How to Make Your Online Presentation Live up To Its Expectations

We are living in a highly connected world. Companies are adopting virtual technologies to keep staff connected and productivity grinding on. The concept of working from home is gaining traction, especially in the wake of a global pandemic. Consequently, the staff is being encouraged to avoid physically meeting to make their presentations. The new norm is an online presentation.

Use the tips below to make your online presentation live up to its expectations.

Have you attended a virtual presentation where the audience constantly says they cannot hear well? Online presentations depend on many factors, and key among them is voice. If your audience cannot hear you well, the message will be lost. Your voice is your primary communication tool during online presentations, therefore, you need to leverage it. If you use a monotone, become unclear, or speak so softly, your presentation goals risk being nullified.

Just as a singer does before getting on stage, warm up your voice by yawning and doing breathing exercises. Breathe in and hold your breath for a few minutes, then release it. Yawning helps to release tension in your vocal cords, to help you project your voice better. You may also repeat a few tongue twisters to help with articulation.

  • Prepare All Technology Components

Nothing comes in the place of preparation. Online presentations depend on technology resources such as computers, tablets, smartphones, and internet connection. You can only have a successful presentation if all the mechanical and technology components function in perfect harmony. Ensure that you have a reliable internet connection. 

If possible, get an extra laptop or smartphone, just in case anything goes wrong. In case you need to add videos, you can download Youtube from your computer and access content whenever you need it. Check the webcam and microphone and be fully conversant with the presentation platform you are using. Just avoid fumbling around midway through your online presence.

  • Embrace Simplicity


Starting with your content, ensure that your language is simple and your sentences short. Avoid bombarding your audience with jargon because they might get bored easily. In online presentations, audiences are likely to be multitasking or distracted. Use a single sentence headline to capture the main point, then a few explainer points.

Avoid using too many slides. Your audience might get distracted more the moment they see more slides with lots of information. Place the text in the middle of the slides and give bite-sized details to allow your audience to digest all the information.


  • Look the Part


A lot of people would easily disregard dressing up for an online meeting. One would ask themselves why they need to don their office outfit, and they are just making a presentation from home or a hotel? Well, the truth is that people judge others a lot based on how they are dressed. Some studies also show a link between dress code, productivity at work, and attention.

Our clothes also impact how we perceive ourselves. This is why one would feel more authoritative or competent wearing formal clothing and more friendly when in casual attire. Depending on the nature of the presentation and audience demographics, select an outfit that best suits the occasion. If you are not sure what to wear, just err on the side of caution and be formal.


  • Respect Time


Be punctual and respect the time. If you are making the presentation, make all the preparations beforehand and be ready at least ten minutes prior. Imagine starting a presentation late, yet you are the main act. Apart from the embarrassment, you might create a negative impression on your audience. Being punctual shows respect for the audience.

When you start, it is wise to make it clear how long you intend to keep your audience. When the designated stopping time arrives, it is only kind if you deliver the closing remarks. In case of questions, you can schedule another call or take them off-line.

Keeping your audience engaged during an online presence is no mean feat. It involves adequate preparation so that your message reaches home. Using the above tips and the right tools, you can keep your audiences awake and fully engaged.

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