for free lava music

With a most wanted feature offline play, lava music provides This Feature in free Of cost. Yes, You got it right free of cost. Although The distributor Of this app is anonymous Lava music provides ads free music experience with Unlimited skip time.

A special recommendation of favorite songs for You daily. Lava music is one of the best mod ever made for streaming music. You can’t even guess lava music provides You the real-time lyrics Yes You get it right Real-time lyrics.

If you are looking for a Spotify alternative then Lava music is what You need. One thing Most of the people Guess that to run Mod apk you need to root a phone But For Lava Music It works Like charm no need of root.

Lava Music Features

  • Availability of offline mode
  • You get to enjoy Unlimited skips
  • Download Rate up to 320kbps.

Lava Music Pros and Cons

  • unlimited skip
  • 320kbps Bitrate
  • No ads
  • Full free premium package
  • The developer is anonymous so can access You phone
  • Privacy

5. Pandora Music

Can Be called the twin of Spotify Pandora is the most powerful music discovery platform where it provides the best music experience.

Pandora is available in play store which you can download It right away but there Is two version You can choose free version Or Paid Version. Bad news for them who live outside the USA because It is only available in us.

In the free version, you can create up to 100 radio station and With ads, You can listen for Free with No issue at all.

Pandora Features

  • Higher Audio rates
  • Voice search Function
  • Only a few ads

Pandora pros and Cons

  • up to 100 radio station for Free
  • Audio rate is Higher than other apps
  •  More premium focused app
  • only available in us

6. Google Play Music

google play music

Although Google Play music is not completely Like Spotify or pandora But when it comes to making playlist Google Play music is what I love. You need To download Songs from Third party Downloader and Packed It up on You device.

Then you can Do what you like shuffle play, random skips, unlimited skips.

Or Google plays music also has Its Own Subscription Plan Where You get To access Songs from Their database and You don’t need to download It From Anywhere.

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Google play Features

  • Provides Unlimted Skips
  • Can create unlimited playlist
  • Plays songs in the original rate

Pros and Cons Of Google play music

  • unlimited skips
  •  No ads
  • Easy to download
  • Full Free app
  • Need To download Songs First
  • Need Third-party app To download songs


Wrapping Up The listed app is the best Free music Apps You can download Right Now without any issue. In the above My best Is Deezer let me Know In comment Box What’s Your best pick among the above music apps.

Listening Music Helps To decrease Our Negative Emotion so Chill Out with the above music app If You get some Bucks Why not to Try The premium Version Of them.

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