FTS 20 : First Touch soccer 2020 Download Data And Obb

Have you ever wonder about the games that were popular in 2015 but suddenly they stop to make a new version apk of it even they got lots of downloads in the play store and were popular. Due to its popularity, every fts 15 mod apk players wanted to make the first touch company a new version but they get no from the publisher.

so people like us started to fulfill the fts lover hope by making a mod version of its 15. even its a mod people like you has made it popular even more than one hundred thousand people download the mod version of it and enjoy it.

First touch soccer is a popular Soccer game that provides you with real experience with high-quality graphics. A New version of Fts mod apk is now available in android with a name First Touch Soccer 2020 or can be called as fts 20.

If you are looking for ideas on how to download apk and install a new app package of First Touch on your smartphone then Here you will find a perfect guide with an apk and data, obb. If you came here randomly then There is no need to worry I will tell you about it and provide you with steps to download apk and data obb file for android. If you are looking for a football game then probably I can guess you are a soccer fan. 20

FTS 20 First Touch Soccer 2020

As I mentioned in the First paragraph First Touch soccer 2020 apk is an upgrade version of first touch soccer games series. It is a soccer game that provides you with the same experience as pes and dream league soccer. If you are a Soccer fan than I will probably recommend you download This football game.

Download first touch soccer gameplayit has more awesome graphics than First Touch soccer 2019 apk . Improved in gameplay and smoothness. New songs have been added which means you can enjoy a new playlist of music while playing it. Jersey has been updated. New Jersey has been added to a new color and different styles. Many new young players have been added. You can use many players. There is more improvement in the speed of the game. You can now experience more speed during gameplay.It is the best soccer game.

Fts 2020 Features

Now I will discuss mod apk features so you can know amazing features and decide here whether you like it or not.

  • New songs– one thing football mod games are amazing to play due to background music. First Touch soccer has awesome songs added to the playlist. The jazz and hip-hop background music makes First touch soccer into the next level easy soccer game.
  • Unlimited jerseys for player– There are many unlimited jerseys that are updated new latest jerseys can be chosen.you can choose any jerseys according to your wish.you can get new jerseys to use on this game. As I said early fts 20 mod apk have a pure form of graphics. Fts graphics is outstanding as games like 1gb games. with good graphics, there are awesome features. From players to Stadium graphics is perfect which is attracting many players from the world.
  • High-quality graphics- It has been always known for its graphics quality. Here you will get Hd graphics which gonna change your android gaming point of view. this game is famous for its graphics in just a small size.
  • Best gameplay– As someone who has played Fts 15 on his android phone. What is the best thing about it? His answer will be smooth in high-quality graphics. First, touch soccer has such a smooth and controllable that will make you love this game.
  • Manager mode for player– By a name, you can understand what does it means. Now you can sign players, Edit your stadiums. In short, You can have experience as a pro football manager who is managing football teams. I don’t think other football games give you a manager mode but first touch soccer has a manager mod with that you can sign players, change tactics and control the team like a manager in real life.
  • unlimited coins – Yes you read it right now you can enjoy unlimited coins. Unlike other version of fts in 20 you will get unlimited coins which you can enjoy to buy players, skins, and jerseys.
  • The overall gameplay is very different as compared to the older version. it is a unique soccer game that delivers high-quality gaming standards. So here are some amazing things to note in the Android game.
  •  It’s now possible to create your Dream Team with the help of the latest version.
  •  Train the players to their potential & get the finest of a game delivered from them!
  • There are more than 7 Cup competitions & 6 divisions to play with different teams at worldwide locations.
  •  Make your Dream Team like home by customizing the stadium in such a way that your supporters and players both love them! 🙂
  • The soundtracks in there a treat to hear! You are sure to get GooseBumps!
  •  It’s also possible to sync the game on Google Play Cloud so that you never lose your game data even if you change your Android smartphone or tablet.
  •  Customizing the logos, t-shirts & the whole kit is now possible with Kits and when you download on your Android phone.

What Are the Requirements for FTS 20?

