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Fts 2o Features

Now I will discuss features so you can know amazing features and decide here whether you like it or not.

  • New songs– one thing football games are amazing to play due to background music. First Touch soccer has awesome songs added to the playlist. The jazz and hip-hop background music makes First touch soccer into the next level soccer game.
  • Unlimited jerseys– There are many unlimited jerseys which are updated new latest jerseys can be chosen.you can choose any jerseys according to your wish.you can get new jerseys to use on this game. As I said early fts 19 have a pure form of graphics. Fts graphics is outstanding as games like 1gb games. with good graphics, there are awesome features. From players to Stadium graphics is perfect which is attracting many players from the world.
  • High-quality graphics- It has been always known for its graphics quality. Here you will get Hd graphics which gonna change your android gaming point of view. this game is famous for its graphics in just small size.
  • Best gameplay– As someone who has played Fts 15 on his android phone. What is the best thing about it? His answer will be smooth gameplay in high-quality graphics. First, touch soccer has such a smooth and controllable gameplay that will make you love this game.
  • Manager mode– By a name, you can understand what does it means. Now you can sign players, Edit your stadiums. In short, You can have experience as a pro football manager who is managing football teams. I don’t think other football games gives you a manager mode but first touch soccer has a manager mod with that you can sign players, change tactics and control the team like a manager in real life.