Ideas to Make Your Computer Run Faster

Have you noticed a sudden drop in your computer’s performance? That should not surprise you, especially if you have been using the same device for many years. It was only a matter of time before this would happen.

Some users may start to wonder whether they should go ahead and purchase a new computer. This is an option, but not a very efficient one. Instead, you should look to create a maintenance routine or even add new hardware. Consider using the ideas mentioned in this article.

Idea #1 – Make More Hard Drive Space

Some computers will come with bigger hard drives, and you may not encounter that many problems. However, if you are stuck with a relatively small disk, you will need to look for ways to free up space.

Staying with just a few gigabytes of free drive space is not a good sign. Similar to how you delete apps on a smartphone to free up space, you will need to do something similar on your computer.

Of course, uninstalling software is not going to be enough. You will have to get rid of other files you no longer need. Video games, old downloads, and anything else that is only taking precious disk space can go.

Transferring some stuff to external storage devices like flash sticks will give you more freedom. Services like Dropbox are also great, and you can even upgrade your plan to get extra storage. 

Finally, there are more than enough streaming platforms for movies, TV shows, and even music. Using them would eliminate the need to keep those large media files on the computer.

Idea #2 – Clean Dust Inside

Dust will accumulate inside whether you like it or not. And you will have to remove it regularly. Otherwise, it will only be a matter of time before you have damaged hardware on your hands.

It is a bit harder with laptops since you have to take the computer apart. The process is tricky, and it would probably be better to leave that to professionals. And speaking of laptops, you can look to purchase a cooling pad as it will help to deal with high temperatures.

Idea #3 – Add More RAM

Adding new hardware is cheaper than spending money on a brand new computer. These days, RAM is pretty cheap, and you can even look for used stuff, which would still be a good addition and improve the overall situation.

Idea #4 – Purchase an SSD

Similar to RAM, a solid-state drive is also something most people can afford. It is also becoming a norm for computers because the model of HDD seems pretty outdated. And at the rate this technology is advancing, SSDs should be in every new computer in the near future.

Idea #5 – Declutter Desktop

You must have met some people who like to keep all of their files on the desktop. Whether it is a colleague from work or someone else you know, this type of computer user exists.

Each icon on the desktop consumes resources, and if there is no room left, do not be surprised to encounter various performance issues. There is an argument to be made in favor of convenience, but you can organize files in folders and not have any problems locating what you need. And in case you do, there is always the search feature. 

Idea #6 – Manage Software

There is software that has to run in the background all the time. An antivirus is a good example of that. But if you were to look at the list of every process in the Task Manager or Activity Monitor, you should find some stuff that you can remove or replace.

Take internet browsers, for example. There are a lot of alternatives, and if your current browser is consuming too many resources, you can try another option and see how well it performs.

Shutting down some stuff in the background will free up memory and other resource usages. You can also remove applications from the startup item list and reduce the time the computer has to spend loading everything whenever you restart it. And in some cases you may want to consider leaving only those applications that you use for studying or something else that is currently important in your life.

Idea #7 – Disable Visual Effects

Visual effects offer nothing of real value. It would be much better to disable them so that you do not have that extra thing consuming precious resources of the system. It is extra useful for laptop users because disabling visual effects will also prolong battery life.

Idea #8 – Update and Reinstall the OS

System updates are released for a reason. You need to update the OS the moment there is a new version because it will introduce improvements to security, stability, and overall performance.

Lastly, and this is not something you should be doing too often, reinstalling the OS will also give your computer a fresh start. However, the process can be quite long and tricky, so do it only when other ideas are not making things better.


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