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How to promote pictures on Instagram?

Instagram was created to help people communicate, keep in touch without actively contacting each other, and sharing thoughts, interests, and values. Nowadays, this social media has turned into the Perpetuum mobile for numerous e-commerce companies, influencers, and other active users. It’s not enough if your pictures are just viewed by a couple of friends, we want more. That’s why Instagram itself and other allied applications are designed to provide different promotion tools to get more audience involvement and engagement. Many of these tools are pre-paid, but still, there are a lot of strategies that can help you promote your content for free, or at least with minimum cost.

Address the target audience

Before posting any content, ask yourself who you are doing it for. Addressees if defined correctly can provide numerous hints on how to present and customize your future content. Think who’s the target audience for your posts, how old they are, what they do, how many hours they spend online, and whether they share your values.  Posts on social media, and the photos on Instagram in particular, are not always about entertaining. Sometimes you can get closer to your potential followers conveying some life hacks on how to overcome some obstacles and challenges. So, like in real life, let your content make people smile, laugh, think, analyze, feel, and sometimes even cry. Be real, natural, and know who you are targeting. It’s good when you know your best points but also concentrate on the needs of the people who will appreciate your next post and give you a follow. The other issue after attracting the target audience is to maintain it. So, analyze who follows you, what other needs and interests they have not to lose them after only one successful post. Theta will certainly help you get long-term audience involvement.

Create a unique story and concept

No matter what and who you are promoting, yourself as a personal brand, or the products you produce, there must be a story behind it. So, talking about yourself give more insights into who you are, what is your background, share your childhood or collage pictures, they are easier to connect with hashtags and can give you more chance to be seen due to different Instagram flash mobs and challenges. To promote a product, choose a high-quality picture, and to avoid courage looking like a catalogue, mix the pictures of how your products are made, who make them, show your employees in the process of production. In other words, make the products look closer to real life and humanize them. Considering the pictures in your feed, they should possess a common style and convey your brand values. In other words, when an accidental follower visits your page, it should look consistent, demonstrating your style, your story, and yourself. You should be recognizable. Using a customized filter for your photos is also quite an effective strategy to be remembered and to help you promote the pictures. Don’t copy the style of your competitors, especially those who are much more popular than you, just be yourself. You can ask what you should do with the random content that appears constantly, is valuable, but can hardly fit the general concept. Don’t forget about Stories, use this tool to post such kind of content.

Make your pictures people-centric

Everybody knows how popular selfies are, as they convey the real life of people and what is more important, their emotions and experience. Brands are widely using people-focused photos instead of just posting the picks with their products on them. So, if you want to share the post on visiting and interesting location, don’t forget that there also should be you there. The audience doesn’t really like the bare pictures of locations, they prefer to see what emotions the locations provoke in you. 

Analyze the strategy you use to promote pictures

The good old giveaways and promotions are always catchy if you know how to present them well. Think about the concept behind them and use the best Instagram practice totally customized to reach the hearts of your audience. Of course, these promotions are not limited to the pictures themselves, but anyway, their success depends on what photo you are picking. Instagram, the same as web search engines, likes everything new and exciting, so don’t be afraid to provoke a sense of hype. Because if the picture doesn’t attract or shock at the first glance, there’s a little probability it will have huge feedback ever.

Extend your reach

Influencers’ activities are one of the key tools in modern e-commerce. Being one of the most affordable ways to promote your content, cooperating with smaller influencers will certainly give you a possibility to increase tour reach and demonstrate your content to a wider, but at the same time filtered and more or less even the audience. Dare about the risks of choosing the wrong influencer. Check the link in bio parts (especially, if it contains more than one link created with the tools like, and of course, analyze the hashtags they are using. What you need to make sure before the collaboration with influencers is whether they mirror your values and quality standards or no.

Use different platforms to promote

Don’t lose the chance to promote your photos on different social media simultaneously, for example, Twitter and Facebook, along with Instagram. Before posting content, you can choose additional posting options on other platforms. The only thing you should always bear in mind is that different platforms demand different strategies for content organizing. So, make sure you have chosen the right one for each additional platform you share your photos on. Be short and comprehensible n Twitter, make sure the quotes fit the picture, and together they create a unique message you are trying to convey. On Facebook, provide a suitable description. In this way, your photos will get more attention via the cross-posting strategy, and you can target different types of audiences at the same time.

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