Reasons Why Going Paperless is Good for Your Company’s Branding

Companies worldwide have been influenced by the key phase of the ‘digital age’ which has forced them to go paperless and adopt an “electronic environment,” including an electronic signature software at their workplace. 

Since every business owner is looking for ways to cut costs, save time, and streamline their operations, moving towards a paperless business seems inviting, right?

Pen and paper processes have been taken over by their electronic counterparts—which are proving to be a boon for the organizations dealing with their fair share of paperwork. Apart from boasting of having positive environmental implications, the paperless companies have also reported speeding up their business processes. However, your business operations don’t need to be 100% paperless. Companies can always determine to what degree they will incorporate the “paperlessness” depending on their requirements and consumer demand, without hindering their progress in any form.

Transitioning to a digital and paperless workflow includes steps like refraining from printing whenever possible and prioritizing e-mails, employing e-signature technology to sign digital documents, eliminating paper business cards, and even allowing employees to work remotely, if possible.

Apart from the fact that companies can make huge strides by going paperless, the professional digital shift can also play a vital role in your company’s branding campaign and reputation.

Here are some additional benefits of switching to paperless workplace alternatives.

Strengthen your data management security

Data is the new “gold” now—whether in physical or digital form. Hence, data is vulnerable to being destroyed by various means and breaching, which can expose the sensitive, personal information of people, and other business-related confidential data. Therefore, companies are becoming vigilant about protecting their clients’ confidential information and must make it a top priority. This can be done by the digitization of all the business operations and ensuring that their data is encrypted. Data stored digitally in physical drives and various private cloud services, and protected by e-signatures has proven to be more secure than the information present in the tangible documents.

Also, digitally stored data is at less risk than being damaged, forged, or stolen its physical companions. Moreover, using an electronic signature by a reliable and trustworthy signature maker secures electronic data from potential breaches and hacks, as it is then protected by several layers of security, and can be accessed only by a few people who are granted permission.

Ease business operations, and become client and employee-friendly

Joining the paperless movement, you can also ensure a convenient and productive workplace for your employees, and a profitable one for all your clients. Let’s see how-

  • The greatest benefit of going paperless is that it saves your employees’ precious time. Instead of utilizing the manual labour on printing and filing documents, and then later searching for them manually, employees can access the digital documents with a click of a mouse and shortcuts like “Ctrl + F” to retrieve archives. This can eliminate plenty of wasted hours and will make your employees more productive. 
  • Passing information by scribbling on notes has become obsolete now. Using digital collaboration tools increases efficiency of employees and makes it easier for them to share knowledge and circulate information. This can improve teamwork and promote creativity in your company, which will reap you sweet fruits in the long run.
  • Storing your clients’ strictly confidential data, files, and documents in a secure cloud will give them a sense of security that their data is safe with you and cannot be misplaced.
  • Your partners will start getting paid faster because the workflow will become more efficient due to digitalization, and there will be no disparity which can lead to conflicts.
  • You embracing to go paperless will encourage your other business contacts to make the shift as well, when they realize that you are saving on paper, ink, stationery, travelling, and mailing.
  • You can also switch to electronic invoices instead of paper invoices, which can enable you to cut costs on paper, envelopes, transportation, and postage.
  • Moreover, digital solutions enable multi-national companies to cross geographical borders electronically, as then instant communication across overseas is possible in real-time, without having the need to wait for physical travel.
  • Digitally signing documents will enable your firm to seal more deals in less time. Further, by using e-signature for the purpose, you can ensure that the documents are free from any mistakes or incomplete fields, thereby reducing the rate of errors to a minimum. 

Contribute to environmental awareness

The paperless movement is arguably advantageous to the environment. Data shows that the average annual consumption of a firm is over 10, 000 pieces of paper in a year. This equates to a small tree being fell each year for a single company. Thus, by adopting digital solutions, you can save resources on paper production, transportation and management. 

This may not induce considerable material benefits in your organization; however, joining the “paperless” club can make you a global visionary, and promote your firm’s reputation to “environmentally conscious.” People will infer you to be “woke environmentalist,” an inspirational leader and a pioneer of change. 

Often arguments arise pertaining to “green” companies that make stringent efforts to cut down paper usage by employing strict recycling paper policies. That being said, the eco-friendly benefits of going digital may not be as apparent as the monetary and time benefits, however, they are important to protect the environment which sustains humankind.


Going paperless can seem intimidating initially; however, the shift can open the door to vast, lucrative opportunities to those willing to take up to the challenge to improve their market position.

Moreover, assimilating digital solutions in your workplaces can portray the C-class professionals as smart and tech savoir-faire, who can lead their company in saving ample resources and time. Technology is accompanied by careful planning.

So, don’t debate on whether or not to employ the Doctor signature and other alternatives in your company. Seize the opportunity to lead others in this competitive market.

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