150 Secret Best Kodi Addons You Must Have In 2021

Kodi is a great platform for live streaming movies and shows and it offers you almost every show for entertainment including movies to cartoons to TV shows to sports to adult content. But getting a fully working, stable best Kodi addons in 2020 is not that easy as it seems to be.

Today we will be looking about the top 150 Best Kodi addons in 2020. As a matter of fact, let me explain to you that there is no such Kodi addon that is 100% stable but you can get on-demand content.

They work fine until they get into some legal issues and then they are down so you need to search for alternatives time and often.

The goal of this article is to provide you with the best Kodi addons for devices like the FireStick, Fire TV Cube, Android Mobiles, and tablets. These Kodi addons also work for Windows and Mac and other systems where Kodi is supported. You might need to upgrade to Kodi 18.4 or above for some of these to work.

If you have installed a newer version of Kodi then, you are perfectly set for trying these Kodi add-ons out. There are many addons and the list that we have compiled is no short of being unflawed. There are different Kodi add-ons that work in different ways too, for instance, you will not be able to listen to the latest music if you have a movie Kodi addon.

If you have installed Kodi on any of the above-mentioned devices, you are halfway through, now what you need to do is learn to exploit the Kodi’s software security by utilizing Kodi add-ons. This is why you need to know what addons to add.

You can comment here if any one of these best Kodi addons lists does not work when you try so that we can update the list for you.

Best Kodi Addons In 2021

1. Exodus Kodi addon 8.0 (not an exodus redux)

exodus best kodi addons

exodus fork is the most famous and best Kodi addons of all time for movies and it’s also my personal favorite of most of the Kodi users. But it was shut down due to some legal issues and its developer did not want to run it anymore. But Exodus is picked up by a new developer known as Kodi Bae and is released as version 8.0.

A new developer has understood its craze and kept the interface the same as it was before but gave a new avatar. You get a huge variety of TV shows and movies to pick with filtering options. No need to mention do not forget to use VPN after adding Exodus fork.

Repository: Kodi Bae Repository (on-demand content

Using Exodus Kodi addons fun but installing it is a bit harder so we will also be showing how to install Exodus 8.0 for you.

How to install a new exodus Kodi?

Follow the below steps to install exodus tv addon.

  • Open Kodi and hit on Settings icon at the top left.
  • Open-File Manager and then click “Add Source”.
  • A pop-up box appears.
  • Click on” None” and paste this URL http://lazykodi.com/
  • Press OK.
  • Paste its name at the bottom of the box as “Lazy Kodi” and then hit OK.
  • Return to the main menu and here select “Addons”.
  • Select the box-shaped icon ar the top left part of the menu.
  • Select “Install from compressed file” and then select “Lazy Kody” which is the name for the media library which we previously added.
  • Select “Zips” and then select “KodiBae.zip”

Now the repo is installed. Now we need to install the addon from the repository. Here are the further steps;

  • Select Install from Repository.
  • Look for the “Kodi Bae Repository” in the list and select it.
  • Select “Video Kodi Add-ons” and then select “Exodus Version 8”
  • Finally, click on “Install”.

Boom! Now you can enjoy the same you favorite tv shows and movies on Exodus. You don’t need to search for any channels. exodus and covenant are two best for movies.

2. 13 Clowns Video – Best Kodi addon (Updated)

13 Clowns Video or simply called as 13 Clowns addons is mainly known for huge collection for Kodi users. Its latest release is designed best Kodi addons with a new interface and further appended collection of TV shows and movies in HD, 720p and even in 4K sources. The new update has got some changes in the categories.clouwn videos best kodi addons

It is well maintained by its developer so we can see its updates very frequently and it is much more stable than most of the other best Kodi addons so you can give it a try and I bet you will fall in love with it with its huge library. Again I need to mention that 13 Clown is a third-party Kodi addon so you need to use VPN before using it for safety purposes.

How To Start 13 Clown Video addon?

