How to buy XRP with BTC

We all are aware of cryptocurrency; it is a digital medium of exchange. Investing in cryptocurrency can be beneficial or not. Cryptocurrency is a bubble, as the price of its most popular cryptocurrency called bitcoin to move up and down hundreds of dollars per day, but still, the concept is young and somehow the most exciting asset.

Bitcoin is one of the most common cryptocurrencies; almost every person has heard about this. It is not managed by any agency or bank. Every transaction a person makes is recorded in blockchain and data is stored safely. No doubt Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency, but now there is another cryptocurrency, getting popular day by day and closely following bitcoin called XRP (Ripple). Still, it is difficult for people to understand how to earn XRP as it is a bit complicated. If you have never tried XRP and always go with bitcoin, now is the time for you to break this ritual and to do something new. You may not be aware of the fact, but you can buy XRP with bitcoin using exchange. So, Let’s have a look at how to buy XRP with BTC.

Buying XRP with BTC via

Here are some simple steps that you can follow to buy XRP with BTC by using exchange platform:

Step 1: Choose your currency pair

Visit, and choose bitcoin in the “You Send” option on left and XRP in the “You Get” option on the right. Now press “Start”.

Step 2: provide return and destination address

Now provide the destination address. A unique ID will be assigned to you for the transaction, and it will appear on the same page on the left. Read terms and conditions carefully also read about confidentiality policy. If you feel that nothing is wrong, check the checkbox associated with each entry, and start the transaction. Make sure to provide the right information and cross-check for any mistakes. Your transaction is initiated.

Step  3: send cryptocurrency to the address

Once your transaction is initiated, and address will appear on the age. This is the address where you have to send currency you want to exchange (Bitcoin). In most cases they will also assign a Tag like a memo, Payment ID, etc. if nothing is provided don’t go for it. You have to send currency within 240 minutes if you do not do so and make a transfer after this time your money will be lost. After 360 minutes of initiating the transaction, the address will be assigned to some other person.  

Step 4: transfer confirmation

 After they receive your money, they will exchange the currency with XRP, and it will be transferred to the destination address. The exchange will be based on orders of the kriptovalyutony exchange market. The exchange rate is not fixed; the amount showed on a calculator can be more or less than the original amount.

Step 5: you are done

It takes 5 to 30 minutes at the end of the transaction. Waiting time can be more than this in case of network latency. This was a simple method about how to buy Ripple with bitcoin.

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