Best YouTube Channels That Post On Technology

YouTube has become one of the major sources making things possible for people who want to access the latest tech and gadget news available. These channels have grown at a tremendous pace as you can find videos that are watched by millions of people who subscribe to these channels. Here are some famous channels that share tech-related content and help you research on different aspects of technology. Also, you can find product reviews that can help you buy different gadgets as well. 

Marques Brownlee 

Number Of Subscribers: 12.1 million

Marques Brownlee or MKBHD is one of the most influential technology experts on YouTube. He was named as one of the best tech reviewers on the planet by one of the VPs at Google when he was 21 years old. The videos you find on his channel focus on reviewing phones, laptops, cameras and more that are new on the market. The insights he provides are very detailed, intelligent, and are conveyed in a very comprehensive way. To stream his latest videos and other experts from around the world you can use Cox Internet or you can use Cox Cable TV Packages if you want to see some latest technology news. 

Austin Evans

Number Of Subscribers: 4.63 million

If you are looking forward to getting some honest reviews and information about the latest tech and gadgets then you can have a look at YouTube videos by Austin Evans. Austin provides reviews and videos that discuss some specific issues related to technology and upload most of the videos that provide answers to many issues that users might face while using a gadget. You can have a look at different informative chats about different workings of technology and compare products that are of similar make and dispel myths about technology. 

The Verge

Number Of Subscribers: 3.01 million

The Verge is famous for being one of the top-rated websites when it comes to tech and gadget updates. These guys are also known for some high-quality videos that go on their YouTube channel. One of the good things about The Verge is that they do not cover videos about tech only but they also provide the latest news and reviews on science, culture and art as well. The same goes for their YouTube channel where you can find a wide range of topics that cover something as small as a phone, or a daily use gadget or a hoverboard or technologies that might be a revolution in the tech industry. Apart from reviews, you can find coverage and discussions, news, interviews and short documentaries as well. 

Unbox Therapy

Number Of Subscribers: 17.2 million

This channel has some high-quality videos that are full of insights and come from knowledgeable individuals who are passionate about the technology that they show. The channel shows unboxing or unpacking videos of consumer electronic items including laptops, gaming consoles, phones and many other items. The videos usually show packaged appliances and give out first-hand information and impression of the way the products look like. The channel also focuses on different specifications, different DIY projects and product comparisons as well. You can also find the latest tech deals as well and other informative content that is very on point.


Number Of Subscribers: 5.23 million  

He is one of the English technology gurus and has gained popularity from reviews on different aspects of technology, personal testimonials, advice on brands of cameras, gaming consoles, smartphones. He started off making videos on technology when he was 15 years old and became one of the largest technology experts in the UK.

Concluding remarks

YouTube is one of the best sources of providing users with some authentic reviews on different technologies and gadgets launched around the world. This is very beneficial for individuals and businesses alike as this can get them to spend money on things that they want and other aspects of the trade. You can also find product launch videos as well that attracts people who are into the latest smartphones, games and other gadgets. 


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