Dragon Age Inquisition Won’t Launch Error and Its Solution

Dragon Age: Inquisition is a 2014 action role-playing video game published by Electronic Arts and developed by BioWare. The sequel to Dragon Age II, Inquisition is the third main game in the Dragon Age franchise (2011). The plot follows the Inquisitor, a player character, on a quest to put an end to civil turmoil on Thedas’ continent and shut a strange hole in the sky known as the “Breach,” which is releasing terrible demons into the world.

The gameplay of this game is similar to those of its predecessors, albeit it has many semi-open landscapes for players to explore. Although a typical role-playing game top-down camera position is also accessible, players control the Inquisitor or their companions mostly from a third-person perspective.

Dragon Age III: Inquisition was officially announced in September 2012 and published globally in November 2014 for Xbox 360, Xbox one, Playstation 3 and 4 and windows. The game was critically acclaimed upon release, with reviews complimenting the game’s exploration gameplay, combat, graphics, storyline, characters, and personalization.

The game was panned for its filler content, technological difficulties, tactical viewpoint, and narrative elements. It was one of BioWare’s most successful games in terms of sales. It received a slew of awards and was nominated for several more, including Game of the Year from a number of gaming publications.

Like its predecessors, this game is an action role-playing game. The player chooses a race for their player character at the start of the game: Qunari, elf, dwarf and human. Qunari being a unique type of race that can be only played in this game. Players can change the Inquisitor’s gender and physical appearance, among other options.

Players may use Dragon Age Keep, a cloud-based online interactive narrative builder, to describe the key plots of the first two Dragon Age games and import a world state into Inquisition without having to repeat the first two games.

The game includes a world format that is half-opened, in which the environment is divided into regions that players may freely explore. Mounts, or creatures that players may ride, are added to help players explore the game’s environment more quickly.

Because the different locations that are located in the world of the game are not completely balanced, players may be too strong or weak for the foes located there. Players may perform side quests including but not limited to conquering forts and keeps in each hub planet, as well as build camps that serve as quick transit and resupply locations.

Players will earn resource points in two categories: Power that is necessary for moving through the plot and exploring new regions and, Influence that can be spent to acquire global enhancements for the Inquisition that is called as the Inquisition perk.

The player may also conduct side missions and gather magical shards, and complete Astrarium puzzles. Gamers can also gather codex entries, which will help them gain a better grasp of Thedas’ universe. Players can use the table in Skyhold, the Inquisition’s headquarters, to unlock places, get rewards, acquire influence points and advance through the plot.

Steps to Resolve Dragon Age Inquisition Won’t Launch Error

1.  Make use of an amazing graphics card.

It goes without saying that demanding games need a powerful graphics card. If the issue is caused by settings of the GPU, the usage of a bad and low-quality graphics card is the underlying reason. The game Dragon Age Inquisition needs a powerful graphics card including but not limited to an NVIDIA card which is a very high-quality and good graphics card.

2. Perform a Nice Boot

This issue can also be caused by apps operating in the background. It may be a third-party program. To make your game work correctly, follow these procedures to perform a nice boot:

  • Assume the role of administrator on your computer.
  • Press enter after searching for MSConfig in the search field.
  • Go to the tab of services after the window has shown.
  • Check the box next to “Hide All Microsoft Services.”
  • Then, from Disable all option, switch off any services that are operating in the background.
  • Close the settings window and choose Task Manager by right-clicking the taskbar.
  • Disable all running apps by going to the startup tab. To disable a program that has already been enabled. Then, right-click it from the menu and pick the option of disabling and Tab for Task Manager’s Initialization
  • Restart your computer and reinstall the game.

3. Compatibility issues should be resolved as soon as possible.

Compatibility issues occur frequently when upgraded windows and games are used together. Fortunately, Windows has a compatibility mode that you may use to start your game. To play Dragon Age in compatibility mode, here are some easy steps:

  • Go to the game’s installation folder.
  • Select properties from the drop-down menu when right-clicking the Dragon Age Inquisition executable file.
  • Navigate to the Compatibility tab and select Run Compatibility Troubleshooter from the drop-down. The recommended OS required to run the game will be automatically detected by Windows. Inquisition of the Dragon Age Run the Compatibility Troubleshooter to see if your system is compatible.
  • Select the Test option from the Try Recommended Settings drop-down menu.
  • Exit the window after applying/saving the changes.
  • Restart the game, so you can see whether the Dragon Age Inquisition issue has been resolved.

4. Make sure the driver of the graphics card is up to current

Drivers of graphics cards are sometimes the source of numerous problems in Windows. As a result, to make your Windows experience valuable, you must upgrade old drivers of a graphic cards or delete damaged ones. Follow these procedures to update the driver on your computer:

  • From the search field, type in “devices management.”
  • Choose the device manager option from the list of results.
  • In the Windows Search Bar, type Device Manager.
  • Locate the driver’s tab and expand the adapters tab.
  • Click on “Update Driver Software” by right-clicking on the graphic card option from the drop-down,
  • Open “Automatically search updated software” when the update windows have opened. This will automatically install the most recent graphics driver device into your system.

5. Examine the Computer’s Specifications

Every game, as we all know, has unique features and may be used in a variety of ways. The Dragon Age game is no exception. In order for the PC to work in this game, you must set some minimum requirements. The issue usually occurs when you first boot up your computer using the Windows 10 operating system. You can do so by following the instructions below:

  • To begin, press the Windows + R keys together. After that, you must type “DxDiag” in the “Run box” field that is accessible. Furthermore, in order for it to operate, you must press the enter key. If just the DirectDiagnostic Tool appears on your screen, it implies that it is operational; otherwise, it means that your machine is infected with a virus.
  • Select the System option from the drop-down menu. After that, you may check your computer’s OS version, RAM, and Direct X version.
  • Finally, go to the “Display tab” and verify that the graphics card is operational.

Dragon Age Inquisition Won’t Launch Errors

Dragon Age Inquisition Won't Launch

Issue with DirectX/VC

The game installer includes both VC Redist and Direct X, and they may also be found in the installation folder. Both of these programs’ versions contribute to the game not operating properly on your PC.

2. Processes and Services in the Background

Many programs and services run in the background of your Windows operating system. Quite often, these procedures get in the way when the program is relaunched. Third-party apps to Windows services are all examples of these processes.

3. The Problem of Screen Optimization

The games are launched in full screen by default on Windows. However, this function might occasionally cause issues with the game. As a result, the game does not begin.

4. Administrative Procedures

To run on your PC, the game may require additional privileges, such as administrative permissions.

5. Files that are missing or corrupted

Clearly, a single missing or damaged file might be the source of your problem. Because all of the files are required to begin a game, it’s a foregone conclusion that your game will not run if the files are not entire and complete.

6. Issues of Compatibility

It is conceivable that a game will have compatibility issues with Windows 10. In this scenario, the game is not started by the windows. The good news is that Windows 10 features a compatibility mode that can run every application that has been tested so far.


These were the most effective six solutions to the “Dragon Age Inquisition Won’t Launch” issue. Read them thoroughly before deciding on the best strategy for you. These approaches should hopefully assist you in resolving the Dragon Age Inquisition Won’t Launch problem. If the situation persists, seek the assistance of a technical specialist. However, always remember to do your research thoroughly before hiring a technical specialist since it may cost you quite a fortune.

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