Rainierland and its Alternatives

With the help of the internet, the experience of watching movies is not only limited to televisions or big screens. In fact, many millennials like to watch series and movies online. They either watch it on their mobile, computer or laptop. Movie lovers especially millennials, are always in need of amazing content. Fortunately for them, they can pay subscription fees to various websites which offer said content. However, these subscription fees can be expensive and it can become difficult to spend so much money on them. That is where Rainierland and its alternatives come into play.

Rainierland is an illegal website where you can watch movies for free. Unlike Netflix or Hulu, Rainierland does not produce its own content and uses the content of others, violating the copyright laws. That is why it is declared an illegal website. Although, people still use it since you do not need to pay subscription fees every month or year in order to watch some great content that is not the only reason Rainierland is so popular. Not only is it free but it also offers hundreds of movies, seasons, dramas and much more. Most of the content is available in HD quality and the website itself is easy to access. It does not need any sign-up or your credit card details and most importantly, the website has no ads. Unfortunately, Rainierland is banned now.

What Happened to Rainierland?

Authorities are always looking for illegal websites such as Rainierland where pirated content is hosted. Recently, many websites such as PrimeWire, SolarMovie and TubePlus were banned with because they all are illegal. The owner of the Rainierland, Rainier Tamayo is arrested and sentenced to jail for 12 years because he uploaded all this content without any license. You cannot access into Rainierland now but that does not mean that you stop watching free content online.

Fortunately for you, there are many Rainierland alternatives where you can watch movies and series for absolutely zero money or little money, and they are listed below:

  1. Popcorn time
  2. Popcornflix
  3. PrimeWire
  4. 123 Movies
  5. Fmovies
  6. Putlocker
  7. Los Movies
  8. Mega Share
  9. Watch Series
  10. Cmovies HD
  11. Movies Time
  12. Netflix
  13. cc
  14. Free movie cinema
  15. Amazon Prime

Popcorn time

Similar to the Rainierland, Popcorn time also has huge content available aka perfect collection of TV series and movies, making it one of the best Rainierland alternative. The interference and website itself is so simple and easy. Popcorn time suggest the users different movies according to the movies they have watched already, making it even more simple and organized. While also allowing the users to download the movies or whole series as well. This website also welcomes people from different nations as every movie or TV series is available in different languages with subtitles. Not only popcorn time is free but it also has limited ads. Wait there is more, all of these videos are available in HD quality.


Even though, the features and the name are quite the same, Popcornflix and popcorn time are both different websites. Popcornflix offers a huge variety genre including but not limited to science-fiction and animations. Not only does Popcornflix offer movies and TV series but it also has short movies available and that too for free. Similar to the previous website, Popcornflix is easy to use and has very little pop-up ads. On the plus side, it also provides small descriptions, reviews and even ratings of every movie or series to help the user get a little insight and help them choose a one, which can be difficult since there are so many movies to choose from.

Prime Wire

Prime Wire is one of the easiest websites to use, making it one of the best Rainierland alternative. This website has a huge collection of movies and popular series including but not limited to the Joker, Frozen 2, Grey’s anatomy and much more. With its vast collection, every kind of genre is available on this website, all for free. Although, if you are using the website for the first time, you may have to sign up. There are total 9 types of sign-ups required. After that, all you have to do is pick a movie and relax. All of the videos are in 360p quality with absolutely zero ads. However, if you want to watch movies on HD, you may have to upgrade it to premium version by paying some money.

123 movies

Another great Rainierland alternative is 123 movies, previously known as GoStream and just like Rainierland, it also offers a huge variety of movies. Over 25million people have signed up on this website and just for one reason. This website is super simple and easy to use with a wide range of movies and series especially animes and Kdramas, and that too for free. This website allows its users to download the content on HD quality. However, there are tons of pop up ads on this website, which can be pretty annoying. Although, some people may argue that these ads are justified.


With zero cons to it, Fmovies is one of the fantastic Rainierland alternatives there is. Similar to the previous websites, Fmovies also has a broad collection of TV series and films which is available for free. Whether you are want to watch a horror movie or a romantic movie, Fmovies is the perfect choice. The website’s interface is super user-friendly as the main page of this website is a simple search bar. All you have to do is type the name of series or movie you want to watch and sit back and relax.


