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Pdf files are very easy to use and handle. You must know that portable document files are known to be the most common form of documentation, along with being most accessible. Now, as you know that the world is changing, everyone today is shifting towards smart technology and is getting mobile devices and tablets. Now in this small-post, we are going to tell you all about the apps and tools that can help you convert and change pdf file for free on tablets as well as on smartphones!

Top applications that can help in the free conversion of pdf files!

All of these pdf converter apps are of good repute and can be used by anyone who wishes to convert their pdf files using their smart devices!

PDF Converter App – Convert PDF to Word Document

This is an online pdf converter application that can be downloaded on your smartphone. This Free Pdf Converter for Android app belongs to CA Apps and has a very good reputation in converting pdf files to word for free and without compromising the formatting and styling of original documents! For those who have not heard of this app before, you should know that this word to pdf app cannot only read and convert pdf files to the word but also has expertise in the following:

  • You can easily access docs from different sources on the web, including dropbox and google drive.
  • You can split and merge pdf files without any experience and skills.
  • You can easily protect pdf files with a password using this online pdf converter app and can also help yourself lock or unlock it without any complications. 
  • The photo to pdf converter feature of this tool can help you in increasing the notability of your work. 
  • You can also add watermarks on our pdf files with the help of this pdf converter app!

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Now, this is another mobile pdf converter application in our list that belongs to the famous platform, better known as Adobe! Now, this is one of the eldest tools that has been connected with pdf format for years. You should know that Adobe is a multi-functional app that can help you not only in reading pdf content but also in the simple converting of pdf files to MS versions and different formats and also vice versa. You should know that you can easily access your files with this app as it allows you to upload files from local as well as cloud drives. However, this is a free pdf converter application to hook up with the premium features you have to pay for the pro-package!

Librera Reader

Now, this is also a basic pdf reader application that one can use for free without any complications. You should know that this app can easily be installed on Android tablets and phones. You should know that this app not only helps you in the free reading of pdf docs but can also help you in converting them, compressing them, securing them and also in other important functions. If you are facing any kind of difficulties or problem in easy bookkeeping, then this app can help you very easily!

Office Suite

The office suite is basically a collection of apps that you should know about if you are an android user who wants to convert his pdf files to different formats on the smartphone. You should know that this package includes a complete pdf selection centre. You can use the pdf reader in the suite to read pdf files, and you can use the pdf converter app to convert pdf files to different formats and also other formats to pdf as well. You can easily use these online tools on even scanned pdf files which is a big plus about this tool. You should know that with the office suite you can get access to pdf as well as MS files that are available in dropbox, google drive, one drive and also sugar Sync!

Google PDF viewer for android!

Now, this is yet another application for android that belongs to google and is directly related to pdf file management. As the title of the app tells us this is a basic pdf reader app but if you use the premium features of this app, then you can easily help yourself in converting pdf files to word and also to other document formats. This pdf converter app can also help you in the searching, viewing, organizing, arranging, printing and scanning of pdf files. This is a very friendly tool, and you don’t need any skills to use this online application!

There are many more pdf converter apps on the web for android, but for now, you should stick to these and try them. You can share your experience of these apps with others as well!

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