Go to know the Pros & Cons before Owning Toyota Hilux Revo Double Cab

If you’re going to own a Toyota Hilux Revo Double cab, there are lots of facts you need to know. With the facts, you’ll know whether you will win or lose by purchasing the vehicle.

The Toyota Hilux Revo is a commercial pickup truck that has expanded its utilization over decades.

A large number of people use the vehicle for their personal transportation. The backside of the vehicle makes it convenient to carry the goods, luggage, and so on.

Because of the high-quality features and reliability, the vehicle is holding a good reputation in the market. That’s why you mustn’t miss the option Toyota Hilux Revo Double cab.

Below, we have secured the pros and cons of the Toyota Hilux Revo Double Cab. Let’s get started!

Toyota Hilux Revo Double Cab

If you’re going to pick up a vehicle, you must know all the factors which prove it’s the best. However, every pickup must have some lacking. It’ll be good to make a proper decision after learning all factors about your chosen object.

Despite having incredible popularity and reputation, the Toyota Hilux Revo also has cons as well as pros. Let’s learn about the pickup truck’s pros and cons.


Impressive reliability

The Toyota Hilux Revo is a full-sized reliable pickup truck that is suitable for the super duty. It’s almost a bullet-proof vehicle that has a previous record of repeatedly surviving from the hard objects thrown to it.

Also, the bullet-proof feature of the vehicle includes the unbreakable reliability record.


When comparing to the immediate competitor, you’ll find the Hilux is expensive. But the quality of the vehicle makes it worth the price.

The Chevrolet Colorado and Isuzu D-Max are two nearly Hilux competitors which cost more than it. Regardless of these, many pickup trucks cost more than Hilux Revo; nonetheless, their quality isn’t that excellent.


For maximum safeguard, the Toyota Hilux features two airbags at minimal. Along with these, the vehicle also comes with a five-star ANCAP, which raises its safety ratings.

Most probably, that’s why the Hilux Revo has owned the trustworthiness and reliability of its users.


Acquiring a legendary reputation, and getting one of the top positions in the market isn’t easy for a vehicle. Compared to the products, the vehicle market is very competitive; and that’s why you need to maintain the highest quality when producing a vehicle.

From the debut, the Hilux Revo is occupying a good place in the market. Why? That’s because the Toyota Hilux Revo comes with high-quality and reliable features.

Available parts and servicing

The parts of the Hilux are available at almost every workshop. Plus, it’s not that hassle-some to repair the pickup truck. Furthermore, the structure of the vehicle makes it very user-friendly.

For these reasons, the pickup truck is considered a cost-effective vehicle.


Low speed

The speed of the Toyota Hilux is not that higher compared to the other pickup truck. A powerful Hilux consumes 13 seconds to go the only 100kmph.

However, it doesn’t affect the Hilux’s sale so much. That’s because most of the Hilux purchasers aren’t concerned about its speed so much.

Poor refinement

The motors of the vehicle aren’t that well-defined. As a result, you’ll get a coarse sound in your cabin when driving the car.

Unfortunately, the sound gets larger when you’re going too far away. Additionally, the winds and roads sound also creates a disturbance by entering into your cabin. The poor refinement of the pickup truck is responsible for all of these inconveniences.

Lacking ride quality

The Toyota Hilux Revo is not ideal for driving on the defective road and high-speed. Plus, the interior set-up of the vehicle is unsuitable for using every day on the road. So, if you have any intention to go through the jungle or imperfect road, you better drop the idea.

The sum up!

Overall, the Toyota Hilux Revo is one of the popular choices for pickup enthusiasts. After reading the article, it must have been clear to you why the pickup truck is so popular.

Yes, the pickup is popular for its strength, reliability, safety system, and user-friendliness. Although there are few cons of the vehicle, nevertheless, you can easily avoid these.

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