FTS 19 Game play

Due to its mod size and compatibility, there is no need for high specs device to place this game. This game can be played in android version 4 and up. You just need to have 1 Gb of ram on your phone to play this game smoothly with a minimum of 200 Mb free storage on your low storage device or external storage. With this, you can decide whether this game is on your android phone or not. I think the popularity of this game is due to its size and requirement. even having good graphics and lots of features it has only 300 Mb and even runs in android version 4. interesting right and another great thing is only 1 Gb of ram phone can easily run this game smoothly. only 500 total storage is needed to rin this game on your smartphone device. From the low-end mod device to a high-end device anyone can enjoy this masterpiece.
: v4.0 – v4.0.4 [Ice Cream Sandwich], v4.1 – v4.3.1 [Jelly Bean], v4.4 – v4.4.4 [KitKat], v5.0 – v5.0.2 [Lollipop]

  • Ram– 1 GB Ram device is Required for smooth performance
  • Memory-At least 500 MB Phone storage is needed To install Fts 20 mod apk Download game updated.

Download fts 20 with data and obb

There is no complex step to download this game file data and obb. You just need to follow a few easy steps and you can enjoy fts on your android phone.

  • You probably know that to enjoy this you need to install it and for that, you need to Download From Below button.
  • To install and play this game you need to follow these steps carefully otherwise you may miss and the game will not run.if you miss data and obb this game will not run.
  •  Extract the file you downloaded from the above link. (after extract .rar file you will see a two folder Data And OBB)
  •  Copy the data file to your Android Data folder.
  •  Now copy the OBB file to your Android OBB folder / obb folder.
  • download fts 20 and enjoy

BEST Gameplays OF FTS 20

Now you are all ready to go you can install on your android phone and enjoy it.

As a soccer fan, I think, you might have already played fts version of the game! The game was pretty simple in the older version. But in fts 20 apk , there are few minor changes in the overall format. There’s no need to panic about it, it’s pretty simple to implement. Here’s all about the fts 20 apk mod!

Before you start playing the game, make sure that you train your dream team perfectly (only if you are new to. And ensure that your superstars are dressed well to showcase them in front of the supporters. Building your stadium can give you some rewards points depending on the response from the fans.

The main concern forever player is to earn coins and to do that, you need to pay additional bucks to earn more points & develop your dream team with perfection The more coins you have, the higher are the chances to sign the best superstars of the game!

To play this you need guts Yes, you heard that right! It’s not that easy to top the ranking charts with your dream team. There’s always a chance to improve no matter who the opponent is. It’s not mandatory to sign superstars, you need to train your dream team to face every situation in the game.

Ahh! This is a small introduction to the plys for Android devices. Now let’s have a look at the download procedure for mod APK for Android smartphones & tablets.

After installing if you want to change the language you can follow steps that will help you to change the language.

If you need to change the language

  • To change lanaguage First open game Click on the last icon
  • you will see lots of option in new window click the first option
  • Again click last option now . Last option is a option for language
  • Click on the first option now you can change the language by swipe left and right.

FTS 20 Frequently Asked Questions

Is fts 20 offline?

Fts 20 Mod is available in two modes offline and Online. In short Yes, it can be played offline without any issue.

How To Download and Install offline?

You can easily download From above Button Installing it, Needs to be done properly. First You need to Install its apk offline then Move data and Obb of the game to Android>Data and Android>Obb. You can Follow The Video I have made if you are having an issue.

How to update?

One of the problems with this game is it doesn’t provide any update But each Year You can get an updated modded Version. Just visit our site We will update with Fts 21 Soon.

Is Fts 20 apk mod Available in pc and Ios offline?

No, fts 20 apk mod is an android game and it is not available in any other platforms.


After doing this you can enjoy fts 20 offline on your phone for a lifetime. If this helps you to download let me know in the comment box. If it has problems and an issue with the link let me know so I can change it and make it available to you.

don’t forget to weekly check for the new versions of this fts 20. As soon as we complete modification of the game we will update right away from 20 to 21. You can play all those games offline.

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