How to fix corrupted pen drive or SD card without Formatting?

Pen drive or commonly called USB drives have changed the way of storing our files and has made the data more portable. They are of great use but only until they get corrupted. USB devices may give up and can be corrupted very easily for various reasons.

If it’s hardware damage like broken circuits, dead drivers or something similar to that then we are not going to discuss over that topic but if the problem is in something else, you may fix the corrupted pen drive and retrieve your data.

Here in this article, we will be discussing how to fix a corrupted pen drive or sd card. So let’s begin but before beginning, it is better if you check by unplugging your USB pen drive and plugging into some different port because sometimes USB port may defect.

How to fix a corrupted USB pen drive or SD card without formatting?

Every time a USB drive gets corrupted, it is likely that you see a pop-up dialog box stating you need to format the drive in order to access it. But who would want this process? Not even a single person would be ready to lose his data so here’s a step by step guide to fix a corrupted USB pen drive without formatting.

Method  1: With Command prompt (CMD)

You might be familiar with the command prompt of Windows (CMD). Here we will be using CMD to fix the corrupted pen drive without the data being lost.

  • First of all, you need to insert your USB drive and then Run CMD as an administrator.

(you can find command prompt (CMD) by searching in the windows search box)

  •  Now type this code in the command prompt: chkdsk/X/f e:

(If the above code didn’t work, copy-paste this code: chkdsk e: /f 

(Note: Here my Pendrive or sd card is assigned in ‘e’ letter so you should check once and enter the same alphabet in which your pen drive is assigned in the place of e in the above code.)

The code looks like the below image:

cmd code for fixing corrupted sd card


After these steps completed, Windows will try to repair the file system in your pen drive or SD card.

If Windows successfully repairs the file system in your pen drive then you will see “Windows has made corrections to the file system”. But still a chance of this problem not getting fixed arises. So here are some more tricks and tweaks you can try to fix the corrupted USB pen drive or SD card.

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Method 2: Re-install the USB drivers

If the above CMD method didn’t work for you then there might be some driver issue in your PC. So you need to reinstall the device drivers for USB devices to fix the corrupted USB pen drive or sd card.

  • Search “Device Manager” in the windows search box.
  • Select the “Disk Drivers” and drop-down list.

sd card fix device manager

  • Now Right-click on the driver of that USB and uninstall it.

unistall usb driver

Now Simply plug out the pen drive and plug it again. Now your pen drive must be detected by the computer and it should work fine.

Method 3: Changing Drive

If it still does not work well, you can try assigning a new letter to your USB drive. For this, you need to follow the following steps:

  •  Plugin the USB pen drive into your computer.
  • Right-click on “This PC” and then select “Manage” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select “Disk Management” and find your pen drive
  • Now right-click on it.
  • Select “ Change Drive Letter and Paths” from the options and assign a new letter for your pen drive but make sure that the letter you are assigning is not already assigned to any disk in your computer.

I hope your problem must have been solved by now but in case your pen drive is still corrupted, there is a final way of repairing your corrupted USB pen drive but all of your data will be wiped out in this process.

So think before you take this step. And also some individuals may find handling the command prompt quite difficult so we will be showing you how the pen drive can be fixed without using CMD.

Method 4: Formatting with windows explorer

  • Double click on “This PC” and right-click on the corrupted pen drive.
  • A drop-down box appears and then click on the “Format” option.
  • A pop-up menu appears and then check on the “Quick Format” option and “Restore Device Defaults” and then finally click start.
  • That’s it. You have done the job but sadly you will lose your data from this process so it is better to give CMD method a try rather than directly jumping over to this method.


Wrapping up, these are all the possible ways to fix your corrupted USB pen drive or SD card. Comment down if you find this article helpful. Also, let us know which process worked for you. Suggest us if you know any other ideas to fix the corrupted USB pen drive.

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