Proven ways to keep ourselves and data safe

Whether you are protecting the data of a huge corporation or your data from cyber threats and data theft that can dismantle your regular operations. There’s no doubt that the process will require you to have a proper IT security protocol, which will aid in safeguarding your business activities.

With these safety methods, no matter how malicious a cyber-attack is, it can easily be avoided by implementing the right security method. However, if you are using a third-party app in ensuring the safety of your data, one thing you have to know is the rate of the cyber-attacks going on today will not guarantee any method is work forever. Even the most ethical users won’t assume that the information stored on their device will always be safe from people with malicious intent, without the regular apply of IT security update.


Here are potential ways to keep ourselves and data safe:

Don’t share your personal information

If there’s one vital way your sensitive information falls into the wrong hand of people with malicious intent, it’s when you share it with another individual. Nowadays, communicating through social media platforms has been the trending act of most internet users. While some people might get the best benefit out of this choice by meeting good friends and lovers, it doesn’t always end the same way for everybody. When communicating with unknown individuals on the internet, it’s important to always beware of scammers and desist from sharing personal information when you don’t know who’s talking with you from the other end.

close all unused account

Most scammers tend to spam people by using unused accounts of users, who haven’t been active. Therefore, to protect your sensitive data and information, it’s important to either deactivate or delete all unused accounts you might have opened on certain platforms. This will restrict hackers and spammer from using the unused accounts in committing crime or fraud that will put you in trouble.

Avoid too much sharing on social media

Social media remains the highest trending channel nowadays. Most users of social media platforms can’t resist the temptation of sharing all of their daily activities on their profile. This type of activity serves as a goldmine to hackers and other individuals with malicious intent, as it gives them access in obtaining sensitive information of the user directly from their profile. So, to avoid hackers from blackmailing you or grabbing sensitive information that might affect you, it’s important to always watch what you share on your social media profile and desist from sharing vital information.

Do not sign up to unknown sources

Signing up or installing apps from unknown sources will 

 jeopardize your phone security affecting all sensitive data stored on your device. It’s also important to desist signing up on unknown sources that require the use of other third party sites like Google Plus, Facebook, and LinkedIn to create an account. Logging in or signing up on an unknown source website using your social media account, which might be owned by a hacker, will allow the details of the social media accounts to be sent to the hacker.


Apart from the above-listed solutions for safeguarding sensitive data from entering the hands of a hacker. It’s important to always be careful about what you do with your device along with how you use it. Studies show that how you use your device, contributes to the type of IT security it might require in keeping the device firewall defense in place. Therefore, ensuring that your device is always encrypted with either pin, password, pattern, or fingerprint will boost your device security by restricting unauthorized access.

With a potential method of improving your device security, you won’t have to worry about hackers penetrating your device, as long as daily security updates are applied on your device to keep your sensitive data and information secured.

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