  • Start Kodi.
  • Select the gear-shaped settings icon at the top left part.
  • Click on “File Manager”.
  • Select “Add Source” and then tap on “None”.
  • Fill the empty box with this URL: https://13clowns.github.io/ and then press “Done”.
  • Give a name for the media library the same as we did while installing Exodus previously. Copy-paste this name “13 Clowns” and then press OK.
  • Return to the home screen and then select “Add-Ons”.
  • Click on the opened box-shaped icon and then select “Install from compressed file”.
  • Select “ 13 Clowns” and then select “Repository.13clowns-x.x.x.zip”.
  • Click on “Install from Repository” after the Add-on enabled notification appears.
  • Click on “13Clowns Repo”.
  • Click on “Video Kodi add-ons” and then select “13Clowns Video” and finally press “Install”.

That’s all. it is installed after you see “13Clowns Addon Installed” notification. Now you can go over the really really huge library and enjoy TV shows and movies.

3. Tempest Kodi (movie theater butter)

When Exodus’ developer officially got back from the further development of Exodus, this Kodi addons “Tempest” came into play and it was used as an alternative of Exodus. But it is still widely used and still gives frequent updates.

It got popular not only because of the discontinuity of Exodus but also because it offers numerous TV shows and movies. You can even use Tempest addon to integrate various movie tracking services too. You can find this addon here:

Repository: Tempest repository

4. Gen-X Kodi (all in one addon)

Gen-X Kodi is developed by the same developer who developed the famous addon Maverick TV (which we will discuss later). Gen-X is somehow like an upgrade for Maverick TV as it offers more content than Maverick TV.

5. Entertain Me (movie theater butter)

Here we can come up with the latest best Kodi addons which is filled with the latest movies and TV shows. You can find most of the latest movies here and you can trust this addon as this is much more stable as compared to other Kodi addons.

Entertain Me Kodi addons is mainly known for its great user interface and layout. It uses movie posters and artworks so that it is easy to find out your desired movie in a short time.

You can find this Kodi addon here at:

Repository: StreamArmy Repo

6. Maverick TV

Maverick TV best kodi addons

Talking about the best part that Maverick TV offers is Live TV. It’s basically all in one Kodi addons which offers you to live stream TV shows, movies, live TV and sports.

Basically, it is an all in one pack Kodi add-ons. Its library is also so rich that you will get almost every movie you want or which it’s hard to find in another library.

Its been a while that I have not mentioned VPN so let me remind you that Maverick TV is also a third-party addon developed by the developers who are not the part of Kodi. So be safe while live streaming and use VPN.

The list does not end here. There are hundreds of such cool best Kodi addons for live streaming movies and TV shows. But it is not possible to explain it all here as I need to explain about the Kodi addons for sports, music, adult contents and many more. It is the best movie theater butter. Maverick has lots of kids’ movies.

7. The Magic Dragon

The magic dragon is quite an incredible addon that you can use. This addon has a large number of tv channels shows and movies. There are complete episodes of widely popular tv channels shows and movies like Game of Thrones and it is also pretty easier to use. The addon is also stable enough and it brings all your favorite television content in one place.

magic dragon addon is powered by a set of scrapers therefore, it scoops out the best live stream of a video. It may look like it’s trying to copy other Kodi addons but it comes with professional packaging and better features. From movies, television to shows and documentaries, kids’ channels tv shows, sports-related video, and music, this addon has it all. The diamond build repo has the best way to install this magic dragon addon. It is an all-in-one addon.

Repository: Diamond Build Repo

streaming links: http://repo.rubyjewelwizard.com


GAIA is an on-demand addon that can add your favorite movies and shows if you give it a demand. The best thing about this addon is the simplistic layout. Also, the addon organizes the content in categories on the main screen which shows contents like Movies, Kids, Shows etc. To give you the most impressive stream, GAIA will try to scrape more than a dozen streams from several servers. The newer GAIA 4 version is probably the best version that you can download. It works best when you use it with Real-Debrid.

Repository: Gaia

streaming links: https://repo.gaiakodi.com/

9. Seren

Seren is one addition to the Kodi addons. It is one of the most underrated Kodi addons for Kodi and it is mainly because of the fact that this addon is still under development. It still looks pretty promising though. It doesn’t offer any free links though, you have to make it work with two premium hosters; Real Debrid and Premiumize. Real debris is a bit better one though as it is more popular and more trustworthy. Seren is best to watch movies at 1080p later.

