Huawei Watch GT 2 VS Huawei Watch GT

The reason behind you stopped in this content probably you want to buy a Huawei GT  or Huawei GT 2 Smartwatch or especially for fitness or workout tracking but you may be going through a little bit of confusion that, which one should you take.

If I’m right, then I am here to resolve all the confusion by comparing these two watches’ hardware and features so that you can make the right decision to buy the watch which will serve your actual purpose.

Comparison between Huawei GT  VS Huawei GT 2 Smartwatches:

Release Date:

Huawei GT watch has been released in November 2018 and the Huawei GT watch 2 released in October 2019.


Dimensions and weight:

Huawei GT 2 watch dimensions are 45.9×45.9×10.7mm with weighs of 41 gram (without strap) and the Huawei Watch GT came with the dimensions of 46.5×46.5×10.6mm with 46g weighs ( without strap).


The new Huawei GT 2 watch comes with the 3D Glass AMOLED 454 X 454 HD quality 1.39-inch display, whereas Huawei GT does not have 3D glass but it does have the same size AMOLED display.

Additionally, Huawei GT 2 got always displays on mode and most importantly the bezel-less display will give you an extra touch comfortability.


Huawei Watch GT and Watch GT 2 straps made of silicone material covering by premium leather. There is also a titanium and fluoroelastomer strap available too.


Huawei installed some extra sensors like a geomagnetic sensor, a capacitive sensor, and an air pressure sensor in Huawei GT 2 including all the sensors available in the previous Huawei GT. These sensors added some of the cool features which weren’t available in the GT version.

Battery Life: 

Both Huawei GT and GT 2 provides the same two weeks of Amazing battery backup as per usual use.

Water Resistance:

Protection from water doesn’t change in the new GT 2. It remains with the same 5 ATM water-resistant, which means you can be drowned in the ocean till 5 ATM without fear of ruining it.

Newly Added Functions in Huawei GT 2: 

  1. The GT 2 watch has 15 types of sports modes including live heart rate monitoring in the underwater. Even under the water, you can see the distance, speed, and calories you have burned through swimming.
  2. This GT 2 not only do fitness tracking but also provides the most desired feature Bluetooth calling (through its built-in microphone), messaging, and the features like listening to songs with its built-in speaker. So, changing and listening to music will be more convenient from now by GT 2’s control system.
  3. The notifications system of GT 2 will give the extra satisfaction by proving you alerts of SMS, Email, Social Media apps, etc.
  4. The Huawei GT 2 Watch got Truesleep 2.0, which allows you to track and troubleshoot lots of problems in your body when you are sleeping.

Finally, you may think that I will suggest you buy the Huawei GT 2 SmartWatch but believe me I won’t. Because Huawei Made these Watch with targeting a different group of people. Each customer group has its own preference.

The group who likes more features and bezel-less display and have a little bit extra budget can choose the Huawei GT 2. On the other hand, for people who want to experience the smartwatch at a reasonable cost, I will suggest the Huawei gt watch to them.

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