Introduction to Real Estate Marketing


Being a real estate agent is not easy. It can turn out to be an affair where one has to juggle several things simultaneously. Hence, it is essential to know about a list of incredibly useful tech tools that will help you form a comprehensive list, simplify your workload, optimize productivity, and streamline your workflow. Here, we present a list of tech tools that will prove useful for every real estate agent.

Canva –DIY Marketing Collateral

It is an online graphic designing tool that can simplify the making of marketing collaterals. The user interface is convenient and straightforward to use, featuring a drag and drop icon with several export options and layouts for choosing. When it comes down to the streamlining of the design process, Canva features millions of photographs, graphics, and fonts to choose from. Moreover, it lets you import your own details. The tool also offers real estate flyer templates, real estate brochure templates, real estate postcard templates, and custom graphics for social media.

Google Suite – An office in the cloud

It will not be wrong to say that the Google Suite is as good as having your office in the cloud. It is a comprehensive package of state-of-the-art tools featuring Gmail, online storage of Google Drive, Google docs, Google calendar, Google sheets, Google slides, Google Keep, and Hangouts.

If you have not used a cloud solution before, then it is recommended to use Google Suite. The benefits offered by cloud software are not merely one. It is experienced in flexibility, improved collaboration, convenient access from anywhere and anytime, and better security due to constant updates, improved data backup, and recovery options.

Trello – Task Management

If you have ever wished for a collaborative task management tool that will let you organize your project into the board, look no further than Trello. This tool will let you see who is working on what, and the stage at which the project is residing. For a real estate agent, there are two readymade Trello boards.

The tool lets you create a board that will allow you to create lists based on the project stage. The drag and drop option enables you to place Trello cards within varied lists when required. It can be updated in real-time as well.

For each of the cards, users can create checklists, add comments, and labels with due dates, attachment uploads, and you can also start a discussion. The best thing is you can invite as many people as you want and view any member of the activity on the right-hand side. Going by this, you can maintain accountability of actions and tasks.

Hootsuite – Social Media Management

If you are discussing the list of tech tools that every real estate agent needs, it’ll be incomplete without Hootsuite’s mention. A tool for managing social media makes it easy to manage multiple social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. It lets you engage with the audience with a free Facebook ad template and schedule content.

The implications are easy to understand- grow your social media presence, build brand awareness, and generate new leads. The bottom line is to post content at regular intervals and back it up with quality engaging content such that it carries the message loud and clear for the tenants and owners.

When you are using Hootsuite, you post all types of content directly from one profile to another and create targeted posts. Displayable analytics lets you have a dedicated area for tracking follower growth and visualizing engagement reports.

The best thing about Hootsuite is that it comes free of cost. You can use the free version to manage up to three social media profiles, and it lets you schedule around 30 social media posts each month. If you are desirous of having more benefits, then you can always upgrade to the paid account.

Slack – Collaboration and Internal Chat

You can consider Slack as a virtual office that lets you share files, search through information archives, communicate, and collaborate to share real estate marketing tips, and more with your associates. Over the years, Slack has evolved from a cloud-oriented chatroom to a collective unit of collaboration tools, thanks to the sheer number of integrated apps. Trello lets you pull-in due dates and checklists, information from a platform like Twitter and documents from Google drive, etc.

The Slack workplace lets you create several private and public channels for the discussion of specific topics. It can also be used for sending messages to a specific member of the workplace. Slack has proven itself when it comes to overcoming communication barriers in the real estate business, allowing a free exchange of information and knowledge. It complements prompt resolutions of issues and engages everyone in the loop in real-time.

DocuSign –Electronic Signature Service

Being an electronic signature service, DocuSign speeds up transactions as the documents are securely managed and safely stored in the cloud. It implies that one can sign the documents from any corner of the world irrespective of the device.

Apart from reducing paperwork, it considerably reduces contract reworking arising from illegible handwriting and signature misses. If you are a real estate agent, it can prove to be a surplus deal but in less time.

Animoto –Marketing and Real Estate Video

As video marketing is growing in dominance, there is hardly any real estate agent who does not need a reliable real estate video-maker app at their disposal. Animoto can render a helping hand when it comes to slideshow and listing videos, marketing videos, and testimonial videos. The pre-built storyboards, a vast library of music with drag and drop interface provided, will make video-making a breeze.

Likewise, the app offers the provision of uploading your video clips or images along with drag and drop for putting them in place for the creation of a polished real estate video in just a matter of a few minutes. Keep in mind to share the videos on social media to ensure optimum exposure.

Final thoughts

The tools discussed here are for reference. You have to keep in mind your needs before you make the final choice. It only makes sense to do your research on the tools to analyze their pros and cons before making the final purchase decision.                                    


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