One thing that premium links provide is better playback. There is no noticeable buffering, the streams are quick and you get more HD streaming options. As this addon is still under development, it may give you more streaming options later. It may also come free after a while but that is only a speculation. You should definitely try this add-on out.

  • diamond wizard repository 

10. Venom

Venom is one of the newest Kodi add-ons available for movies and shows. It has emerged as one of the most popular Kodi addons in the world. A lot of top-rated and popular Kodi addons have shut down and Venom takes advantage of it. It does that by offering you a variety of streaming choices in the Movies and TV channels show department. There aren’t other departments in this extension but it is the best at what it does.  You will get many popular films and tv channels show here. Using lambda scrapers, Venom scrapes the best links for you. Also, it is developed by a team of very good developers so that helps as well. Speaking of the content library of venom, it is quite a feat. There is a tremendous amount of content in this add-on and it is very good at pulling out top-notch links from plenty of sources.

11. The Kratos Reborn

Replacing the defunct Kratos addon, the Kratos Reborn is a much needed better version of it’s predecessor. Kratos went offline when the repo named Ukodi1 was shut down. It is now back with a vengeance and it was brought back to life by a repository called EzzerMacs. Kratos Reborn makes use of OpenScrapers which pulls a lot of good links of movies and shows. Though the performance of this addon is questionable. There is still a lot of hope for it and we won’t just count this out soon.

12. Genesis

There was a time when genesis was one of the most popular Kodi addons in the market movies. But after a while, it was taken down. A few months later after the shutdown, Genesis Reborn took the main stage. It went offline too and then the creators decided to bring it back with the previous name i.e, Genesis. This name has stuck and the latest scraping technology is implemented which helps it to fetch some of the best links for you. it is an on-demand add-on with a huge catalog of shows and movies to watch.

13. Death From Above

Developed by the Falcon team ( a developer team), DFA (Death from Above) is an addon that has a MASSIVE collection of movies shows, kid content, docs and much more. It’s not a part of any repo in the world, you can install with locally with a zip file. It has 8 falcon addons that may or may not work. Some Kodi addons may not work but others work in a pretty good away. The DFA addon also gives you a Real-Debrid Integration i.e, you have unprecedented access to many shows and movies that can be streamed in Full HD. Another cool feature of this addon is it’s pretty lit layout. It is as clean as a whistle and you can access your favorite extension from the collection. Since it houses a whopping 8 Kodi addons, it may take a while to install. However, it’s still a good deal as a movies addon.

streaming links: http://ajbuilds.uk/secret

14.Yoda (movies addons)

Paying homage to the Star Wars character, Yoda is not as secretive or as riddle full as you might have guessed. On the contrary, it is actually pretty easier to use all things considered. The addon is still dead though, it has not been revived when it died but they are working on it. Yoda went down after supremacy repo was shut. It is available with an alternative repo and it is the same as the previous one. The addon still continues to give you tons of movies and TV channels Series. It is, however, pulling a few links these days and most of them do not work. It is not as reliable as it once used to be.

15. Riddler Stream

The Mancave repository is pretty infamous and it has been here for a while. They have made landslides recently with a lot of really cool kodi addons and builds that they have created. Riddler stream is an on-demand addon which many streaming options for shows, movies, and music. It provides you with free streaming links but you can definitely opt for the paid version and get resolution playback of up to 4K resolution which is a great deal. You will definitely find this addon impressive.(internet based)

16. DeathStar

DeathStar is in no way like the other Kodi addons that you might have encountered in this list. It is an extension of addons. What we mean by that is, you get a package of more than 35 different Kodi addons. Yes, you heard us, you need to install this one addon and you can get access to a whole library of addons for all your streaming needs. Whether you are a fan of on-demand movies, shows or live TV channels, this addon has your back.  Ten reputed Kodi 18 developers have made DeathStar one of the best addons in the world. Since there are so many developers maintaining this addon, you always get high-quality performance and video streams. You can install this addon for less than 5 minutes with the ezzer mac repo and then you can have an awesome streaming experience.

