Modern concept art for high quality 3D games

3D graphics are ubiquitous these days. It is used in cinema, animation, advertising production, television – in a word, it is difficult to say where 3D capabilities are not being used now. However, like everything new, 3D graphics are perceived ambiguously, the attitude towards it, to put it mildly, is different. It is widely believed – let’s call it conservative – that everything that is produced with the help of a machine loses its individuality, soul, if you will. Whether it’s a hand-drawn drawing is an art. But, as in any other field, in talented hands, 3D graphics becomes a masterpiece.

What is the game concept art

Think of the concept of the game as such a detailed instruction for all participants in the project, while designers and developers should be able to freely express their views on “life” with types of 3d art.

The concept may differ from department to department, but it should contain all the information necessary for a particular department. For example, a detailed description of the type of animation that will suit the animator’s play style.

As a person of thought, you need to think of a concept as a way to sell a game. Sell ​​ideas to investors, sell gameplay concepts to developers, art to artists.

Features of types of 3d game art styles

Instead of flat sprites, you can see what your character looks like from above or at a 45 degree angle. Moving the camera to an optimal position can be the key to solving puzzles or performing difficult jumps. In 3D games, character animation is much more complex. Instead of simple sprites that can only have a few preset animations, 3D models react to other elements in the world around them. Their animations flow into each other to create a smoother look compared to the comic-like feel found in many 2D games. Instead of the preprocessed objects used in many 2D games, 3D games render textures on surfaces to make them look like solid objects. In complex 3D games, elements such as light and sound can behave in the same way as in real life. This increased difficulty also affects the gameplay. Instead of simple goals to “reach the end,” many 3D games challenge you to fully explore space, solve physics puzzles, and more.

3D models for games

3d modeling for games begins by creating a high-poly model of the required 3D object or a three-dimensional character. Creation of 3d models for games is carried out in such programs as: 3D MAX, Maya. Modification of models, as a rule, is carried out in programs such as: ZBrush or MudBox. Next, the construction of the layout is carried out – an image of a volumetric object on a plane. Based on this layout, the artist draws textures, which are then applied to the model. After that, materials are set up to make the textures more realistic – this is the final stage, after which the model is ready. However, in computer games, low-poly game 3d models are used, which allows an order of magnitude to reduce the requirements for the software of modern computers.

The key idea and 3d game art styles

3D graphics are the result of 3D modeling work. Three-dimensional graphics are considered a special type of computer graphics that uses tools and techniques to obtain images of 3D objects, as well as manipulate these objects in three-dimensional space. The result of three-dimensional graphics can be presented as a “flat” image – a projection, or as a 3D animation. 3D graphics are widely used in cinematography and computer games. With the help of three-dimensional graphics and 3D modeling technologies, you can create a realistic and most accurate copy of a real object, reduced, in full size or enlarged with concept art tools for game. And also models of objects that do not exist or are invisible to the human eye (model of the atom or the solar system).

The key idea should be contained at the very beginning of the game concept, it should reflect the very essence of the game. This could be a couple of paragraphs describing the game, including its world, type of characters, and a brief history. For a talented writer hidden in the depths of your extraordinary personality, this will be the very long-awaited opportunity to realize the hidden potential.

Along with the key idea of ​​the 3d art games from, it is also necessary to describe its key elements and the actions that will be required from the player. The degree of immersion in the game world depends entirely on the complexity of the game.

Immediately, let’s skip the possibility of self-funding the game and move on to the bright prospect of a generous investor or publisher who will happily and eagerly sponsor the game.

Investors, to invest money in a project, need to understand that the project will be a successful investment, and their money will return to them. And here comes the finest hour of the concept of the game. No matter how great your game is, it must, first of all, be interesting for investors from the point of investment, otherwise, they simply won’t take the bait.


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