Best NFT Games To Earn Money In 2022

Unless you have been living under a rock or are aiming to stay clear of the finance industry and the gaming world as a whole, we are certain that NFT games are something that you have come across – even on mainstream news, or a chill, casual Steam conversation with friends.


Games that have successfully incorporated NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are taking on the gaming world, with a growing sense of profit among gaming communities all throughout. 


Play-to-earn gaming is all the rage right now, and rightfully so. If you are already spending time, energy, skills, and money on traditional video gaming, why not give this opportunity a go and walk off from playing both happy and with a fuller wallet? 


NFT games 101


NFT games are a new category in gaming that allows you to earn money based on your achievements, tokens, cryptocurrency, participation in the in-game economy, as well as based on the time you spend playing said games. 


A highly praised model that is allowing both casual and professional players to dive into new options to make an income is taking over the industry, given the benefits of blockchain technology that is making sure that what you get in the game stays yours – until you sell it. 


As technological developments such as the rise of a crypto-powered world occur, it is expected for other industries to join in on the progress, as is the case with NFT games. 


Given that a serious profit from gaming was, up until recently, mostly done via streaming, playthroughs, game insights, equipment reviews, and, for some, big sponsorships and professional gaming, a new world of opportunities have now opened for the average player. 


Pros of playing NFT games 


As we mentioned, there are several advantages that the NFT gaming movement is basing its success on. The first and the most obvious one is, of course, profit. 


How profiting works is by players obtaining in-game assets, such as different avatars, skins, and items, and later putting them on an NFT marketplace of their choice to sell, rent, or trade. 


Once the payment goes through, the player is paid in cryptocurrency that he or she can trade in for real-world money. Keep in mind that this is a dramatic change in comparison to the traditional model where the owner owned the entire game, and you were just playing it.


This is not only gaming but an opportunity to develop a serious business model that can cover your needs, depending on how much time and energy you will be putting in. 

Add this to the list of benefits that include transparency, safety, reliability, and a possibility for professional gaming and you’re set to become a believer in this concept as well. 


Best NFT games to earn money with 


Although this is still a relatively young field to the game, more NFT games are dropping daily. It can be a bit nerve-wracking to navigate the field and make the best choice.


Without further ado, here are some of the best games on the market as we speak: 



  • SolChicks 



You can’t talk about NFT games without talking about SolChicks. A record-breaking game that pioneered the field in its very first week of the Demo drop, SolChicks is guaranteed to have you glued to your chair, enjoying the gameplay and earning money. 


What you will be looking at here is the fantasy intergalactic play immersed with exciting battles and raids, as well as intergalactic planetary conquest as well as development of cute-looking but feisty little characters. 



  • The Sandbox 



Another popular choice for NFT gaming fans, think of this as Minecraft or Roblox of the NFT collectibles universe. With the opportunity to do in-game sales via in-game tokens, you can also put them up in a marketplace. 


If you are one of those players who likes to build new worlds and have a thing for kingdom-style games, this one might just be the choice for you.



  • Axie Infinity 



Well, we can thank our childhood cartoons for the hype surrounding this one. Pokemon-style play, breeding of characters, traits, generations, and relatives, you will also have fun tackling quests, PvP battles, and more. 


Hearing about this Pokemon or Digimon-shaped NFT game might just be enough to pull you in – and for a good reason as well. 


All that’s left to say is have a good game and chase those earnings.

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