Discord App: Screen Sharing Feature comes to iOS and Android Devices

Discord is a popular group chatting platform where users can chat anytime, it is just like a community. Where people Create Discord Server and choose a nice Cool discord Names.

Discord is an application, which is specially designed for gamers, where the players can talk with each other while playing any multiplayer game. This application is available for all iOS, Android devices, Mac, and PC.

The developer updates their app regularly for providing the best features for their users. Recently, Discord has started the function of screen sharing, where all the users can share their screen content on their screen. This feature is quite amazing for all the users, as now they can tell their friends about what they are doing on their phone.

This feature was available to desktop users but now it is available for Android and iPhone users. We got this news from a video, now users can share all the things that they are doing on their phone. They can share what they are doing on a social media platform and they can show live games they are playing on the gaming application.

This function is quite helpful for the users who want to teach other users about anything that they perform on their mobile phones. Now you all can watch YouTube videos together without any interruption and if you want to get rid of the irrelevant messages appearing on the screen then you can turn it off in Do Not Disturb Mode.

Limit of Participants

Discord developer has set the limit of viewers who can be the part of screen sharing to 50. To avoid the overloading of the server, the developer had set this limit. There is no limit to be part of the voice channel but at the same time, only 50 users are allowed to view the screen transmission. So if a user wants to share their content with other users on the mobile screen, then 50 users are allowed to be part of screen sharing at a single time. The limit is quite necessary so that all the users can enjoy this feature without any server issues.

The New function will roll out soon

As we have seen that all the users are not able to enjoy this feature. We know that this is a new feature that’s why this is distributed in different waves. All the users will not be able to use this feature now, only 20% of users are allowed to use it. But very soon it will be available for all the users. The company trial is already running for 1 month so it will come very soon to all mobile versions. You just need to makes sure that you have updated the application. A user can update the application from the Play Store.


This is a great feature now available to android and iOS users. Now they will be able to share their phone screen with many people and will enjoy this amazing feature for a lifetime.



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