Repository: Ezzer Macs

Source: http://ezzer-mac.com/repo

17. Voodoo

Voodoo is an addon for movies and tv channels shows but it also provides you with some extra stuff like Live TV, kids video and even Adult Anime. The Live TV section is a bit flawed but other than that, this addon works like a charm. On the movies front, voodoo does pretty well and you can sign in with a Real-Debrid account. But even without it, you can get good links. The UI is a bit scrambled here and navigation isn’t as smooth as you’d have liked but well, these are some of the compromises that you’ve got to do if you want an add-on of this quality.

18. Movie Theater Butter (Internet based)

Movie Theater Butter, as the name suggests specializes in Movies. But it does provide a good enough library of shows as well. And of course, the add-on supports all Kodi 18 supported hardware. This addon is a variant of another popular addon known as Incursion. There is even a version of this add-on that gives you a one-click play feature. This means you can click once and then find a working link. The autoplay feature on the one-click version does not always work while watching movies. It does play some slow links sometimes. One of the disadvantages of this addon is that you are restricted to HD resolution. You can install the addon with the Diamon Wizard repo from the link given below.It has lots of features.

Repo: Diamond Wizard

Source: http://repo.rubyjewelwizard.com/

19. Scrubs

Scrubs is yet another on-demand add-on that makes it to the list of the best Addon for kodi users. It comes from Exodus but it is better than Exodus by miles. Scrubs brings you many improvements over the previous version and it adds a lot of categories such as TV Shows and New Movies. These changes in the UI makes it very easier to navigate the addon. The way scrubs works is by fetching many links quickly. This may work as far as the speed is concerned but the quality is largely compromised. Do not expect to find FHD streams movies. Even the HD and SD streams sometimes do not work. There is a lot of hit and trial before you can find the working link. As it gives you a large list, filtering through that becomes rather time-consuming. You can always hook it up with your Real-Debrid account and expect some improvement. The later releases of this addon will work in a better way though.

Repo: Jew Repo

Source: https://jewbmx.github.io/


A very popular for Amazon Fire TV, the UK Turk playlist not only gives you a choice of a huge catalog of movies and shows but it also hosts the said content from Turkey. There are many types of content here ranging from movies CCTV footages to Shows, cartoons, Live TV, Stand Up comedy and you get the gist, we can go on forever! The best part is the simplistic interface and flawless appearance. You can get this from the Turk Repo.

Repo – UK Turk

Source – https://addoncloud.org/ukturk/install

I am leaving a list of most used and most trustworthy Kodi 18 addons for streaming movies and TV shows. The list goes like:

  • FilmRise Kodi For movies and shows
  • Genesis Reborn Kodi for movies
  • 1389 Kodi for movies
  • Voodoo Kodi for movies
  • Mundo Oscuro Kodi for movies
  • FireFly Kodi (all-in-one addon)
  • Release BB for movies
  • Taz for movies
  • Galactus Kodi for movies
  • R2D2 Kodi for movies
  • Medusa Kodi for movies
  • A Pirate’s Life for Me Kodi (all-in-one addon)
  • Nole Cinema Kodi for movies
  • Exodus Redux Kodi for movies
  • First One TV Kodi for movies
  • Numbers Kodi for movies
  • Poseidon Kodi for movies
  • Horror Cave Kodi for movies
  • NightCrawler Kodi for movies
  • Movie Rulz Kodi for movies
  • Covenant Kodi for movies
  • Placenta Kodi for movies
  • Yoda Kodi for movies
  • Exodus Kodi for movies
  • Outlaw Kodi for movies
  • Digi Box Kodi for movies
  • Triton Kodi for movies
  • Redemption Kodi Kodi for movies
  • Kratos Kodi for movies
  • MC 1080P Kodi for movies
  • Neptune rising (Neptune rising best for tv shows and movies)

Exodus Redux is a duplicate of the exodus. exodus redux is not a clone and it looks like an exodus. exodus redux comes with different genres of movies and tv shows. exodus redux is best for high-quality movies.

You can try Those Free apps to watch movies for free.

