Home Of Europe’s Northern Lights: Sweden

This country’s location is in the northern part of Europe, and it is part of the Pennsylvania Peninsula. This beautiful country is located between Norway and Finland, and it is used to be in-depth about poverty and crudeness. Still, because of its education, literacy, culture, and standard of living, it is now considered one of the highest worldwide.

The climate of Sweden varies on its location. The South area of this country has a summer season, but yet it is partly cloudy and cold, and during winter, the temperature changes to cold to a freezing one. In the Northern area, the temperature there stays at a freezing one and no winter.

 The Meaning behind Sweden’s Name

The name of the country originated from the known Suiones and Svear, an old german tribe. They were mentioned by a Roman author named Tacitus in early 98 CE, but Sweden used to be called “Svithiod” during its ancient times before him. This country is considered to be the largest one among the others in Northern Europe.

This mesmerizing country has never been under military occupation since the 16th century.  The country extends 1,600 km from north to south and 500 km from east to west. The total area of this country is 528,447 sq km, and it is considered to be Europe’s fifth-largest country. Below are some Sweden facts to know before visiting Sweden.

A Background Of Sweden’s Government

Sweden’s government side is known to be a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system. The country spent over 1,000 years in operating a sovereign state. The current king of Sweden now is King Carl XVI Gustaf. He is the fifth child of the crowned prince, Adolf Gustaf, and Princess Sibylla and was considered the only born son.

The current king was born on the 30th of April in the year 1946. King Carl is considered to be the house of Bernadotte’s 7th monarch. He was crowned king when he was 27 after his grandfather, King Gustaf VI Adolf, died. The king’s motto for his beloved country is “For Sweden – with the times.”

Sweden’s Brief History

Throughout the centuries, many migrants have come to the country and influence their culture. When it comes to religion, ethnicity, and language, the country’s history has always been closely tied with the other races surrounding them until World War II came and changed it.

The first traces of Swedish people were dated to 9,000 BCE, and it was found in southern Sweden, particularly at Segebro, outside Malmo. There are only two indigenous groups in Sweden; the Sami and the other are Finish-speaking people. These people relied on fishing and hunting as their source of food.

Some Of Sweden’s Nature’s Gifts

Sweden consists of two highest peaks, the Mount Serek at 6,854 ft tall and the Mount Kebne at 6,926 ft high. Perfect for people who love winter adventures, like skiing and climbing.  The Klar-Gota River is the longest river in Sweden that flows 719 km, and it continues to stretch to the famous Trollhatan falls.

This majestic river is home to hydroelectric power. Sweden also has a huge lake named Vaner with 5,650 sq km, followed by lake Vatter with 1,911 sq km.  The shores of the other lakes like Silijan and Storsjon supports the country’s agriculture. The dominant soil of the country, formed under its glacial ice.

Sweden As A Peaceful Country

Aside from its beautiful landscapes and culture, this country is considered a peaceful one because of its record. They haven’t been to war since 1814 because they followed the doctrine that indicates peace and neutrality in war.

Sweden joined in 1995 the European Union, and they surpassed the military alliance with a policy of neutrality and detachment. Today, the country is still a member of the European, and it continues to enforce the security policy and order in the neighboring country.


There are many places to go in this world, to explore and collect memories. When going to Europe, always consider going to Sweden, a Northern country with beautiful views of God’s natural creations, historical houses, rich in culture, and accommodating people. Sweden is a winter wonderland; always put this country in your travel goals list.

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