6 Best iOS Emulator for PC (Windows & Mac) in 2020

There are not many iOS emulators like for androids that are available. In this article, we are going to go over some of these emulators and see what they bring to the table but before that, we must understand the meaning of the world Emulator.

What is an ios Emulator?

An Emulator is a software that can be used to copy other hardware. It is generally a hardware simulator in software. The advent of emulators can be credited to tech geeks who want to save some technology from being obsolete.

We will not find many older Nintendo game consoles anymore but we can still play those games on your computers. This is possible because of an emulator.

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How does an Emulator Work?

An emulator basically has an application software component and the software runs some image fine or apk file that is separate. For instance, an android emulator is able to play an “apk” file. Similarly, PS2 emulator can play “iso” files. The file system that the emulator supports, therefore, varies according to the system.

What is an iOS Emulator?

An iOS emulator is a software that enables you to take the functionality of iOS software. Windows-based PCs are able to run the iOS software experience. There are three types of emulators: iOS emulator for android which is not possible but for mac and windows is now possible.

It is useful for app developers and people who want to test out the Apple App Store or any other application which is exclusive to iOS.

In addition to the iPhone, an iOS emulator can also emulate iPads and iPods. There isn’t a monopoly in this market as there are a lot of iOS emulators available.

Why use an iOS Emulator?

There are a lot of things that you can do with this emulator. For instance,  not every iPhone application developer has an iOS device so, an iOS emulator can be used by them to test out their applications. Also, other use cases of such an emulator include playing iOS games and apps on your Windows PC.

So, without any further delay, let us now get into the actual list from where You can find emulator and download them.

Best iOS Emulator for Windows & Mac

1. iPadian iOS Emulator for windows 10

ipandian ios emulators

iPadian is an ios emulator that emulates the iPad’s operating system. It runs on Windows XP and above. There is a launch display similar to iPad and it is not really an emulator, to be honest, the iPadian is actually an iOS simulator.

It is based on the Adobe Air platform and it comes with a built-in App store which includes apps that can run on Windows. Therefore, the experience you get will be of the iOS apps. One downside to this emulator is that it isn’t able to emulate the whole iPad such as the Touch Function.

You will not be able to get the same touch experience with windows and the swipe function of an actual iPad will also not be smooth in the emulation.

The problem of iPadian is that it is not capable of emulating the whole iPad such as the Touch function. You won’t experience the same touch interaction when you work with the tool on Windows. The swipe function associated with the iPad won’t work properly.

One great thing about this emulator is that you can download the free version for no money. It will provide the App Store and other features. The only thing it puts a lock on is the application themselves.

To play any application inside the store freely, you can get the Premium Version of this App Store. There are also not many advertisements in the paid version and it comes cheap at 10 dollars.

How to install iPadian in Your Windows Computer?

  • Download iPadian’s installation file on your computer and run it.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts, click next-next and click install, easy.
  • When you are done installing the iPadian application, follow the steps that are shown on the application.
  • After the installation completes, simply run the iPadian application from your computer.
  • Go through the store of the iPadian’s interface and see the apps you want to download. If you want to upgrade simply click upgrade and use the paid version.

That’s about it, the iPadian Environment is all set up and you are good to go

2. Air iPhone Emulator

Air iPhone Emulator

Air iPhone Emulator is generally used to make solid iOS emulation. It is a premium program that makes good use of the Adobe Air Framework.

It helps to create the GUI of the selected iOS applications on your PC. This app is meant for developers. As a developer, you can easily upload newly developed apps to it.

You can also easily test out the functions before the upload. There are several features but the things that are missing is quite much. That includes apps such as Safari Browser. The installation process is quite easy though, it is similar to the iPadian emulator, to be honest.

3. iPhone Simulator

iPhone Simulator

The iPhone Simulator is another powerful tool. The main strength of the simulator is in the number of features that it houses. The User Interface itself is designed in a brilliant way as well.

It enables compatibility with a multiple of iOS applications and you don’t have to spend much effort in it. Applications that this simulator can effectively emulate include Safari, Clock, Notepad, App Store, Calculator and more.

There are quite a few limitations though. The program is pretty useful for developers who like to have an iOS environment during the initial stage of app development. Debugging, however, is not present in this application.

4. Appetize.Io


Appetize. Io is a different breed of iOS emulation, It is based on the cloud therefore, you won’t be able to download and install this software directly on your desktop or laptop.

It is an excellent choice for developers. If you are looking out for an alternative tool that could help you with your software projects then, you should definitely keep Appetize.Io in your consideration.

You can get the free version that can be used for 100 minutes per month. Any longer time requires a fee of 0.05 $ and since it is cloud-based, you will not be able to install any app on the software itself.

Rather, you can test.IPA files on it. You can simply upload your “.IPA” file to your account and then use this application for as long as you want to pay. After you are done uploading, all you need to do is click play and voila! You can debug your application just like that.

5. Smartface


Smartface allows iOS app development through debugging and gives you a wide range of applications to download and play from the App Store.

The best thing? It’s free of cost. Working with Smartface is very easy, just install the software on a host device with the App Store. After this, you can establish a connection with the Windows PC. You also need to get an iTunes installed on your computer.

You can easily test and debug your code with Smartface after you install it. The debugging module comes with features like breakpoints and real-time coding changes. It can be also be used to test out real-time code changes.

Further, you can use the software with a wide range of iOS environments from iPhones to iPads. It can also be used with Android platforms as well. Pretty sweet if you ask me.

6. MobiOne Studio

MobiOne Studio

Another widely popular application is the MobiOne Studio. It helps you emulate iOS environment on Windows PC.

The app can run different iOS apps easily. In addition, it provides you with the ability to develop iOS apps.

With more than half a million downloads, this application has been widely acknowledged for quite a while now. One thing that I totally loved about this application is that it features a UI that you can easily personalize. There are many templates to choose from.

You can use it in both portrait and landscape mode. It also gives you support for reviewing and testing large sized apps with the help of an App Sync technology.

This application has been discontinued bow but if you want to install it, you can download alternatives from other websites for free. One thing that you should, however, be afraid of is the virus that can come with these unofficial executable files.

If you can get by that then, you should totally download this application.


iOS is a really expensive software as to properly use an iOS you need to buy one of the highly-priced Apple products i.e, either an iPhone or an iPad. Now, not every developer has that kind of money, mainly in third world countries.

Therefore, an emulator becomes a pretty good investment for a developer. Even if you are not a developer and just a techie who wants to explore the whole iPhone market, you can do that easily with an emulator.

In addition, various gamers and application freaks can also try out native iOS applications and see the difference with the android. iOS emulation is a really cool way of making sure people who don’t own an Apple product can also get to know it’s the software experience.

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