How To Hack University Database And Change Grade ∣ College Website – A Proper Guidelines

Can’t find the right guideline on how to hack your university database? Ok, let’s change grades on college website for free or at some cost by following the right guidelines.

Today’s hacking guidelines are especially for those who have not done well in university exams or are suffering from poor grades. But you have no option to overcome this circumstance. And in the meantime, it is having an adverse effect on your life. Here, the best way is to edit your results through database hacking.

The fact is, where will you find the genuine guidelines. Right? For all those victims, we have done detailed research on this subject and have come up with an accurate and complete guideline. With this article, you will know which method will be easier and more effective for you. How you choose the approach, how to prepare and perform this attack.

What does database hacking mean?

Since you are looking for a way to hack the varsity database, we can assume that you are not aware of what it actually is. Here, first, you need to know what database hacking means. Because if you get involved in the process without understanding the meaning, you will be hampered to master the steps and methods as well as solve them correctly, and even the entire process may be ruined.

Basically, a database is a digitally structured collection of a lot of data, as we all know. The data archive is also set up for various websites or portals. Only allowed persons to handle its management. But if its access is taken unauthorized by any error in that database or by manipulating the normal process through a virus, then it is called database hacking.

Hacking is actually a ploy of programming. A hacker combines his programming skills and strategies to gain access to unauthorized information or databases. Here, their identities are hidden. Because unwanted entries are certainly illegal and punishable.

What to learn to hack databases by yourself free?

We already know that the key to hacking is programming or coding. This means that it is very clear that you must have knowledge of technical issues. Must know the basics of general programming or coding. Otherwise, if there is any mistake, there will be no system to correct it.

Here we will highlight the things that you need to know. At the same time, we will find out where to learn them. Since we will start from scratch, you can skip what you know or take it all as a learning module.

  1. First of all, you need to know about basic HTML. Be aware of how this works and what coding methods and related languages may be associated with it.
  2. Learn about PHP used to build website structures and JavaScript used for structural development and design. These are currently also used for app creation or development.
  3. Then set your goals to SQL or MySQL. MySQL is currently unparalleled as a data security or programming coding language. And needless to say, this is the major weapon for database penetration.
  4. Do you know how a data server or database works? It saves you time if you know, but if you don’t, you must acquire a complete knowledge about it. Because if you do not know how the server works, you will not be able to do the desired work even if you have access to the server.

You can take the help of YouTube to know about these or you can go to the learning portal W3Schools. It’s completely free and here you can also exercise with them with each lesson.

Now, remember that your presence will be recorded wherever you enter, change, or augment the data. So when the work is done, you need to make a plan to erase your traces.

Of course, you have to learn how to delete your traces. You need to know where your traces are recorded. Even if you have to perform the entire hacking anonymously. Otherwise, you will be jailed and fined and the rest of your life will be more miserable

Methods of University Database penetration

Website servers or databases can be hacked in many ways, but there are several types of databases. Here we will see what are the best methods to hack the database of a particular university. So let’s take a look.

DNS Spoofing

This is actually a duplication method. Hackers use tools to extract information to create a mimic of the main server and redirect the user to a fake server via a mutual connection. Since redirection occurs, users assume it is real and input their important information. The server can be accessed by collecting that information. Most colleges and varsities use this type of server. So it can be called a proven method.

Using Vulnerability

A common method is to gain access to a website or server by finding errors. In some cases, some vulnerabilities remain when connecting between the server and the web portal. You can hack the entire database by coding and identifying them in your university database.

SQL Injection

In the SQL injection method, you need to create a trap through coding called Malicious Payload. Before that, it is necessary to find out if the webpage has vulnerable user input. Now you have to inject the malicious code with the input of the webpage. Where the user’s personal information such as username or password will be asked, and if the user enters it, it can be executed to access the database. Now you can change or expand your data if you want.

DDoS Attack

This is a very well-known hacking method. News of hacking is often found in the news through DDOS attacks. You will need a “botnet” network, where many infected computers will be used. This botnet generates more traffic than the target server can handle, and the server is down. It becomes temporarily ineffective. Bandwidth is often down by sending large amounts of data. Access to the server is easy in awkward situations.

Step By Step Guideline on How To Hack University Database


You are ready now!

You have learned about programming and coding fundamentals. Also, the method used to penetrate the server is familiar to you. It is now clear to you what you should and should not do while you are performing hacking. You just need a step-by-step guideline to finish your job safely.

Now let’s hack the entire Database following these steps.

Step 1: Collect information about your target. Gathering necessary data is the most important to perform a hacking activity. Because it will take you to the section where you can enter into the server easily by using this data.

Step 2: Find the IP Address of your target and check the availability of SQL Injection. Once you find a similar website on this IP, inject your SQL Code.

Step 3: You can also check if your target has the vulnerability. If you find so, you can inject the malicious code directly into the server structure.

Step 4: If you can manage to log in to one of those sites in any way, you scanned earlier for SQLi; just upload the PHP Shell. You will find and window where the Symlink URL will be clickable. Click and access the data.

Step 5: Edit or manipulate your data, whatever you want.

Step 6: Erase your trace wherever it can be recorded. It can create big trouble if you don’t aware of this.

Note: Take the necessary steps to perform the entire process anonymously.

Hire a Hacker Urgently to Hack the Database

We learned that database access can be taken in two ways, free of cost and paid. Now we will discuss the paid method.

If you do not want to learn the technicalities yourself, or if you want to be risk-free, you can hire a professional and verified hacker for some cost. Your work will be fast, successful, and completed correctly. On the other hand, you can overcome the problem immediately.

But where can you find a professional expert for this job?

Don’t worry. For your convenience, we have found a website through detailed research that can hack the database anonymously very easily while maintaining your safety and keeping your privacy protected. Their collection contains a significant number of verified hackers who are experts on individual topics and tasks. You can hire a hacker of your choice for your specific job by contacting them immediately.

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Database hacking is not so easy. It requires some technical knowledge and strategies. Programming or coding plays the primary role here. However, you can hack by yourself via following the methods and requirements through some authentic guidelines.

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