Best Kodi 18 Sports Addons

Streaming sites have totally revolted against television or in live tv channels. Why would you watch Game of Thrones on live TV channels when you can watch it in the HBO GO App? But One thing that TV provides that streaming services cannot catch up to is Live Sports. it is a very big market and most of the time we want to view sports on the palm of our hands. In such cases, a free Sports Addon will be a very handy thing.

It’s not easy to buy a subscription for live tv channels like Sports TV as the fares are much higher and there is a big gap in the subscription offers. For example; If you subscribe to ESPN, you might get to watch the Champions League and WWE but you may not be able to watch the Cricket World Cup or the English Premier League. This makes it very hard to subscribe to sports TV. So here we came up with the best working Kodi addons for sports. Here’s a list of few sports addons:

1 Joker Sports

Joker sports offer really huge options for sports channel and personally, I call it the best addon when it comes to sports.

Repository: Maverick Repository

2. Sports Classic

This addon is developed by a developer called Shark55. Sports Classic not only offers you live sports but also you can watch the after match highlights and replay. Installing is as easy as other add-ons. You can get it here at;

Repository: Shark Repo

3. Red Bull TV

Red Bull TV is an official Kodi addon for those who enjoy watching adrenaline rush sports. Red Bull TV offers a variety of sports channels for sports like Bungee jumping, Skydiving, acro-paragliding, rafting, canyoning, high-diving and many more.

So it is packed with the joys of adrenaline sports and one thing I like about Red Bull TV is that we can stream on-demand videos.

Here are the steps to install Red Bull TV addon in Kodi:

  • Open Kodi and hit on ”Add-ons” in the main menu.
  • Click on the “Open box icon” in the top left corner.
  • Select “Install from Repository”.
  • Open “Video Add-ons” and search for “Red Bull TV”.
  • Click the “Install” button. Wait a few moments and then you will see a notification stating Red Bull TV is installed.

There you go. Enjoy the desired sports on the go and enjoy the features of these addons.

4. Just Sports Kodi

Developed by UKodi1 Repo, Just Sports Kodi 18 addon is the most basic and simpler add-ons to use that offers almost every live sports happening all across the globe. You can find this addon in the Kodil Repository.

Repository: Kodil Repo

5. NBC Sports Live Extra

You need NBC cable subscription for some of the sports events but not for all.NBC Sports Live Extra addon offers live sports, highlights from all sports fields. We can install this great addon by following these steps:

  • Open Kodi and hit on ”Add-ons” in the main menu.
  • Click on the “Open box icon” in the top left corner.
  • Select “Install from Repository”.
  • Choose the”Kodi Add-on Repository” from the list.
  • Hit on “Video Add-ons”
  • Select “NBC Sports Live Extra” and press “Install”.
  • There you go. Now just enjoy live sports, news for upcoming sports, replays, and highlights.

6. Strike All Sportz Recap Kodi 18

This Kodi addon is developed by a developer named “Strike”. Talking about the specialty of Strike All Sportz Recap Kodi it offers sports from different platforms and categories like NBA, UFC, Soccer, NFL, Tennis and many more all that with Live streaming.

You can also view the highlights of the match too. You can install this Kodi addon from here:

Repository: Rocks Repository

Let’s talk about the best Kodi addons for adult shows or adult content. There are not many Kodi add-ons and repositories for streaming adult content. Let’s discuss a few of them which I find to be working and stable.

7. PS Vue

Playstation Vue is an amazing addon that gives you tons of live streaming channels. It is completely free and has an Over The Top (OTT) streaming service that you can utilize to watch sports. You will be able to stream content from the SEC Network, Big Ten Network, ESPN and more. You can also find some local content from your own country as well.

PS Vue Kodi 18 installation

Installation of the PS Vue is quite an easy task. You just need to follow some simple steps. Remember though, the installation process may depend upon the Kodi Version that you are currently using. Here is the stepwise explanation of the process:

  • Go to Addons in your settings menu and click on Addon Browser
  • Select Install From Repository and then Kodi 18 Addon Repository
  • Scroll down to the Video Addons Section
  • Find the PS Vue in your section and click Install
  • Wait for the notification that tells you that the installation is complete.

After you have successfully installed the PS Vue Kodi 18 Addon the next step is to sign in to your account. As PS Vue is a pretty good addon, you will definitely get a lot of Channels from ESPN, NFL, BTN and even SEC Network.