Movies from every decade like movies from the 70’s as well as latest releases of 2020, are available on Putlocker, making it the ultimate Rainierland alternative. This website also has a search bar and provides a trending list to help you choose the movie you want to watch. This website has a simple user interface with very little ads. Moreover, if you want to keep a track on what movies and series you have watched, you can create an account on this website for free.

Los movies

Los movies is quite popular among the millennials because of the huge collection of movies and series, this website offers and that too for free, making it a great Rainierland alternative. The interface of this website quite simple and the website itself may look kind of boring. Also, most of the content is available in multiple languages with subtitles. Furthermore, the pop up ads are random in this website. Sometimes, there are no ads and sometimes there are too many of them. Overall, this website is a great choice for binge-watching, making it worthy of 100 million users.

Mega share

Similar to the previous website, Mega share is also very plain looking and boring. However, it offers a huge collection of movies and series. This website is super easy to navigate and has a lot of filters that help the users to pick a movie. This website also provides little descriptions and reviews for each movie or series as well. Mega share is absolutely free. Although, a few ads pop up during the video and it can be pretty annoying sometimes.

Watch series

If you are very indecisive and cannot choose what movie you want to watch and need help, then Watch series is the best Rainierland alternative for you since, this website has a very straightforward interface. Watch series have a massive collection of moves and TV series, each one of them categorized into different genres with descriptions and reviews to help the user select a move they want to watch. Furthermore, no registration is need in this website.  The only downside to using watch series is that there are a lot of pop up ads. There may not be a single ad while you are watching a movie but before that, there will be many ads when selecting it.

Cmovies HD

The collection of this website is quite broad. From horror movies such as the quiet place to comedies like Superbad, every movie is available on Cmovies HD, making it the perfect Rainierland alternative. This website has a super user-friendly interface making it easier for the users to navigate. This website also allows its users to keep a track of what movies they have watched by creating an account for free. Moreover, latest releases of 2020 are also available with minimal amount of ads. Just like the name suggests, Cmovies HD, every video is streamed on HD quality.

Movies time

Movies time has one of the biggest collection of movies and series available in almost every language and it allows the user to download it too. The collection of movies is so vast, from American sitcoms to Asian dramas, it is impossible to search for a movie and not find any desirable result in this website. Furthermore, short films are also available in both 360p and HD quality and that too for absolutely zero penny.


Netflix is one of the biggest movies and TV series streaming platforms. Netflix produce their own short films and series that are very popular. For example, stranger things, dark and secret love. This platform allows its users to stream videos in 360p or HD quality, while also letting them download it, with zero ads since you will have to pay a subscription fee if you want to use Netflix. Although, it offers a one-month free trial but after that you will be required to pay. It is worth to pay for Netflix since there will be a few Netflix original movies or series, that will only be available on Netflix.


Best Sites Like Hubmovie to Watch Movies Online

Hubmovies.cc has a huge variety of movies and series available in excellent quality making it one of the best Rainierland alternative. This website has a normal interface, making it not too difficult to navigate, and random ads pop up but not too frequently. On the plus side, this website describes each movie or episode, and you do not have spend a single penny on this platform.

Free movie cinema

Free move cinema is one the fastest loading movie streaming websites. This website is super user-friendly, making it easy to navigate while also allowing the users to download the films or TV series. This website has a lot of movies and series and it has many filters to help the users find the movie they want to watch. Everything is free in this platform and there are almost no pop ads. Moreover, this platform allows you to stream short movies as well as the music. The only negative side of using free movie cinema is that it does not update its website regularly. As a result, this website does not have latest films. Overall, this website is great for streaming movies, making it the ultimate Rainierland alternative.

Amazon prime

Similar to Netflix, Amazon prime is also one of the biggest and top-rated movie and series streaming platform. It also produces its originals, which is mainly the reason why it is so popular. Not only are there Amazon prime’s originals but you can also find any other movies or series on this platform as well. It has a very straightforward interface and allows the users to download the content on 360p or HD quality. Just like Netflix, there are zero ads in this platform as well since it is a paid one. However, also similar to Netflix, Amazon Prime also offers a one-month trial.


Movies and series have become an essential part of our lives. There is not a single day, where people do not watch a movie or at least an episode. Finding the content, you want can be difficult, even on paid platforms. With the help of the list mentioned above, you will be able to binge-watch anything you like.


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