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Imagine being engrossed listening to a beautiful and soulful music track and the song stops suddenly on a very high note. How would you feel about the whole experience? Consider another scenario where you are watching a TV show, and it ends without any notice, and the video jumps to another show. This also can disrupt your watching experience, and you will be set back as a viewer. 

Nobody likes an abrupt ending of something nice and creative. Just like how a proper introduction is essential for a music video, TV show, or a radio show, the same way a proper outro is required for these videos and audios to make them look more professional and appealing to the audience. 

Outro: An Overview And Its Role In Making High-Quality Videos & Audios

Before barging in on how to make a nice outro and the range of different outro makers available online, let us first understand the meaning and importance of an outro. In very basic terms, an outro marks the end of a video or audio. It is a very short section at the end, so the viewer does not experience an abrupt ending and gets a prior idea that the media is coming towards the end.

For a music programme or clip, the outro can be in the form of music that is fading out. For a YouTube video, the outro can be a template or a series of the template with information about the brand and a call to action option incorporated. 

Outro has a lot of importance to make the media look relevant and for people to appreciate the efforts behind its making. 

Some Tips To Create an Awesome Outro: 

If you have just completed compiling an awesome video or recording a superb music track and you feel that your task is done, then you are wrong. Creating an outro is crucial for your hard work to transform into great results. 

Given below are some tips that will help you create a remarkable outro to get the best reactions: 

  • Guide the viewer: This is the main objective of an outro, especially in the case of YouTube videos. You need to tell the viewer what he/she is supposed to do after watching the whole video. Tell them whether you want likes, subscribers, or website visits. Give the viewer a sense of clarity.
  • Don’t go over the top: Keep the outro a bit subtle as it is there to support your audio/video and not to overpower it.
  • It should resonate well: Keep the creative flow intact. If your video follows a certain colour scheme, make sure to follow that in the outro too and if the audio has a certain texture, make sure to maintain that in the outro.

List of best Outro Makers at Zero Cost: 


  1. Adobe Premiere Pro: Even the most popular filmmakers and videographers trust Premiere Pro for their editing and outros. There are no two ways about the great potential and ultimate advanced features of Premiere Pro.

    You can try a variety of effects for creating intros as well as outros using this software. The best part is the compatibility of Premiere Pro with almost all kinds of file formats. It also has cloud storage to save you from an unexpected loss of data.

  2. Lightworks: Just look at the number of videos and outros created using Lightworks and survey a few people who have already used it earlier, and you will understand the reason behind its likability. It has an array of features that are just enough to impart the look and feel your creation needs. It has real-time effects and has an option to save the temporary file as a draft to render it afterwards.

  3. Intromaker: This outro maker claims of various fabulous outros made on its platform. The user needs to follow very simple steps to make a nice and well-rounded outro. The best part about it is the option to preview the video before it gets finally released. You can also directly download the video to your system before uploading it on any platform.

  4. Panzoid: Using this software is not a very difficult task because of the mesmerising templates available here exclusively. You can make outros that look professional in a matter of a few minutes with Panzoid. This software also has a 3D animation tool that helps in creating even more interactive and captivating outros.

  5. Davinci Resolve: Very efficient video editing software just like its name; Davinci Resolve settles all the issues related to the colour of the frames. The templates that it has to offer for your video’s outro are all amazing. Davinci has the most advanced set of features used for trimming videos. It gives the user the perfection and confidence to craft a unique story.

  6. Intro Outro Expert: If you know the importance of embedding an outro in your video, you definitely must be aware of the impact an intro can have on the audience. This software is the gift for all those who want to create nice intros and outros for their professional videos as it does both together. This software has more than a thousand readymade templates to choose from making the process much easier and feasible.

  7. VideoCreek: What would be better than having a wide menu of beautiful templates already made in free software? VideoCreek, one of the most widely used tools to edit video online, is a feasible option to make outros. The user interface is very self-explanatory, and even beginners can make their outro without any external help.


“All’s well that ends well”, a phrase that has been passed down from generations is relevant till today and applies even to the modern digital world and forms of media. Any video or audio would be finally done with a synchronized outro at the end.

Define an objective for your video or audio and leverage the outro to convey the message you want your audience to hear and respond to.


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