Best 5 Open Source Hindi Typing Software for PC

Hindi is the official language of India and is also a recognised minority language in UAE. The term “Hindi” is derived from the Persian word “Hind” which stands for “the land of river Indus”. About 425 million people from all around the globe speak in Hindi as their first language and an entire film and television industry in India is based on the particular, known as Bollywood. Being such a famous language it is used as a medium of communication among many. However, in case you want to use the language as a medium of communication within the virtual world, you need to download certain Hindi typing software for PC to write articles or journals as per your convenience. 

Best Open Source Hindi Typing Software

Best Open Source Hindi Typing Software

There is a wide range of Hindi typing software available in the market and it often gets hectic to choose the best out of the rest! Here, in this article, we have curated a list of the top 5 open source Hindi typing software for PC which will solve your immediate needs. 

1. India Typing Software

India Typing is an advanced web-based solution for the Indian and the global population who want to express themselves or communicate with their loved ones in Hindi. The software supports 10 types of keyboard layouts and can be used to convert Unicode into Kurtidev Font, Devanagari script into other Indian languages or to translate any English paragraph into Hindi. Moreover, you can even use the advanced text to speech feature offered by India Typing to speak using a mic and the software will type it in Hindi in an automated and accurate way.  

2. Hindi Indic IME 1

Hindi Indic IME 1 is a futuristic Hindi typing software, which offers a wide variety of power-packed features like auto text, customizable word list, automated spelling checks and more. The software supports multiple keyboard forms like Anglo Nagari, Inscript and Webdunia Keyboard. Moreover, you can type any message using the standard English keyboard and Hindi Indic IME 1 will translate it into Hindi within a few seconds. It uses phonetics technology for the entire conversion procedure and is most effective when the word is spelt similarly in the way as it is spoken. Hindi Indic IME 1 is compatible with Windows platforms.    

3. Lipikaar Typing Software

You can express yourself in Hindi from your regular English keyboard, with this advanced writing solution. The software offers complete control over your typing needs. Lipikaar is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. Moreover, you can also type a variety of other languages using Lipikaar like Bengali, Punjabi, Kannada, Nepali, Marathi, Assamese and more. The particular solution can be used to generate presentations, word documents, excel sheets or to send emails in Hindi as per your choice and convenience.    

4. Soni Typing Tutor

Soni Typing Tutor is a customizable Hindi typing solution trusted by 1lakh+ users from all around India. The software uses Hindi fonts like Kurtidev 010, Devlys 010 and Mangal font backed up by Inscript and Remington Gail layout. Further, you will get access to 150+ Hindi typing exercises and can get fully accustomed to the entire typing procedure within 10 hours. The makers have planned an intuitive learning strategy for you, diving the entire process into four parts Read Instructions, Learn Keys, Type Words and Type paragraphs.    

5. Baraha Typing Software

Baraha Typing solution is an intuitive text editor supporting multiple Indian languages besides Hindi. You can easily express yourself in any Indian language of your choice by using the advanced phonetics keyboard technology offered by the software. Moreover, you will also get access to a wide variety of Word processing features like multi-columns, page layout, fonts, find-replace, print and more. The best part is, the software can be used for braille transcription, general typing training procedure and even for converting Vedic scriptures and musical notes in an appropriate manner. You can type long paragraphs and copy or export the particular into any RTF, TXT, HTML format or as a Unicode or ANSI encoded file as per your convenience.  

Final Words

Apart from India, Hindi is also spoken in countries like Nepal, South Africa, United States, UK, Mauritius, Tobago, Trinidad and more. Being able to communicate in one’s own language makes a person truly happy and satisfied with themselves. That is why various Hindi typing software for PC plays a vital part in our daily lives. We hope that the list is useful and you are finally able to make up your mind and choose the best one suitable for your needs.   

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