30 Rabbit Alternative Sites 2021

With the passage of time, the idea and notion of entertainment have transformed significantly. The way we perceive entertainment has changed a lot. Video streaming has now become a very essential requirement. There are now many streaming applications, in the context of the video, which can be accessed in order to acquire high levels of entertainment.

Rabbit is one of the video streaming applications which have made a big name in the past few years. It is essentially a group chat application that enabled the users to share anything between them which could be played easily on the web browser. However, there are many Rabbit alternatives that have also gained popularity. The main reason why you would want to look out for Rabbit alternatives is that the website got shut down in 2019. Given that this was a popular source of entertainment, now people are looking out for similar levels of alternatives.

This article will essentially guide you over the Rabbit alternative sites in 2021.

Rabbit Alternatives List

  1. Watch2gether.com
  2. Sync Tube.de
  3. Together Tube.com
  4. My Circle TV
  5. Netflix Party
  6. Share Tube
  7. SynapTop
  8. Sync Play.pl
  9. gg
  10. Two Seven.xyz
  11. Anime Party.xyz
  12. com
  13. tv
  14. io
  15. tv
  16. io
  17. com
  18. tv
  19. club
  20. Parsec Gaming
  21. SyncLounge TV
  22. com
  23. com
  24. com
  25. com
  26. Sync-video.com
  27. Explorii
  28. com
  29. Hubs
  30. com


This perhaps is the best alternative out there in the market. With this application, you can easily get all kinds of video-related content. There is a chat room as well where you can perform searches pertaining to videos. You will have access to an expansive list of free videos from other supported platforms.

Sync Tube.de

This is another Rabbit alternative that has become popular in recent times due to the quality it provides. It is a user-friendly platform that can help you create chat rooms. It even manages permissions from different websites such as YouTube, while you may be using such an application. Your favourite videos could easily be synced irrespective of the physical location. It is one of the most convenient platforms out there which provides a sufficient amount of features for you to enjoy this source of entertainment. However, through this platform, you will only be able to share videos on YouTube.

Together Tube.com

This is also a popular platform that is an ideal Rabbit alternative. If you are one of those individuals who want to use videos in a private environment, then this is the application or website to go for. There are many privacy features. As an example, when you register in this application, a room will be created automatically. This room by default is a private room. Friends can be invited using the relevant option. However, these rooms can be made public as well. In any case, it is a creative platform and there are many extensions to this platform as well.

My Circle TV

Many users consider this as the best Rabbit alternative. It has creative and useful features which will enhance the functionality in multiple ways. Different streaming platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion have been integrated through this platform. It enables the users to play the videos on the website directly. All other members who are in the room can watch the played videos. URLs from different websites can be shared as well on these chat rooms. It is clearly one of the best alternatives out there.

Netflix Party

Netflix Party became highly popular during the quarantine periods. It serves the purpose in the most ideal manner. It is a user friendly and easy to understand extension with which different movies and shows can be watched from Netflix. A chat room can be joined where your friends can be joined together and you all may watch it together. If you want to watch movies and shows together on Netflix, then this is the right application to look forward to.

Share Tube

This is another application that is constantly in the race to become the best Rabbit alternative out there. While you are using this application, you may easily create a chat room. Friends can be invited to watch different videos together. YouTube videos can be synced and playlists can be created for the convenience of all the users. It is one of the most user-friendly interfaces out there. However, it is pertinent to note here that this platform is only usable for YouTube videos.


This is a computing platform (a virtual one) that enables the users to collaborate in a seamless manner. This collaboration is done in real-time. It has a lot of other applications such as a media player. There are some pre-installed applications as well which can help users to collaborate on drawing and painting objects together. In terms of how functional the application is, the user reviews are highly positive about it in all regards.

Sync Play.pl

This is not the same as other conventional Rabbit alternatives. It is a bit unique and distinct to Rabbit streaming. It allows you to sync-play the content which is already downloaded on the devices. It can easily work on different operating systems. Therefore, there are no issues regarding compatibility. Offline media can be played as well which can further be broadcasted in private rooms with family and friends. However, the drawback of using this application is that it does not support features like video and/or audio messages.


This is considered one of the most preferred Rabbit alternatives. If you are looking out for alternatives to Rabbit, then it is important to consider Kast.gg. You can easily share movies, games, TV shows and what not through this platform. Private rooms can be created on this platform through your desktop or even mobile devices. It comes with added features that enhance the functionality. It does not only allow you to watch shows together but also play games together in real time. Therefore, you may consider using this platform.

Two Seven.xyz

This is another platform which is highly similar to Rabbit streaming. It allows interaction between users through the chat feature. However, there is no live audio feature in this platform. It is highly focused on the user experiences. It supports different streaming channels such as Amazon Prime, Netflix and YouTube. There are different chrome extensions provided as well.

Anime Party.xyz

If you are an anime fan, then this is one of the best Rabbit alternatives that you can go for. It is a website that is particularly dedicated to Anime content. It enables you to create private rooms which can be shared with other users and watch Anime together.


The next website which features in this list is GetMetaStream.com. It is highly popular due to the high quality it provides to the users. It enables the users to watch movies, videos and other content with family and friends. They can even stream music in synced manner. There are many platforms which are supported by this website including Hulu, Twitch and Netflix.


