Let’s face it! Body grooming for men has become highly popular these days. There was a time when body grooming was considered to be a ‘female only’ thing but not anymore. More & more men are getting interested to spruce up their body to get the look & physique of their dreams. However, those who are interested in body primping frequently ask one question. And that is- How to trim pubic hair for men? If you too are thinking about this right now, then sit back & relax. Just stay with us until the end of the article to easily trim your pubic hair. Let’s get started!

Select your place

Choose an are that will be easy to clean for your trimming purpose. We recommend standing in the shower or sitting over your toilet. This way, when you will be finished, you will only have to flush or run the spigot to clean up. Easy? Isn’t it?

Get clean

First things first, doesn’t matter if you are trimming your pubic hair or shaving it; you should clean yourself up properly before you start. Remember that dirty skin contains harmful germs or bacteria that can cause infections, irritations, or other skin problems in case you hurt yourself. So, the first thing you need to do is wash your pubic area with soap or body wash. Doing this will make your pubic area ready for trimming.

Get dry

Now that you have cleaned your pubic area properly, it is time to get it dry. Never forget this rule of thumb the rest of your life- You always shave when you are wet & you always trim when you are dry. Got it? So, dry your pubic section & then you can proceed to the next step.

Get your tools ready

Now that you have prepared your pubic area for the trimming, it is time to ready your tools. Remember, tools are vital for a comfortable, trimming experience. Refrain yourself from regular-sized scissors. You can use nail scissors to trim your pubes. They are small and convenient to use. Buy a set with dull ends, if possible. You can also use embroidery scissors for this purpose, but be careful of those sharp points at their end. There is one more thing that could be the best tool for the idle men out there. 

And that is- hair trimmer. You will find many hair trimmers in the e-stores or markets. Buy one that suits your budget and needs. Optionally, you can get a hand mirror if you want to check on if things are going right.

Trim your pubes

You are ready at your place with the right tools; it’s time to trim those pubic hairs off. If you are using scissors, stay careful so that the scissors do not directly contact your skin. Hold your bushes by their heads and trim them off until you are satisfied with the results. 

And if you are using a hair trimmer for this job, the process becomes much more comfortable and convenient. Just run your trimmer through your bushes & you will be hair free in no time.

Post-trimming care

After you have finished trimming your pubic hair, apply some rubbing alcohol over the area instantly to reduce the chance of any skin inflammation or infection. After about thirty minutes, we recommend using a moisturizer on your pubic section. 

Do this once every day after you bathe for the next couple of days. Try to use natural moisturizers like aloe vera, egg oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, etc. as they are harmless & skin-friendly. A good practice it is & will keep your intimate area healthy.


That was how you should trim your pubic hair. We hope that this article helps you. If you have any opinion to share with us, the comment section is always open. Thank you for reading & happy trimming!


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