8. US TV Now

US TV Now is probably the most famous Kodi 18 Sports Addon that gives you unprecedented access to a plethora of streaming channels for absolutely no cost. There is a premium variant of the addon too, which provides access to more channels and has video recording (DVR) capability. You will find channels from ABC, Fox, PBS, NBC, and The CW in this addon. This includes a lot of sports content from the MLB to the NBA. Once you have installed this addon you will be prompted to the interface which allows the installation of a lot of content. You can also watch OTA local content without an antenna.

9. Mobdro

Mobdro is very popular for Live TV streaming on Android for Kodi users. It has a separate android app that you can try out but it also has a Kodi Addon. The way it works is by crawling the web for links to freely stream video content and it also offers a whole list of possible streams which you, can then select a stream. Pretty Cool Indeed!

How to Install Mobdro on Kodi 18?

Installing Mobdro can be a bit tricky. Here is the summary of the process:

  • Click on the Gear icon present in the Kodi Homepage
  • Select the File Manager tab and click on Add source
  • Now click on the area where it says <None> and then enter this URL: http://legionworldtv.com/zips/
  • Click Ok and Give a Repository Name

Now you have downloaded the repo, you need to install the repo now.

  • Go back to the Kodi 18Homepage and click on Addons
  • Select the package installer and select Install from Zip file
  • Now select the Repo that you just added and click on plugin.video.mobdro.zip

You will now see the Installation Notification when the process completes and there you have it, your new Video Addon in your Kodi 18 Media Center.

10.  Rising Tides

Yet another sports streaming Addon for Kodi users, Rising Tides is the most reliable and the most fun way to watch live sports on Kodi. IT has a lot of streaming channels where you can watch football, cricket, golf, etc. One catch, however, is that you might need a decent VPN connection for this addon to work in an effective way.

Installation Rising Tides on Kodi

If you like to install rising tides on Kodi 18then you have to follow the following steps:

  • Click the Settings Gear Icon located on the homepage of Kodi.
  • Select the file manager tab present under the system settings
  • Click Add Source and then in the Add File box, select the area where <NONE> is present.
  • Now, Enter the following Url: http://mullafabz.net.rw/Repository. Click OK.
  • After this, give this Repo a name (you can give any name but do not give it an existing name).

After you have finished this process, you will now need to install the repo. For it you can follow the given steps:

  • Go back to Kodi 18 Homepage and browse to the Addons section
  • Now select Package Installer which is there in the top left corner
  • Select the “Install from ZIP file” option and find Rising Tides
  • Install the addon repository.Rising.Tides.zip, wait for a while, it may take a minute or so to complete the installation.

Congratulations you have successfully installed the repo! Now you need to install the addon.  Follow these steps:

  • Use the Install from Repository option and find the Rising Tides repository in the long list.
  • Select Video Addons and then Click on Rising Tides
  • After this hit Install, wait a while and there you have it, your installation is completed!

Best Kodi 18 addons for Adult contents

It is estimated that more than 80% of the internet is filled with nudity. In such an environment, Adult Websites have flourished over the years and it has a big imprint on Kodi 18 too. As people use Kodi 18 to bring all their content consumption to a single place, it becomes pretty crucial that they get Adult Films too. So, here we are bringing you some of the best Adult Content Addons that you can try!

1. VideoDevil

VideoDevil is one of the most popular and best Kodi addons for a long time in adult content. But it is not as stable as other add-ons. It was officially down for many times but recently it’s back with all the functions back so happy time 🙂

And one thing I can make sure this addon will be your personal favorite for adult addons for Kodi. VideoDevil collects different adult-related content from almost more than 45 sites and places them in one place.

Its as easy to pick a source from the home screen and you will see a list of all available videos. You can select categories, subcategories and many filters for easy accessing.

2. FapZone

Kodi add-ons are not stable at all and we all are aware of this fact. And the adult Kodi 18 add-ons are on the next level that they have their ups and down many often.

