Top 10 Games Like Huniepop

It is inhuman instincts to play a different kind of games. Before technology was invented, people used to play various kind of games physically. Although, with the arrival of technology, people now play video games on different consoles. Previously, video games were only available on computers but, however, with the development of technology, they are now also available on smartphones. Depending on the developers of the game, each game is either available on IOS system or Android. Although, there are some games like Huniepop that are available on both.

Huniepop is an adult puzzle dating-sim game which was released in 2015. It was very successful and became popular in no time because the combination of puzzle and dating-sim was rare at that time. The player has to complete and solve different puzzles in this game to be successful in completing a date with different female characters. Each puzzle level has a different number of turns in which the level should be completed. If the players solve the puzzle in enough turns, they are rewarded with explicit pictures of 2D girls. With every level completed, the vulgarness of the images is increased.

If you like dating simulation games, you already may know about Huniepop. Therefore, here is a list of 10 games like Huniepop, which you can play to pass your time.

  1. Mystic Messenger
  2. Always Remember Me
  3. Never Forget Me
  4. Roommates
  5. Nicole
  6. The Flower Shop
  7. Kitty Power’s Matchmaker
  8. Puzzle of Love
  9. Amber’s Magic Shop
  10. Hatoful Boyfriend

List of 10 great games like Huniepop

  • Mystic Messenger

Mystic Messenger

If you want to experience love with different male characters, then Mystic Messenger is the perfect game for you. In this game, the player experiences an adorable and romantic love story with seven male characters. This game let the players experience how to call and text virtual people with its interactive messaging application. Hence, you will feel that you are experiencing true love if you have an intimate and close relationship with one of the male characters. There is a great diversity in this game as each character offers a different romantic storyline and thanks to the developers of this game, they made the interface simple so the game is easy to play.

  • Always Remember Me

Always Remember Me

Always remember me is a visual novel game released in 2012. The story of this game is that a woman called Amy, has to fight for her love as her boyfriend has lost all of his memories in an accident and now Amy has to somehow make her boyfriend remember her. However, the players can also choose not to do that and find someone else. Therefore, the storyline of this game depends on the player’s decision. An interesting thing about this game is that you can choose the difficulty for it, normal or hard difficulty. Similar to the first game, Mystic messenger, this game too has an easy interface.

  • Never Forget Me

Never Forget Me

This game is a sequel to the previous game, always remember me. It continues the story from where it left in the first game. However, this game is quite different from the other dating simulation games, this game has a unique storyline. In this game, the main character, Amy, is married to one of the four male characters and once you are married, you cannot pursue different romances. Therefore, this game let players choose which romance route they want before it starts. Since never forget me is a sequel to always remember me, this game has two difficulties, normal and hard, as well.

  • Roommates


Roommates is an anime dating simulation game with a high school theme. Unlike the previous games, this game let the players select what character they want to play, a male character known as Max or a female character known as Anne. Both of these characters live in a dormitory and are roommates. Max is a guitarist in a school band meanwhile Anne is most intelligent student in the school. The objective of this game is to decide what you want to do in school as well as to develop a romantic relationship with Max if you are playing Anne, or with Anne if you are playing Max.

  • Nicole


Similar to the previous game, roommates, the main character named Nicole will be living in a university dormitory. However, 3 girls disappear from her dorm as soon as she transfers and she could be the next one to disappear. The mission of this game is to carefully select your actions as not to get caught in this mystery. The players can also apply for part-time jobs in order to earn some money as well as date different male characters in this game. However, there is a plot twist. The culprit behind the disappearance of 3 girls is one of the male characters.

  • The Flower Shop

The Flower Shop

In the flower shop, the story revolves around a college student named Stave who is bad in studies and his relationship with his girlfriend isn’t going so well. In summer, Stave’s father sends him to a farm for a number of reasons. The objective of this game is to take care of the plants, make new friends and maintain a good relationship with his girlfriend. However, the player can also choose to break up with the girlfriend and date other girls. Hence, the storyline depends on what choice the players make.

  • Kitty Power’s Matchmaker

Kitty Power’s Matchmaker

This game allows the players to become a matchmaker and work in a matchmaking agency. The mission of this game is to utilize your matchmaking skills to help your clients find the perfect life partner they want. This game is quite addicting, however, the graphics of this game are not that impressive and are cartoonish.

  • Puzzle of Love

Puzzle of Love

The main character in this game is a famous writer who writes novels and is looking for new ideas. This game is all about meeting new women and dating them so your character can get an inspiration. Hence, the players have to seduce as many women as they can in order to help the character to experience different kind of love so he can get an inspiration for his next novel.

  • Amber’s Magic Shop

Amber’s Magic Shop

If you like romantic fantasy games, then you will like Amber’s magic shop. In this game, the players play as Amber, who is a dark elf alchemist running a magic shop. The objective in this game is to keep running your shop successfully while interacting with other characters. Players can also date different characters depending on how much they interact with them. An interesting thing about this game is that they allow the players to change the graphics according to their need.

  • Hatoful Boyfriend

Hatoful Boyfriend

This game is based on a popular novel known as Hato Moa. This game is quite different from all the game listed above as this game highlights the love between a man and a bird. In this game, you play as a student studying in St. PigeoNation’s Institute. Your character is the only human in said institute and everyone else is a pigeon. In this game, you have to improve your skills while bonding with pigeons on a romantic level.


Dating simulation games such as Huniepop are fun but sometimes it is quite difficult to solve the puzzles at a higher level in the game. Therefore, you can download one of these games since all of them are easy to play.

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