As the name suggests for itself, if you want to chill watching video content with your loved ones, then this is the right platform to look forward to. It is free to use website which is a compelling feature to look forward to. However, it only supports two limited platforms – YouTube and Twitch. Furthermore, make sure that you are using the latest version of a web browser. It doesn’t work properly on outdated versions of web browsers.


This is another popular Rabbit alternative that can be used for streaming video content together. You can virtually connect with your friends and family and enjoy the content. From watching synced videos to sharing the screen with others, there are many functionalities which are being provided by this application. One of the best positives of using this platform is that it has one of the finest customer reviews out there.


Another browsing service that offers good quality is this website. You can enjoy watching different content with your friends while not being able to meet each other in-person. All you have to do is create a room and then sign up from the free account. Once you join the room, friends can be communicated with through audio chat. There is also a texting option that can be used. The premium plan for this application comes at a nominal charge.


This is another Rabbit alternative that you can use. It works ideally with many different platforms such as Reddit, Netflix, GDrive and YouTube. You can use this application to watch different movies, videos and even listen to music with your friends. You can easily communicate with other users through text and voice messages. One of the best things about this application is that it can be used free of cost.


This is another ideal Rabbit alternative. However, it is not a web-based platform. It is an application-based platform that is available on iOS and Android devices. Although it is not a website based platform, it successfully replicates all the features which were provided by Rabbit. You can easily stream music together, watch videos and even set up group calls. There are many other features that can be an ideal source of entertainment for the users out there.


This came into existence as an ideal alternative to Rabbit. Although this application is a recent one, it has made a big name due to the features it provides. This application has successfully managed to leave a positive impression on the users. It enables you to create rooms wherein the users can participate in conversations, watch content together and even use the web. There are many popular platforms supported such as YouTube and Spotify.


This is another high-quality Rabbit alternative. It enables the user to watch online content together. You can eve surf the web along with your friends and family. Most of the major streaming platforms are being supported by this website, such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. However, only a limited number of free rooms are being featured by this platform. Therefore, if you want complete access, then you may have to pay a nominal monthly fee.

Parsec Gaming

This cloud-based tool has made a big name in the market in recent times. It allows you to access the cloud computer on a remote basis. It can be used to listen to music, watch videos and even work together on any assignment. Moreover, it can be used to watch the stream live game, which means it an ideal Rabbit alternative Reddit.  It is clearly one of the best Rabbit alternatives out there.

SyncLounge TV

This is one of the best tools which can be used to stream synced content with a number of users. It is a tool that is based on a cloud system. It can be accessed easily with any digital device. A number of streaming platforms are supported by this website which includes YouTube and Amazon Prime. This platform comes with multiple features which will improve the overall experience of the user.


This website enables you to watch synced movies and videos together with friends and family who are not together in-person. It even enables users to communicate with each other through audio and text messages. It even allows you to do a video call with each other. One of the best things about this application is that it is free of cost. However, it is pertinent to note that this website only supports YouTube.


This is one of the very few platforms which enable the users to stream video content from streaming websites that are paid such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. Just like Rabbit, it even allows you to create rooms where people can be invited and videos can be enjoyed together. People can be communicated on through this room using textual and audio features. It is one of the best alternatives to Rabbits if you want a complete source of entertainment.


Just like Rabbit, this is also an ideal source of entertainment. However, there are added collaboration features. It enables you to enjoy video content uploaded on YouTube with your friends. Nevertheless, there are many paid features which can only be accessed if you subscribe to the same. There is a text chatting and audio chatting system which can be used. The user interface is simple and elegant at the same time. It is one of the best Rabbit alternatives out there.


This is another prevalent Rabbit alternative that is used by the users to watch video content together with their friends and family. However, it is only a web-based service. There is no need to create an account on this platform to use the same. All you have to do is visit the website and start using the service without any added hassle.


As the name suggests for itself, it is a platform that enables you to access video content in a synced manner. You can watch content from websites such as Vimeo and YouTube together. Users can communicate with each other in chat rooms. Voice chat and text features can be used. It is clearly one of the best Rabbit alternatives out there due to the multi-functionality it provides.


This is an application which is purely based on mobile and is the same as Rabbit. It can be used for creation of a room and watch movies and other video content with your friends and family. It can also be used for making video calls and audio calls. It even provides for free instant messaging. It is one of the best social networking applications out there as well.


Just like Rabbit, this is another platform which can be used to create a room and thereafter, watch videos together. It has the same features as Rabbit. However, since the past few months, this website has been inactive for some reasons.


This is a very user-friendly platform which also supports a number of virtual reality features. It is particularly designed for you to collaborate and communicate with other users. It enables you to create virtual rooms with family and friends and watch video content together. One of the best benefits of using this platform is that, unlike others, this platform supports also all popular streaming platforms. This means that you can easily enjoy video content with your loved ones.



This is another ideal Rabbit alternative that can be used for watching movies and videos together. One of the key features of using this platform is that the videos are perfectly synchronized amongst the users. There are many other videos, voice and audio features which makes communication easier between the users. The user interface is simple and highly functional. If you want to use an alternative to Rabbit streaming, then this is perhaps one of the best options to go for.

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