8 Best Photo Editor Apps for Android in 2020

Do you Purchase photo editor application From play store? Now we are here with the top best free photo editor app for Android. you can use these application free of cost And Important thing You will get a Features like Premium Photo editors.

 Best Android Photo Editor Apps In 2020

1. Lightroom cc

Best photo editor lightroom

Lightroom cc is the official application of an Adobe software, it allows you to organize your picture, using the different Adobe tools. It is supported on ios, windows, mac, and Android. You can work with the raw files from the DSLR camera and can easily change the background color, effect and adjust lights.

You can use presets to make your picture look good. If you don’t know how to use this application, there are a lot of tutorial videos on youtube you can search and Start To edit Photos like Professional on Your phone. You can adjust light, exposure, contrast, of the photo as well as temperature, tint, and saturation. The best feature of Lightroom cc is that It has a color mix tool where you can change and adjust the color of your image.

You can crop, adjust the brightness of the picture and can use filters tools. you can get the latest version of Lightroom cc which is free of cost which is the perfect application for editing pictures on your smartphones and personal computers.

You can easily get this application on play store. you can export your picture on high quality and directly share your pictures on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Other editing applications reduce your image quality after editing your picture but lightroom cc doesn’t reduce the quality of picture/image.

Feature of Lightroom cc

  • The best feature of Lightroom cc is its color adjustment.
  • You can easily Download From google play store.
  • It doesn’t reduce the picture quality While exporting.
  • You can directly export your edited pictures to social media.

2. Snapseed

snapseed photo editor

Snapseed was developed by Google. Its a great application for editing pictures, especially for the beginner, it offers several cool features. You can download Snapseed application for free on android, ios, mac, and pc. It has an excellent image editor Interface with a wide range of capabilities.

This application is a little bit similar to the lightroom cc, it has a very variety of options/tools and easy to use. Snapseed has unique tools which another photo editor lacks such as healing tools, selective tools, lens blur, noir, etc. It has 29 tools which help to edit your picture and make it look beautiful and you don’t have to worry about the memory space because application total size is only 22MB.

you can directly share your edited pictures with people or open it in another photo editor application for Android and copy to a selected folder. you can enable the dark mode on Snapseed, you will get the dark mode in a setting which is available on only the latest update of Snapseed.

Feature of Snapseed

  • It’s free for all the platforms (android phones, Ios, mac, and pc).
  • Excellent image editor with a wide range of capabilities.
  • It enhances picture at very high quality.
  • Freely available on play store and app store.
  • It provides good control over the different elements of a picture.

3. PicsArt

pic art free photo editor

Pic Art is the multimedia tool that let you edit and modify your pictures with the different amazing features.it is best for editing and adjusting color, adding text, making collages and adding the amazing backgrounds and stickers.

we don’t need to be worried about how to edit and modify pictures from PicsArt because it’s editing tools, bars, and function make you more comfortable for editing and its editing process is simple. you can share your edited pictures directly to social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

This application is free, you can download from the play store and you don’t have to pay the money for the extra options or extra service cause this amazing photo editor application will provide all the costable items at free of cost.

we can see many people are paying for other bullshit editors to edit their picture and wasting their time when you are getting all the premium features in pic art. you can add text, use latest filters, stretch, motion, enhance, adjust, curves, selection, clone, resize, flip/rotate, use backgrounds pictures, add stickers, modify color of a picture, crop picture and many more. you can draw, use mask, shape mask, use frame and also use brushes.

The review and rating of this application are excellent and getting love from all the user. if you want to edit your picture and make perfect, you can use this application.you can download this application from your play store.

Features of Pic Art

  • you will get all the filters, sticker, and backgrounds at free of cost.
  • It doesn’t reduce your photo quality.
  • you can directly post your picture on social media.[/su_list]

Problems with Pic Art?

its main problem is sometimes it crashes due to some problem but reopens in 5-10 min and shows annoying Ads.

4. Pixlr


Pixlr is a free photo-editing application for ios and android. you can make any images beautiful with million combinations of amazing free effects, overlays, and filters. once you edit your image then it can be directly shared to your favorite social media.

Pixlr has all the tools, effects, filters and overlays that you need and it helps us to create photo collages with different choices and also stylized your image giving a look of pencil drawing, ink sketch and more it resizes your image quickly and easily after editing.

A simple way to add text on any image, Pixlr just like adobe photoshop is the best alternative to Photoshop. Some of the most noticed Tools include red-eye, splash, heal, auto fix, auto contrast, sharpen, etc.

5. LightX photo editor


if you use your phone for photography and you don’t want to spend money on fancy software apps then this is the application for you. LightX is a free photo editor app for android. It has tons of amazing feature.

LightX has advanced image manipulating system you will found a new way of editing photos. With the use of LightX, you can easily cut a photo out of an image and the performance of lights is beyond user expectations.

This apps even have tutorial videos explaining how to use each feature without any ads. It has art and style tools for art searchers. This application has lots of tools, masks, pinch and squeezes backlighting filters. you can put text on your photos and create your own memes as well.

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6. PIP Camera – photo editor pro

pip photo editor for mobile

PIP camera is a brand new photo editor or powerful photo editing master. PIP Camera is a photo collage maker and editor with extraordinary photo filters and photo effect. It is a great selfie tool globally popular effect and filters.

PIp camera has the creative frames which set your photo in another frame with the help of this application. This application got many exciting features, colors, and nice pattern background to make your photos very beautiful. PIP camera has a new selfie experience with lots of users. you can change ordinary photos to art photos within a second.

7. HDR max photo editor

Hdr max Photo editor

HDR max is a full-featured pro photo editor with an adjustable split-screen or it is one of the deepest collections of a stylish photo. You can make your image look creative in seconds. HDR max creates HDR photo effect in which we can add vibrant, dramatic colors and maintain lights of the picture. the unique technology of filtering helps you to enable HDR effect to any images without the problem of multiple exposures.

The advantages of HDR max is to get back the details of photos that are lost while taking pictures from digital cameras these cameras reproduce vivid colors in the light areas photo and dark areas of photos. This app has much more control over the finer details than many of its competitors.

HDR max has lots of photo frame shapes with many exciting smiley and stickers. You can use the text option for awesome quotes, resize option for the perfect shape of your photos and on the other hand, this application has the feather options to Sharp your creativity level. With the help of HDR max, you can make your photo more hdr with HDR max. It is creative and simple to use this application doesn’t take up much of the space of your phone and does not drain the battery.

8. Prisma photo editor

prisma photo editor for mobile

Prisma is an outstanding and eye-popping photo editor app. This apps allows you to use a different amazing filter in any images. You have over a dozen of effect to choose almost all of them had advanced qualities.

Prisma art filter helps you to make Picasso, munch, or Salvador effects also. You found tons of styles in Prisma art filter library. It has the largest collection of artistic styles to choose and make your image more attractive and favorite one.

Prisma helps you to explore your creativity level among your friends and family. Prisma transforms our normal effect image into an artistic effect. The best application for all time just download and you won’t regret.


In the end, we have explained the top 8 best photo editor of 2019 for Android, you can download the application from the play store. All the application has its advantages and disadvantage now choose the application which is best for you.

If you got any problem during installation and while using these applications let us know in the comment box below, we will fix your problem as soon as possible. If You Have Some Time also Check our list of 6 Best Free Music Apps For Android.

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