Optimize Windows 10 for Gaming: Complete Guide [Updated 2020]

Windows 10 is a great operating system for gamers. It is designed to optimize the PC according to the individual’s needs. So there are several steps to be taken to optimize windows 10 for gaming. When it comes to gaming, hardware, and software both are the vital components.

But hardware sometimes becomes way expensive so in some of the cases, we can go over the software to improve gaming performance on your pc. Today we will be discussing some tweaks and tricks to speed Up Windows 10 for gaming.

How to optimize Windows 10 for gaming?

1. Turn on game mode

optimize windows for gaming mode

Windows 10 offers game mode in a wide variety of devices which enhances gaming performance. You can turn on the game mode by pressing Win+I and then type game mode in the search bar and then turn it on. Or there’s a simple way to turn gaming mode on. Simply press win+G and then a game bar pops up on your desktop and there’s an icon for a game mode in the rightmost part of the Game Bar. But after all, it’s not much effective as it does not fully optimize your system so you need to optimize in other possible ways too.

2. Update drivers

Your drivers need to be updated. Graphics processing unit( GPU ) is the main component for gaming in your PC and it requires the latest windows drivers to run the games in optimal condition. Your device needs the latest version of windows driver and you can download them from the official website of your hardware manufacturer. You can view your hardware properties through Desktop > Display settings > Advanced display settings > Display adapter properties.

3. Install the graphics card

GPU( Graphical Processing Unit) is the heart for running games and videos. In the market, there are various types of GPU available. The main players in the GPU manufacturing are NVIDIA and AMD. Personally, I prefer the NVIDIA graphics card. If you need to run a game in high settings, the graphics card is a must. But graphics cards are much expensive and the cheaper ones are not reliable and can not meet our expectations. If someone asks me for the recommendation, I would suggest going with NVIDIA GeForce 1050Ti unless he/she does ray tracing gaming.

4. Update Windows

Although it might sound wired updating windows also does optimize your system and Windows 10 for better gaming. Engineers at Microsoft work and find new ways of optimizing the system so you should not ignore the updates and keep your operating system fully updated.

5. Change battery to high performance

optimize pc for gaming mode

This factor is most neglected by gamers as many of them claim it does not affect the performance of the gaming. But it can actually improve the gaming performance as the CPU and GPU will be able to get more power from the source. And many people do not consider plugging in the charger when they are gaming in laptops but it’s mandatory to plug in charger while gaming as GPU needs more power for the processing which battery power cannot provide and the game runs in limited resource in low settings.
You can change the power settings from Windows key + I > type power > Power and sleep settings > Additional power settings.

6.Adjust windows 10 visual effects

Windows 10 has its visual effects set default to impress. Its appearance may be good but it can hamper the processing speed of the running game. So you can customize the visual effects settings to “Adjust for best performance” so that more processing power is used in-game processing rather than GUI ( Graphical user interface ) You can simply click Windows key + I and type performance, then select Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows > Adjust for best performance > Apply > OK.

7. Install the latest version of DirectX

direct x download for optimizing for gaming mode

DirectX 12 is the latest version of Microsoft’s popular Application Program Interface (API) tool which is a key element of Windows 10 gaming. Basically, DirectX 12 provides necessary help for multiple GPU and CPU cores which in turn increase the frame-rates.To check if you have the latest version of DirectX, go to Windows key + R > type dxdiag > OK. Moments later, you’ll see the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.

8. Disable or schedule automatic updates

Windows 10 always forces us to update our system and even many forget to turn off auto-updates which are on by default and end up updating windows during their gaming session. So it’s better that you turn off the auto-update windows or you can also schedule the auto-update for the time when you do not use your PC more often. For extra optimization, You can simply disable Cortana in Windows 10.

9. Upgrade to SSD

Unlike Hard disk drive ( HDD ), Solid-state drive ( SSD ) is much faster. HDD stores the data in physical memory as a disk rotates at high speed so it becomes slow to load games in HDD but in case of SSD, it stores in electronic form so games load much faster in SSD than in HDD. Gaming optimization cannot be sufficient through tricks and tweaks in some cases so upgrading hardware can also be a good way.


so, Have you tried all of the above steps If yes let us know does it improve Your gaming performance? I am pretty sure if You follow all the steps You windows 10 will be optimized for gaming Mode.


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