I can not say FapZone is fully stable but I can assure that it is more stable than the other adult addons in Kodi. Fapzone allows you to play contents up to 720p (60 fps). This add-on can be installed from here:

Repository: Stream Army

3. Emplix

A very top-level adult addon, Emplix has a huge category of pornos for you. There are more than 70 categories in total. It includes a lot of famous things such as MILF, Gothic, Interracial, Asian, etc. These categories are also rich in quality and it plays pretty nicely. The content is of high quality but you have to browse and filter through the content yourself.

You will never find a link that doesn’t work in this addon. The majority of the movies presented here are of the 720p or 1080p quality which is pretty great. You will also find a lot of content for a single type. There is one issue though, the addon doesn’t have a search feature so you need to browse the content on your own.

Repository: xbmc Adult

Source: https://fusion.tvaddons.co

4. YouJizz

Another equally good addon for Kodi users, YouJizz is also present in the xbmc repo. This addon has a surprisingly great navigation feature. The home page consists of the categories like new, top-rated, search, etc. And there are also handpicked recommendations for you which makes it very appealing.  YouJizz scrapes through many websites and presents you with some of the most kickass streams that it can find.

Repository: xbmc Adult

Source: https://fusion.tvaddons.co


XXX-O-DUS is a play of words on Exodus and it is the Adult version fo the TV Show addon known as Exodus. Pretty Ingenious naming scheme if you ask me! This addon appeared when many other adult addons were shutdown. The best feature of this app is that it brings you an aggregated list of many adult sites like RedTube and xVideos under a single search. This helps to increase the quality of the search ten folds. This is the reason why this addon has visibly no issues with the buffering, the video playback is quite smooth.

Repository: Kodi Bae

Source: https://lazykodi.com

6. HotGoo

Another impressive Kodi 18Addon is the HotGoo addon that is pretty similar to the previous one. This addon also gives you varying categories right there on the home page and it will also provide you with the list of videos. There are more than 76 categories here and the content is just mind-blowing. A lot of good adult films are present here. The user interface of this one is also very similar to Empflix.

Best Kodi addons for music

Enough for adult content, let’s make the mind peaceful through music at the end of the story. There aren’t many Kodi add-ons for streaming music. And as a matter of fact, let me tell you that music add-ons are the hardest to find. We have shortlisted some of the best and top Kodi addons for music and here are a few:

1. Beatz

Beatz consists of a lot of music. It mainly consists of EDM and Hip-hop music but you can also find classical and indie music in this add-on. Beatz is the best Kodi addons developed by the “Stream Army”. It serves a huge collection of music from many sites including YouTube and it keeps increasing its database so we can see the updates very frequently as compared to other Kodi addons for music.

You can find this addon and install it from:

Repository: Stream Army Repo

2. YouTube

Youtube is one of the largest libraries of video content and the best thing about this platform is that it’s completely free. While there is a subscription for youtube too but you can get quality content for free on this platform. There are many reasons why you might need Youtube for Kodi 18. Suppose you don’t want to exit Kodi and still be able to browse through your favorite youtube channels. In these conditions, a Youtube Addon will be your best friend!

A developer by the name of Bromix developed a youtube addon for playing contents all the way through YouTube. It’s a very useful Kodi addon as it offers all the youtube videos which are roughly in the figure of 1,000,000,000 video views every day. You can install YouTube addon from:

Repository: Kodi 18 Add-on Repository magic dragon

3. Now Music USA

NowMusic USA has a huge library collection of popular music of almost all genres. The songs that this service has is very impressive and you can get a really good experience out of it. One of the best things about this extension is that you don’t have to play the next video by yourself, the addon does that for you, sweet right!

4. JukeboxHero

JubeBox Hero is one of the best Kodi 18 addons for all you playlist lovers. If you workout everyday or travel every day, the chances are that you vibe to a playlist and in such condition, Jukebox hero is your friend. It pulls a huge array of the playlist from Youtube and organizes them into sections. One huge advantage of this process is that the feeds are from youtube so there is no latency issue. If you have a half-decent internet connection, the music will play without any hiccup and it will be pretty much like Spotify but for free!(magic dragon)

5. ThunderStruck

ThunderStruck is a very good aggregator which means that it has everything you need. There are separate sections for Search, Music, Radio, Concerts, Music Videos and even Karaoke. Each section is divided into subsections and there are genres to pick as well. You can stream any genre in the world, be it  Rock, Hip-hop, Classical, Lofi, Pop, Jazz, Blues, RnB, etc. There are also sections for Radio and Karaoke which is a welcome addition. You can listen to some pretty inspiring podcasts as well.

