Recycling Your Tech Gadgets Helps The Environment

So recycling has been the greatest friend of all time. Either it is a DIY or recycling by manufacturer, it is beneficial in both ways. The issue of e-waste is affecting both; domestic and businesses. Recycling isn’t only about the environment but also about saving individuals and providing fresh air to breathe in. This activity is very advantageous for the environment in many ways:

Effects of Marine Life and provokes air pollution:

Electronic items are all made up of material that can cause harm to the soil. The high density of lead and mercury is very dangerous for the environment. It can affect marine life and land; both. Another hazardous factor provoked by e-waste is that it arouses air pollution too. As mentioned above, e-waste contains, lead, cadmium, mercury, and other detrimental chemicals. 

Promotes respiratory and lungs diseases:

Environmental Research Letters did a sample test to see if e-wasted area air is inhaled by humans, what will be the results. The outcomes were disastrous. They stated that such air can cause respiratory issues and effect lung cells too. Now imagine, e-waste is contributing so negatively to the environment. 

Another experiment was carried out by selecting 300 school students. The results were shocking. Half of the students were tested positive for respiratory diseases and the other 30% were tested with blood abnormalities. Both badges of students were generally exposed to e-waste contaminated air. 

Why we have so much e-waste?

This is because, by every passing day, we have an innovation in technology. Every day there is a new gadget on the market. Let’s take an example of the iPhone. We have a whole series of this brand. When new technology launches, old gadget becomes useless and people discard it. Of course, everyone wants the latest gadget in their hands. Yet, they throw the previous one. The cycle goes on. Due to this, e-waste gathers in a huge quantity and effects the environment. 

Which gadgets can be recycled?

Gadgets don’t only include cellphones or camera, but it includes circuit boards, calculators, TV remotes, televisions, laptops, computers, fridges, LCDs, LEDs, mobile chargers, headphones or any other communication or telephonic systems. There is no particular specification for recycling tech gadgets. Any gadget can be recycled. 

Final Words:

Yet this is understood that if electronic waste is exposed directly to nature, the consequences will be hazardous. Recycling of tech gadgets helps in reducing toxic substances from the environment. EcoDumpster has taken the initiative to save the environment by providing recycling services. Recycling e-waste will not only support to conserve energy, but all restore natural resources like silver, aluminium, and copper. 

We led a team of reputable experts in the field who can professionally disassemble the parts of gadgets and recycle them. It won’t cause any harm to the environment. Every component would be recycled for further use. On the other hand, apart from conserving energy, natural resources like aluminium, silver, and copper will also be recycled. Recycling of tech gadgets rarely has any side effects. It is beneficial for everyone. 

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