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Standing aside from new technologies in the modern world is impossible. Now it’s not the luxury but the necessity. Smartphones were a breakthrough at the time, but modern people can’t imagine their life without these devices.  Everyone who wants to keep up with the times tries to find the latest tech news. But browsing several services simultaneously is time-consuming. There’s a way out. is the service, founded by a group of enthusiasts, tech geeks who want to bring the most exciting information from the world of technologies to a broad audience. Now you needn’t waste time finding the news by yourself. Visit and find out about all events and products in one place. The critical thing here is the professional approach. Our authors have extensive experience in writing and are big fans of technology.

The articles will be interesting for everybody. We present information briefly in a unique manner to attract the attention of even those people who are far from the tech world. You can find out about the cool devices and systems in several minutes. Our articles contain no irrelevant and unnecessary information.  If you want to buy a new electronic device and don’t want what to choose, comes to help. We don’t post promotional reviews and tell the readers about those products we’ve tested.

Older people often don’t use various smart gadgets because they seem complicated to them, and that’s why the generation gap enhances. We aim to unite different generations and make them connected. So, we are something more than the service with gadgets news.

What Can You Find on

The website’s design is user-friendly, so you’ll hardly have difficulties while browsing it. We distributed all articles to different sections. The main page contains the latest updates in each section of the service.  If you want to read the hottest news, find the part with popular posts on the main page. It usually includes the articles about the innovations in the tech world: home automation security systems (Google Nest Hub, Alexa), wearable devices (AirPods), and video game consoles (the update of the controller in PlayStation or Xbox). That’s what interests people the most.

If you search the way to make the most of the specific service or the device, visit the “How to?” section. The list of articles contains quick solutions for problems with gadgets, ways to restore the smartphone, change settings, etc. “Gaming” section is devoted to this world: we review new games and long-awaited consoles. Tech archives tell you about all devices: new smartphones, wireless earphones, smartwatches, etc. We visit various electronic shows, such as CES, and write detailed articles with our impressions and discuss all novelties presented at them.

To make the website more convenient, we set up the system of hashtags. Each article is tagged based on its subject. You may use them to navigate the website. For example, #4pro_best marks the most exciting articles, #4pro_brand denotes the articles devoted to products of Android, Sony, Apple, etc.  The #4pro_howto tag will redirect you to the corresponding section. It’s beneficial.

We appreciate connections with our readers. Everyone can write to us to place an ad or tell a compelling story connected with the tech world. Visit the page “Contact Us” to make it. worths the attention of everyone. If now you don’t understand anything in modern technologies and want to become tech-savvy, we help you with it. Read our articles, and you wouldn’t notice how you start to control your house with wifi security cameras and wear various Bluetooth gadgets. We make technologies closer.

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