6. MP3 Streams

MP3 Streams is one of the best Kodi 18 Add-ons ever. The reason why we are saying this is because this Addon just has everything you want. It shows you the list of top albums in the world at the moment and it also shows you underground music that you might have never heard.  Though the controls might be a bit difficult to get used at first, it is still a great choice. You can stream songs with two clicks and you don’t have to worry about other things.

7. FDJ

FDJ is an addon dedicated towards a particular section of urban music and that is EDM. You can find all types of EDM Music, Techno, Trap and Trance music here. SO, if you are a huge fan of Swedish House Mafia or Daft Punk then, this addon is for you. In addition, the addon also streams the latest hits.

8. KNE Rock

I love the KNE Rock Add-ons. It is mainly because of its uniqueness. It features concerts from different rock bands has videos of them. This is the best place to listen to concerts. You can also see Live Concerts recorded by different people all over the world. So, the next time you want to watch a rock festival’s live stream, you know where to go! KNE Rock has you covered for life. while using this addon using VPN is suggested.

9. Slamming

Well, You don’t have to slam anyone to use this addon! Slamming is a music addon from Ukodi1 repo and it is famous for its international stature. The main point of this app is to provide you with a lot of international music from the UK to Latin America. Even if you want to listen to some K-Pop, the addon has you covered. There are many sections here ranging from Latin, Country, Rock, Grime, etc.

10. Ravers Unite

Ravers Unite is an addon provided by the Loki Repo. This is another unique add-ons based on the type of content that it provides. There are sections that include the content like Happy music, Hard Core, New Monkey, After Dark, Colosseum, etc. This means that the addon caters to the Underground scene and has commercially unavailable content which is pretty sweet. If you like some gloomy music with hard-hitting bass and terribly good guitar riffs then this one is definitely for you. It is best for new Kodi users.

Is Kodi Legal without VPN?

A lot of people have many doubts about whether Kodi 18 is a legal application or not. Well, it is legal to stream the free shows on Kodi but there are many shows and movies that are copyrighted. For instance, the only place to legally watch Stranger things is Netflix but there are add-ons through which you can watch the show illegally on Kodi 18. Therefore, Kodi itself is not illegal.

You may fall into legal issues while you stream such contents so you need to be safe first. Your internet service provider (ISP) can track you through your IP address and you might get behind the bars only just for streaming videos. That may not sound that good so you better be safe. To become safer you can use VPN.

How to be safe while using Kodi 18 with vpn?

Most of the Kodi 18 users are streaming movies TV shows, music, sports, and other licensed content for free. These activities can be monitored by your ISP, government authorities and other concerned authorities. So you must be careful while streaming them. You can get into a lot of trouble if you don’t pay attention to your online behavior.

If you are streaming copyrighted material like movies and shows then you might want to stop! Especially if you are living in a first-world country. You can definitely protect your identity while you are streaming the content. To do this, you can install a VPN which stands for Virtual Portable Network. There are free and paid versions of VPNs and we urge you to get the paid version as they will protect you in a better way. There is one extra importance of a VPN too. Not only does a good VPN hide your identity, but it also gives you access to the content that might have been geographically restricted i.e, if some content is available in Japan but not in the USA. Using a VPN, you can access this content even if you are in the USA. Geographically restricted Addons such as BBC i-Player can also be accessed with it.(magic dragon)

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There you have it, folks, this is all about the Kodi Addons from us. These add-ons are pretty easy to install, we have given you some of the installation methods in this article and basically you can install other addons by using one or all of these methods. It is pretty easier to do it once you have installed two or three addons successfully. If you face any problem while you are using and/or installing these addons then feel free to message us at Facebook or comment on our post. You can also comment down on queries or suggestions.

Always use a VPN while using Kodi.

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    Why are you advocating add ons for 2020 that have been shut down or abandoned?
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