All You Need To Know about ps5 (Hardware/Software/Games/Release)

PlayStation 4 is at the final years of its life cycle, that means a new generation of consoles needs to be started and Sony has already gone into that direction. While Microsoft has also announced the next console generation, Sony has gone a step further and hidden all the information.

There are some extra details and rumors about what the next console generation will house in terms of hardware though. There are also a few games already announced for the PlayStation 5.

In this article, we are going to go over some of the facts and some of the rumors that the new console by Sony will most definitely have. So, without any further do here’s everything you need to know about the PS5.

Overview of the Rumors

ps 5 overview

There hasn’t been an official announcement by Sony but the word of mouth is that PS5 is definitely happening. It’s not yet fixed if it will be called the PS5 or the PlayStation 5. But we know that it’s happening.

The rumor was further given legitimacy by high-end Sony employees who said that they have been working in the background. One such factual rumor is that the PS5 will still play games from optical disks with streaming being a secondary option.

Sony Also skippedE3 this year. Microsoft, on the other hand, showed off some hardware specs on their Project Scarlett.

Microsoft says that the console will be released in 2020. Sony would have to give us something by the end of 2019 if they really want to compete for neck and neck with Microsoft. Maybe they are saving up to come with a bang.

Things To know about Ps5



It is likely that the PS5 will feature an octa-core AMD processor based on the Ryzen Architecture. The CPU will resemble the same processor that is used in things such as gaming PCs.

The CPU will be supported By AMD’s GPU from the Navi family and it will support ray tracing. This means you’re getting the performance of Nvidia’s RTX graphics card in comparison.

Ray tracing will be really good looking for consoles. The visual fidelity will increase as well and you’d see better frame rates on games.

Resolution and Graphics

One thing is for certain; 60+ fps and 4K. What is really impressive is that the next generation will feature support for 8K essentially doubling the pixel quantity. The graphics will also be upgraded with technology such as ray tracing and better textures.


It is rumored that the console will feature a large storage SSD meaning load times in your games will increase significantly. Sony Recently unveiled their new SSD and it is very likely that this fast SSD will be employed in PS5. The new Sony SSD is almost 20 times faster than a regular SSD.


With improved visuals comes improved Audio as well. PS5 will be using Dolby Atmos setup for the fuller and immersive sound experience. Your audio experience and other media consumption like movies and shows will be better with this technology. If you use a gaming headphone then, your gaming audio experience will be more immersive than ever with the Dolby Atmos software configuration.

Cloud Gaming and Streaming

Cloud Gaming will be heavily focused on the next generation. With giants such as Microsoft, Google, NVidia jumping into this untapped market, there’s no way Sony will pass the chance. With cloud gaming, streaming your games directly from the servers will be fast and there will not be the need for physical disks.

But it doesn’t mean that the disks will be replaced in full. There’s still a market for the physical disk. Cloud streams will be made much smoother with the embedded hardware.

The service PlayStation Now will probably go through an upgrade as well and perhaps that part of the Sony Ecosystem will be used as the cloud gaming platform in the future.

Remote Play and Backward Compatibility

Remote Play is the way with which you can stream your games running on your console to things such as Computers, Smartphones, Tablets or PS Vita. On an official statement, Sony explicitly stated that it will be focusing on 5G technologies to improve remote play and introduce streaming.

As far as backward compatibility goes, we will definitely see the PS5 hardware running the games up to PS4. Although no official statement has been made about it, it is more than likely.


On the software front, Sony will improve their User Interface to suit the needs of the customers. It will also improve the PlayStation now service and all the bugs will probably be fixed in this new outing by Sony.


There are a lot of games that will come out in the next generation. In E3, we saw that Cypberpunk 2077 featuring Keanu Reeves was going to be made for the PS5. There are also other games such as the new Call of Duty and rumors are going about a new GTA game that will be coming to the PS5. Similarly, PS5 exclusives like Spiderman, Red dead redemption and Uncharted may also see a new game.

VR Improvement

Virtual Reality will see a significant boost in the next console generation. It will change in a better way and more performance means developers can provide better graphics and gameplay mechanics to VR making it a way to play.

High Dynamic Range

One thing that is sure to improve in the graphics front is the HDR. HDR increases the color palette of a game and makes sure your game looks sharp and saturated. The color balance will be impressive and it will feel better overall.

PS4  pro already has HDR but in PS5 it will be improved radically.

Controller And Design

No, any leaks are there regarding the design and controller. We can speculate that the design will not be a big leap but there will be few changes to make heat dissipation better. Controllers could also be a bit modernized and existing flaws can be fixed. Battery life is an area that can be improved in the controllers.


The release date hasn’t been fixed for the PS5 and neither is the price. You could probably expect a 2020/2021 release and maybe a price point below 500 dollars. Let’s see though, they could overprice the PS5 as well.


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