Difference Between cPanel VPS Hosting And Direct-Admin VPS

Choosing the right web hosting service (cPanel VPS hosting or Direct-Admin VPS hosting) is one of the most important points of success of your business and one of the most important pillars of choosing the right host is choosing the right control panel. cPanel and Direct-Admin are both the most popular hosting control panels and both control panels have a lot of fans around the world.

cPanel and Direct-Admin are the best web hosting tools and choosing between them has always been difficult and questionable. Knowing the difference between cPanel and Direct-Admin can help you choose the best option for your situation. In order to get well acquainted with the difference between cPanel and Direct-Admin, you must first be familiar with the characteristics of each, then in the following, we will review and introduce their features separately.

What Is cPanel VPS Hosting?

cPanel is the most popular and widely used hosting control panel. The popularity and success of this software are due to its special features and characteristics. Due to the large number of users who are using cPanel, there are many tutorials, tips, and solutions for cPanel VPS hosting on the Internet, and this allows you to easily find the answer to any questions you may have. do. In addition, there are many unique features for this powerful control panel. This way you can find everything you need for your hosting in cPanel.

cPanel is a Unix-based version and was launched in 1996. There was no serious competitor at the time of its introduction, and this has led to the high popularity of cPanel. The client area in cPanel is well designed and everything is categorized. And these advanced features make the difference between cPanel and Direct-Admin. The difference between cPanel and DirectAdmin is not summarized here, the price of cPanel is higher than Direct-Admin. When we install this control panel on a VPS server and customize this server to run the control panel, this server will be called cPanel VPS hosting.

Operating Systems That Support cPanel

  • CentOS
  • Red Hat Enterprise
  • FreeBSD
  • CloudLinux

Special Benefits And Features of cPanel VPS Hosting

  • Extensive special features
  • Convenient user interface

Disadvantage(s) Of cPanel

  • More expensive compared to Direct Admin

What Is Direct-Admin VPS?

Now that you are familiar with cPanel, by knowing more about Direct Admin, you can better understand the difference between cPanel and Direct Admin. Direct Admin was launched in 2003. Shortly after its launch, it was able to attract many users and become a serious competitor to cPanel. The Direct-Admin interface is very easy and neat, but it takes time to get fully acquainted with it. Direct-Admin is also relatively lightweight software and works well on servers with weak hardware as well as strong servers.

When we install this control panel on a VPS server and customize this server to run the control panel, this server will be called Direct-Admin VPS.

Operating Systems That Support Direct-Admin

  • Ubuntu
  • Debian
  • FreeBSD
  • CentOS
  • Red Hat (Enterprise)
  • Fedora

Special Benefits And Features of Direct-Admin

  • The interface is neat
  • Working with weak systems
  • Being cheap

Disadvantage(s) Of Direct-Admin

  • It takes more time than cPanel to fully learn

Note: To learn how to host a website on cPanel VPS hosting, you can check the below link:

The Difference Between cPanel VPS And Direct-Admin VPS

As you can see, Direct-Admin and cPanel are both powerful control panels for managing your web hosting and allow you to manage many settings in your account. Both of these control panels are used by reputable companies and are well developed by these companies. Here, according to the special features and experiences of different users, we examine the difference between cPanel VPS hosting and Direct-Admin VPS hosting.

Cost And Price

The first difference between cPanel and Direct-Admin is their price. As we discussed, cPanel is more expensive than Direct-Admin. Of course, cPanel users do not see this as the reason for cPanel’s weakness and believe that they will receive more features for a higher cost.

User Interface

The difference between cPanel and Direct-Admin in the user interface is not very big. Direct-Admin has a simple user interface that allows you to access webmail, admin options, file management, data management, and other web hosting functions. You have access to all the options you need on the main page of the software and this makes them easy to use.

cPanel VPS hosting is great for all users, novices, and professionals. Unlike Direct Admin, different features in cPanel are placed in different categories and are easier to find. In this way, although there are many special features and plugins in cPanel, it is easier to use and you can easily find them all.

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Both control panels use a graphical user interface (GUI) to provide server configuration. The difference between cPanel and Direct-Admin is in the amount of usage and presentation of settings using the graphical user interface (GUI). cPanel VPS will give you more settings in this area and Direct Admin will force you to do more management by root shell. Therefore, you will need more time to learn these commands.

Cost Of Adding New Plugins And Features

As mentioned, Direct-Admin costs less than C Panel, but you have to pay a lot of money when you want to add new features or add-ons. While you do not even have to pay extra to add many cPanel plugins. In addition, cPanel allows its professional users to develop plugins using their own coding and build exactly what they need.


If you are a beginner, maybe the cPanel VPS hosting is better for you but the difference in the difficulty of use between these two control panels is not too big.

Now that you know the difference between cPanel and Direct-Admin and the features of each, you can decide which of these two powerful control panels is best suited to help you manage your web hosting.

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