How to get a good job with no experience?

A lack of practical skills and experience is not a reason to give up on a job search. On the contrary, it is a motive to make the first steps and start your career. Do not be afraid of rejections. The modern world offers a lot of opportunities for newcomers in different spheres of business, online marketing, medicine, industry, etc. Specialists from resume writing services have researched where one can work without real practice and how to come up with a resume in this case.

There are two primary reasons why applicants without experience are welcomed.

  1. Such candidates do not ask high salaries in comparison with top professionals since they belong to cheap labor. Enterprises often hire entry-level specialists to save money and pay low wages.

  2. It is easier to teach a newcomer with zero experience rather than to reteach a specialist for new specifics.

Let these two factors inspire you to find your first job. This action plan can help you too.

# 1 Find out what employers offer

Apparently, before writing a CV, a cover letter, or a resume, you need to decide on the job position. has already googled some variants. Spoiler: some options turned out to be unexpected. Here are some most popular professions:

  • Medical scribe,

  • Call center operator,

  • A member of event set-up crew,

  • Real estate agent,

  • Data entry specialist,

  • Customer service agent,

  • Sales starter.

And one more for the bravest tough guys. In light of recent events, a cleaner has become a popular vacancy.


Resume tip for this position: show your readiness to work night shifts and weekends; demonstrate discipline, ability to work in stressful situations following strict instructions.

# 2 Consider internships

Sometimes the best way to get a dream job is to begin with the fellowship. It brings valuable experience, cooperation with true experts, and one more good point to your resume. A lot of corporations offer affordable options for students.

# 3 Think about volunteer positions

If you do not have financial issues, you could start with honorable things. It is good for both your resume and karma.

# 4 Let the world know that you are a job-seeker

Make an account on LinkedIn, place resumes on reputable portals, tell your friends, relatives, tutors, professors, etc. about your wish to find a job. Word of mouth works in both online and offline spaces. You might be lucky to find a position right near your place of living.

If you decide to buy a ready-made resume for your first job position, choose only legal agencies. It is the guarantee that you will purchase a high-quality paper.

The best resume for job if you have zero experience has prepared some recommendations on how to cope with a resume if you are a newcomer.

✓ Focus on skills

Select talents and knowledge relevant to your job position. If you are stuck with this stage, imagine that you already work at this company.

Ask yourself or someone in your circle:

  • Which of my strengths help to perform duties?

  • Which features characterize me as a good specialist?

You are free to order professional resume writing services to make the whole list.

Some good ideas:

  • basic knowledge of UK custom laws;

  • a keen eye for details in texts,

  • a blog writer (own project),

  • certified HTML developer.

✓  Do not strive to be a perfectionist

Since it is your first experience, do not try to seem a guru or a super-specialist.  The lie can cost you a job. So stay honest and simply explain a lack of experience. It could be a study at the university, maternity leave, volunteering activities, etc. It is OK if you do not have relevant experience. Experts from resume writing services recommend speaking openly about it.

✓  Add recommendations

Find someone who can say nice things about you. For instance, your teacher can confirm that you write without grammar mistakes.

You need to start somewhere. The first job might not be related to your further career. For instance, Elon Musk cleaned up boiler rooms back in the day. Still, its value lies in building communication skills, hard work, effective time management, etc. We wish you success with your initial career steps. If you have doubts about your resume, turn to professional writers from They know how to turn a lack of experience to your advantage.

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