Keep It Hanging: Different Tongue Out Emojis and Their Usage

Emojis! From telling someone your feelings to show your excitement, using emoticons or smileys is a simple way to express or convey your emotions without worrying too much about the spelling and thinking about the right word to say. Others can even communicate thoroughly using only emojis!

And with more emojis continually being added, you’ll surely be able to find the perfect one to use in every conversation that you have. This will surely improve your confidence in speaking with someone. Here are a few ways on how you can use these different emojis in your conversation.

Face With Tongue

The first example of a useful emoji is the face with a tongue out emoji. If you feel like mocking someone or just being silly, the front with tongue emoji is the best one to use since it has a big open smile with its tongue hanging out. This emoji will bring a smile to the reader’s face.

This emoji can also be used when cracking up a joke and just having fun. Let’s say the trick is lame. You can send this emoji to him/her to show respect and make them think their joke is funny even without adding any words. This emoji can help turn a boring conversation upside down.

Winking Face With Tongue

This emoji with a big open smile, with its tongue hanging out, and has only one eye available that expresses the person’s playfulness and cheekiness. Most people use the winking face with tongue emoji when they want to share a silly meme or a humorous pun with somebody.

An emoji, much like the face with tongue, can also be used in silly ways, but another way of using this emoji is when teasing someone. The winking emoji can help emoji get out of any awkward conversations. You need to add this after an awkward question, and it will look like a jest.

Money-mouth Face

This emoji has dollar coins for an eye and raised eyebrows with a banknote designed tongue. The money-mouth face emoji is one of the topmost used emojis of last year because of it having a meaning of wealth. Many use this emoji in flaunting riches and pricey equipment.

Many people use the money-mouth face whenever they buy something high-priced and want to flaunt it on social media and make sure that everyone sees to make them feel good about themselves and remind themselves that they can buy expensive things.

Zany Face

The Zany Face is a goofy looking, crooked face with its tongue hanging out emoji used to express one’s quirky personality and show his/her wackiness. If you are being silly or want to have fun, this emoji is the best to use and add at the end of your sentence.

This emoji is perfect when you are talking about parties, night-outs, carnivals, April fool’s day, or anything connected to having fun. Another way to use this emoji is when describing a funny person like Jack Black. Because why not? This emoji looks like him in his movies.

Face Savoring Food

Like the other emojis mentioned above, the face savoring food emoji is not the same with them. This emoji has its mouth closed but with its tongue still sticking out one side of the face, looking satisfied and fulfilled with whatever food they ate or just excited with the food they are about to eat.

The face savoring food is usually used to express appreciation for a delicious meal, but this is not the only meaning. This emoji is also being used in different countries as an emoji of friendliness. Many people commonly use face savoring food whenever they have a conversation with someone they just met and want to make friends with them.


In the generation today that is overwhelmed by social media platforms, texting and chatting is the new way of interacting with someone. But there are many people left new to this way of living. This means they still cannot convey their feelings appropriately. These are a few emojis for you to use in raising your chat game!

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