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Not long ago, various smart home gadgets were considered something luxurious for rich people. Now home automation technology can make life easier, save money on some expenses, and even protect the house. You can manage the house using your smartphone, isn’t it amazing? Technologies entered all spheres of our life; it’s impossible to reject them. We should make the best out of using it.

4Pro is a popular marketplace that sells smart home gadgets. It was founded with the aim to present the high tech world to a broad audience. If you’re far from it, you needn’t spend time finding services and shops that post the latest tech news and reviews. We can do everything for you. Register an account, subscribe to the newsletter and visit our website to find the cool devices for you.

If you wonder why smart home systems are the best and why do you need it, here is the list of advantages for you:

  • They provide the security of your house: Google Nest Hub, August Smart Lock Pro, Bibene door alarm system, and other smart locks and sensors can take care of your security. They send notifications to your smartphone, so you always know who is in your house. It relates to various smart wifi cameras.

  • They can control the house. Such products as smart home speakers (Alexa, Amazon Echo Hub, etc.) are used by hundreds of people. They are connected to your smartphone by bluetooth and let you control the house by your voice.

  • They are simple. The installation of smart home accessories is quick and won’t cause difficulties. You needn’t call a specialist or ask someone for advice. Your house belongs to you.

4Pro offers a wide range of new devices at an affordable price. Security and convenience should be available for all people. Lining customer’s pockets aren’t the principle of our team. Our aim is to make people living better because everyone deserves it.

Smart Home Accessories: The Most Popular Categories

The website design is easy to use, so you’ll hardly have difficulties with using it. All products are divided into sections, and you may find this bar on the top of the page. If you need the smart home electronic device, choose the necessary category. It’s possible to select the price range so that you’ll see only affordable items. You’re free to choose among the following categories of devices:

  • Smart home security cameras (Logitech, Moon, YI) that can control both indoors and outdoors. These cameras record the video in the highest quality day and night; the owner can open the app and see what’s happening now.

  • Smart doorbells and door locks, such as Arlo, Debark, Netatmo. Most of them scan your fingerprint, so no one can come inside without you. You may buy the lock with the keyboard and put a passcode. Talk to your guests, get notifications when someone of your family gets into the house, etc.

  • Window and door sensors ( Z-Wave, Scout, Wsdcam) are the components of big security systems and help to care for your house and family. They trigger when someone tries to open the door and window and wends notification to the app.

  • Smart mirrors (HiMirror, Vendera) are relatively new devices on the market. They can monitor the condition of your skin, zoom the image, and change the brightness of illumination by your voice.

4Pro builds connections between different generations by involving them in this fast-developing world of new technologies. We guarantee you that here you’ll find everything you want to: wireless controller device, wearable gadgets, smartphones, etc. 4Pro opens the whole world for everyone.

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