10 working Free and Fast DNS Server For Ps4 : 2020

Domain Name System commonly known as “DNS ” is an integral part of the web’s infrastructure which translates the Domain name you enter in a browser into the IP addresses required to access that site.

When you first register the Internet, Those Internet Service Provider (ISP) automatically assigns you with DNS servers. Many users find those DNS servers slow, and the thing they usually do is, change to Fast DNS servers available out there. You might also be one of them, so I have come up with some of the fastest DNS servers for ps4 which many other users use as well.

But, before jumping on those fast DNS servers. Let us provide you with some details and the benefit of using the DNS servers provided below.

Introduction on DNS servers

free dns serer

In simple terms, DNS is a system converting a domain name into IP addresses. Once the site address is entered, DNS servers determine its IP and lead its traffic to the proper place. Different services have a different IP address and their own unique port.

If DNS servers find some problem while recognizing the IP address, lags and buffering occurs. In order to prevent those lags and to buffer, we always recommend everyone to switch to fast DNS (available below) over the DNS provided by your ISP.

Benefits Of Fast DNS Servers

So, here you are going to learn some of the benefits of using Fast DNS servers. Some benefits are:

  • Ping and amount of packet loss get reduced.
  • Improves the speed of web-page loading.
  •  High-end security and protection.
  • Nearby DNS servers help to increase network speed.

Selecting and setting up a genuine DNS servers does a lot in improving the whole User experience while connected on the Internet.

There are a lot of DNS servers that are only available when you pay for them. But, In this article, we are providing you the best DNS servers which are as good as those paid ones.

Some Of The Free and Fast DNS Servers For Ps4

So, here are some of the free and fast DNS servers for ps4 we recommend you to use if you want to see changes in your networking experience. Each of them has its own importance which we have written down below. we suggest you read the little description of each DNS server which is given below so, it will be easy for you to pick one as per your needs.

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DNS Provider Name Primary DNS Server Secondary DNS Server
OpenDNS Home
AdGuard DNS
Verisign DNS
Comodo Secure DNS
Open NIC
AdGuard DNS

1. Google Public DNS

google free dns server

Google Public DNS, The most popular and user-loved DNS server of all time. Considering all the experience and reviews of users of these DNS servers ps4, we’ve decided to put this on the top of our list.

This DNS server is basically popular because of the three services which are undoubtedly best. They are: Faster browsing, High-end security, and it is free. If you want to change to Google DNS you have to change Primary and Secondary DNS servers into and

2. OpenDNS Home

It is also considered as one of the best DNS servers available out there for free of cost. It also offers users to control the setting with dozens of options provided by OpenDNS.

It provides very trustworthy security protection and enhanced web-browser loading time. However, it can be a little bit complicated if you don’t want to bother looking and managing settings. But, if you are the kind of person who wants to control the setting, this might be an ideal deal for you.

To switch DNS servers to the OpenDNS, you have to enter Primary and Secondary DNS as and

3. Cloudflare DNS

It is kind of a newbie to this market but, it has already left a genuine mark becoming one of the fast and best DNS servers for ps4. It provides a complete package which most of the users want.

This provides you with fast speed, lots of security and completely private. You can also access those sites which are restricted by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) by using this DNS. To change into this DNS you have to change Primary and Secondary DNS into &

4. Quad9 DNS

This is also a newcomer to this market of DNS. However, this also provides you the outstanding experience without any doubt. Most of the users have rated this as one of the best DNS.

With features like quick speed, high-grade security, and protection, it doesn’t fail to satisfy its users. This DNS also automatically block all the malicious domain without any problem. If you want to choose this DNS, you have to replace your Primary and Secondary DNS into and

5. AdGuard DNS

AdGuard DNS, you can probably guess its feature looking at the name of this DNS provider. Yes, this DNS is specially designed to block the ads shown in your device while playing the game online and surfing the internet.

Not only disabling ads it also protects you from the malware containing website and phishing sites. If you want to block ads by replacing your current DNS with this one, you have to change Primary and Secondary DNS into and

6. CleanBrowsing DNS

CleanBrowsing offers you three type of Public DNS servers options to choose from. They are security filters, adult filters, and family filters. The DNS provided below is of security filter as most of the users choose that.

The Security filter DNS keeps you in excellent security and protection. However, the other two are used to restrict sites. To change to this DNS you have to replace your current Primary and Secondary DNS to and

7. Verisign DNS

Verisign DNS is also one of the free and best DNS providers out there in the market providing various features to its users. However, they mostly focus on the three things i.e. Security, Privacy and Stability.

There’s no doubt about the service they offer, they all compete with the other best DNS services available. They also promise and let their users be sure that the public DNS data of users will never be sold to third parties.

If you are the type of person whose first priority is security and protection of his/her data, this might be a DNS you can change to. To replace your current DNS setting into Verisign DNS, you have to change your Primary and Secondary DNS into and

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Guide On How To Test DNS Service for ps4

If your browser is showing you the “IP address could not be found” even though the site is available. Then, there is a chance of your DNS causing this problem. If you don’t want to bother changing your DNS service to actually found out if it’s a problem. Here we have simple tricks to test DNS service if you are on Windows PC.

So here are the steps to follow:

  • Open Command Prompt (CMD.exe).
  • Type nslookup website.com and press enter (replace “website.com” with the website you want to search).

nslookup” uses your Default DNS server to look for the IP address of the site you entered. If your DNS server doesn’t have a record for that Domain it tells you “can’t find website.com”.

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